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DIY at Home How To Make Your Thick Toenails Look BETTER!!! Cutting of Thick Toenails

August 16, 2019

What’s up my toes? Here we are right after Christmas. Hope everyone had a happy holiday. I hope you guys are all feeling good and jolly. I’ve got a little bit more time, a few more days before the end of the year. So I just wanted to give a little shout out to all of you again for for all the support. Before I start this video, I just want to get some feedback from you guys. I really enjoy making these videos; it’s a lot of fun. I love seeing the comments and the feedback. So I just want to see how we can improve this or I could improve this in the new year. Making these videos sometimes takes a lot of time for me, especially if I do have a pretty busy schedule. I do work some long hours at the office so sometimes, it’s really tough for me to just sit down and get it done. What would be the best thing for you guys in the new year to get as much content out? Where can I find that balance between surgeries, ingrown toenails versus routine care like corns, calluses, and nails and then educational stuff? I would love to hear what you guys would have to say to me. I was thinking that maybe I could do one video a week of more of a treatment, whether it’s a surgery or foot care, and then another video of me just doing more of a vlog kind of style, an educational bit. That would allow me to put a lot more content out. I could definitely discuss different topics every week such as, you know, “the best way to treat nail fungus” or maybe “how to handle foot pain”. Things like that. So why don’t you guys give me some feedback? You guys enjoy this video and let’s hear what you guys have to say. If you guys haven’t checked out my website yet, why don’t you guys go take a look at See what I have to offer. I’m looking to make it more as an open portal for you guys to get access to some of the products that I use, that my patients have access to. So it’d be great if you guys don’t know what kind of items to use for your own feet, maybe this could be a tool for you. At the same time, I’m gonna try to start writing some articles for you guys to give you some more information; just a basic blog, articles about taking care of your feet, or new topics. So if you haven’t, like I said, check it out Anything you guys purchase from me really helps support me, helps support me making content, and keeping this journey going. So I really appreciate all the love and support. Hope you guys enjoy this video! Can’t wait to see you in the new year!
Toe Bro, out! TB: The toe hurts because it’s again, it’s very thick, it’s not sitting flat, it’s going up in the air. Patient: And I know that the frying pan fell on that too. TB: So like I said, trauma can change the nail. So I know you thought there was nail fungus in all these discolored nails… P: Yeah. TB: But no. With our ethnicity, certain ethnicities will cause the nail to turn P: And I was apply (?) thinking it’s not changing at all. TB: No, and it wasn’t changing because it’s not nail fungus. P: But it used to give me a good look of the nails after putting it on. TB: And that’s why the oil made it look shiny. So what we discussed, I’m gonna give you that medicine not medicine, this healthy nail solution to improve the look of the nails. Okay? The other thing you really need to do is moisturize the skin. Because the circulation isn’t good, we really need to add more moisture to the feet and to the nails. So you need to start applying some sort of cream or lotion to the foot every single day. P: I do that especially I use oil, (?) oil, TB: Yeah. P: And I use cream at night but it is not helping me so I’m just… TB: Well I’m gonna put on something that’s a little different, okay? This cream does two things: one, it has fat cells that are very similar to the body skin cells and it helps fill in the cracks to make it a smooth surface. P: Okay, TB: The second thing it does, it builds a barrier over the skin protecting and keeping the moisture inside so it doesn’t dry out and it’s not a cream; it’s a foam. So we’re gonna see how this one works, okay? So what we’re gonna do with this one, we’re gonna trim the nail back, make it as thin as we can with the nail file afterwards, okay? P: Yeah. That nail, I didn’t feel anything. This nail, I am feeling it. TB: Again, because it is thicker. P: Yeah. TB: If it gets a little sore ,you let me know. P: Yeah. TB: So when the nail is lifted like this, things like fungus can grow underneath. P: So is it there in this nail? TB: We’re gonna see because the back of the nail looks very healthy; it’s just this bad lifted part that has that more of a yellowish look. Like I said before, when a nail is lifted and not attached, it tends to look more yellow since it doesn’t have the connection to the skin P: And the blood circulation. TB: That’s right. TB: You okay? P: Yeah, I’m okay until now. TB: So what we’re gonna do now is I’m just gonna file all the nails thin, okay? P: Okay. TB: So what we’re gonna do the same thing on the other foot we’re gonna do in this one. We’re just gonna file all the nails thin, okay? If you feel any heat, you let me know, okay,? Just keep your foot there. Just like this. No, relax