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Discover the Data – The Consumer Ailment Postal & Email File

December 6, 2019

Changes in healthcare, new medications, and
pending laws are in the news and on our minds each day. With healthcare being arguably the number
one issue American consumers face today, millions of consumer ailment sufferers are actively
seeking information on new medications, treatments, insurance plans, and all aspects of the healthcare
environment. This presents an opportunity for pharmaceutical
companies, healthcare organizations, and marketers alike to capture the attention of these prime
targets – and it all starts with the right data. Join us as we explore the Consumer Ailment
Database. With 45 million consumer ailment postal addresses
and nearly 15 million emails, the Redi-Data Consumer Ailment postal and email databases
are the most comprehensive lists of ailment sufferers, ranging from the most common conditions
to hard-to-find illnesses. Identify and target your best potential leads
with list selections including basic criteria such as age and ethnicity as well as geographic
information, selectable by state, county, Metropolitan Area, city, zip code, or radius
from address. The Consumer Ailments Database contains dozens
of Ailments, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, carpal tunnel
syndrome, insomnia, arthritis and many more. Individual information is available, selectable
by gender, marital status, age range, date of birth, and year of birth. The database also contains robust demographic
variables with income and financial information such as income range, credit cards, and credit
score; housing and property information such as home purchase data and price, current home
value and utilities; occupation, education, hobbies and interests, and donor information
– whether it be charitable, environmental, general, religious or political. Updated monthly, records are derived from
direct response postal and email marketing initiatives, driven by merchant specific offers. Data from the Consumer Ailments Database is
used by Life Sciences companies, Research companies, Medical Device Manufacturers, and
Healthcare Organizations for product announcements, driving brand awareness, marketing promotions,
and wellbeing initiatives. CAN-SPAM compliant, all Consumer Ailment email
addresses are permission passed, while all postal addresses are run through Delivery
Point Validation to verify that addresses are correctly formatted for delivery. Target your prime leads with pinpoint accuracy. Contact us today to see how Redi-Data can
turn your best data into better business.

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