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Disease Prevention: Vaccinations

October 16, 2019

>And when we travel to other countries we
need to get certain vaccinations, regulated how’s that?.>Well the the center
of Disease Control the CDC, you know we’re so well informed them now, you know
I could sit here and tell you every different country okay that they are
recommending, okay we can do it by -continents, or we could do it by country,-
recommending which vaccine to get, – correct, so now what I recommend you know
is to go under, and I’m right it’s it’s so amazing, because you click on the country that you’re visiting, and the type if
you’re gonna go with children, if you’re pregnant, all the different, all the
different circumstances that you’re gonna be traveling and the reasons why,
and they’ll tell you, and they’ll inform you where to go ahead and get
these, go to these travel clinics to get these vaccinations that you will need.>So
CDC. gov?. Absolutely.>And one more quick question then we’re gonna go to
breakm why do mosquito bites it itch so much?.>Well the thing is it’s really
interesting mechanism, the mosquito is really the female that transmits the
disease, is when they bite their saliva gets into the bloodstream, that in itself
there’s proteins in that saliva that work as an anticoagulant, and that
anticoagulant, that protein is immediately sent by our immune system, so
our immune response is to secrete what we call it’s histamine, okay
the histamine is what causes, our own bodies what causes the bump and the
itching, to kind of protect us, and warn us, that there’s something biting us, so
to go ahead and attack.>We put as an allergic reaction to mosquitos saliva.
>So everyone’s allergic to mosquitoes saliva?.> Some people
are more sensitive, some people are less, there’s a theory that you can
develop sort of immunity over the course of time if you’re bitten by mosquitoes
over, and over, and over you react less, however it’s very individual, but yes
this is sort of a reaction of your body to this foreign substance that been
injected in your skin which is mosquito saliva.

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