your foot, relax your foot, relax your foot. Just like that. You okay? P: Yeah, I’m fine. TB: Just like that. Look at that! If you feel any heat, let me know, okay? P: Yeah, okay. TB: No, no more nail. P: Oh. TB: So, if you can see when we file and get rid of all the dead skin on top, the nail is very healthy, very pink. There’s no yellow, green, white kind of mold underneath. This is not a fungal nail. It’s just a nail that has had these dark lines and that’s sometimes the way our ethnicity works; we get these darkened lines. Okay now the big one, okay? P: Yeah. P: So it would grow but it wasn’t growing on me? TB: Yes the nail is only attached to this point. After this point, it grows up in the air because the nail bed has been damaged. So it’s never going to grow normal again. So the solution… P: Yeah but I want a good nail. TB: But unfortunately, there’s no more good nail; no more. This is the most nail that’s gonna be attached to the skin as possible. Because the moment you let it grow long, it’s gonna grow up in the air and that’s because the nail bed itself has been damaged.
You see all the skin here? It’s rock hard. P: Does it look like fungus? TB: No fungus. It’s just a thickened, damaged nail. A lot of people look at this and think it’s fungus but it’s not; it’s just a damaged toenail. So our two options is to file this down every couple of months to keep it smooth and look good or P: I can’t see my nail. TB: Pardon? P: I can’t see my nail; I’m feeling bad for it. TBL But don’t worry! Don’t feel bad for the nail. He’s okay. He’s here still. If you get tired of filing it down, then the only other thing to do is to remove the nail permanently. No more toenail. Because this toenail is never gonna grow normal again. It’s never going to go flat. Once you leave it to grow long, it’s gonna have bumps and lines. If you look at the rest of your toes, everything looks so pink and smooth. It looks very good and that’s because there’s some water; it looks moisturized. That’s why we’re gonna put cream on the feet today, then we’re gonna use that a healthy nail solution to keep the nails nourished. Okay? P: Yeah, sure. TB: Moisturizing the skin and the nails is very important to help it look better but once you go away to Alberta, you need to find someone who’s gonna continue to file these nails down to keep them looking smooth. P: Okay. Okay, you see how nice they look? Much, much better. So you are using the (?), I know a lot of people will tell you to use (?) but that’s because, when they really look at the nail and they don’t file it down, they don’t see that it’s a healthy nail. P: Yeah. TB: Did the last person you went to, did they file down the nail? P: This way? TB: Yes. P: No. TB: What did they use? P: She just cut it and trimmed it. TB: That’s it? No filing? P: Filing but not electric. TB: Okay. Filing is very, very important because it allows us to take off all the bad skin, a bad nail, okay? So if you look, your foot looks pretty good. You see that? Look how healthy they look. And that’s because there’s no fungus; it’s just a damaged nail. P: So I can use a false nail? (laughs) TB: You can put a false nail! But again, so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna put on some of that foot foam we talked about, okay? P: Yes, yes. TB: So you just need a little ball, like this, P: Yeah. TB: And you can put it on the tops and bottoms of the foot. P: Okay. TB: You put this on every day, once a day for a good at least two weeks, and then you can get away with every other day. So this is actually safe for diabetics. It’s safe for people have eczema. You can use it in between the toes. P: Do I have it between the toes because I don’t think so. TB: No. No but it’s safe to put inbetween the toes because it’s very light. P: I was thinking about maybe throwing away my shoes because I thought maybe the fungus was coming from my shoes. TB: But look at that! No fungus, no fungus. I see a lot of those people who have black lines and a nail and they think it’s fungus; it’s not. Fungus is usually yellow, white, greenish, and it’s very crumbly. P: It was black so I was worried. TB: Okay. So you see how much healthier the skin looks now? P: Yeah. TB: So this is something you have to do every day. If you use this for two weeks, then you don’t have to do it as much afterwards. P: Oh, okay. TB: Okay? And then what you can do in the morning as well… we’ll put the foot just like that, you can relax the foot just like that you okay? P: Yeah. TB: You use that little nail solution I showed you and all you have to do is you just have to spray the nails. P: Yeah. TB: Just like that, okay? P: To keep it… TB: Nourished. So in here, you have biotin, in liquid form, so you don’t have to take anything orally and this will just give the nails new life. P: Okay. TB: Okay. P: But I think you start over too because it affects everything. TB: Yes, it does it does, but you can see if you were to maintain your skin and your nails like this, this is how they are always gonna look. P: Oh, okay. TB: That looks good! Much better than before. P: Much better! TB: Okay. So this is what we’re gonna start doing, so I’m gonna do the other foot and then we’re all finished. P: Okay


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