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August 13, 2019

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel.
Today’s video is going to be recent product disappointments. I think it’s
important to share the products I’ve tried that maybe I was initially excited
about in the beginning but they just kind of fell flat for me. I just want to
close the loop so you guys know that not everything I receive is like a standout
favorite and something you have to buy, not every product is life changing for
the better. If you are new here my name is Chelsea
and I do new videos weekly on fashion, beauty, and travel. I occasionally share
product fails on my blog and my Instagram as well, so be sure to follow
me there and without further ado let’s hop into the product disappointments. This product was a disaster on my skin and it’s so sad because I was really
excited to try some new stuff from the range. This is from Shea Moisture, this is
the Matcha Green Tea and Probiotics Soothing Eye Cream. Remember that word,
“soothing” We’re gonna come back to it. It’s for redness prone skin. My problem with
this is that it gave me redness! This gave me a severe allergic reaction
around my eyes. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you’ll have seen one
day I took a video in my car where I just it looked like I had a Zorro mask
on of redness and puffy skin, it was terrible, it was itchy, I take a benadryl. I
actually suffer from food allergies so I always have benadryl and Epi Pens on
me so thankfully I was prepared but this was terrible on my skin. I went over to to look at the reviews for this product and numerous reviews
mentioned an allergic reaction and redness and swelling of the eye area, so
that tells me that something in this product does not agree with a lot of
people so I wanted to tell you guys. It was a catastrophic fail and something I
would never get a second chance trying on my skin because I don’t want to risk
it. This is cruelty-free a family, owned and operated, certified B Corporation, and
ethically traded ingredients, you know, sustainably sourced, all that good stuff.
It was just an epic fail and I was really excited to try this because it
has this metal tip applicator which you see on the First Aid Beauty eye cream, I
believe, and it’s like gonna give you that cooling sensation and help spread
the product evenly and not waste it because it’s not getting absorbed into your
fingertips. I won’t even touch this or swatch this on my hand that’s how bad
my allergic reaction was. I don’t even know if I want to give this to a friend
because I don’t want to put that evil on them just in case they have an allergic
reaction like I did. Normally I think this kind of thing would be an isolated
incident, you know, to people that maybe have sensitive skin but after seeing all
those reviews on that makes me think otherwise, so this is an epic
fail for me. They also sent me a face mist from this range but I’m kind of
afraid to try it based on what happened after this, so disappointing product
number one. Disappointing product number two has to be this beauty sponge by Juno
Beauty. I feel really bad saying this because my friend actually co-founded
this company and they’ve had great success. They’ve had people like
NikkieTutorials recommend this sponge but it just personally for me was not
something I could get on with. It’s got this really innovative velvety texture, it’s
like the world’s first microfiber sponge. I am definitely a makeup sponge fanatic, I
love the Beauty Blender, I love the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but this one I just could not get on with. This is the first edition I know they’ve
like revised the shape over the years, but for me you could see that the
product really clings on the sponge first of all, and second of all I feel
like it lifted product of my face so it would lift off my liquid foundation, lift
off powder, pressed powder, baking powder, whatever. Basically every time I would
stamp this on my skin it would lift off what I was trying to apply in the first
place and then even the layers underneath, so I just couldn’t get this
to work for me but I know a lot of people like the sponge. This is just not
the product for me, if it works for you that’s great, but I’m gonna stick with my
Real Techniques and my Beauty Blender. This next product was another beauty
tool that was kind of all the rage on YouTube and Instagram a few years ago,
and it is the Silisponge. I believe this silicone sponge was one
I picked up at IMATS a few years ago. I think I got it at the Violet Voss booth.
I think it was like $8 and I wanted to try it because it was on sale
there. This was one of the dumbest purchases I’ve ever made, I’m just gonna say it
right there. This, I don’t know what I was thinking. I think when this came out we
were all hoping for a more flawless application of our makeup, and something
that wouldn’t eat up the product because it is that like solid state makeup sponge.
It’s not a sponge at all, it’s silicone. I tried using this so many times and just
smears the foundation all over my skin but not thin enough to where it can
absorb and it’s not gonna like diffuse the coverage all, it just like makes a
mess and I always have to go in with a brush or a sponge to correct everything.
Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Let us know because I just couldn’t get
that to work and I’m gonna be throwing it away right after this video. And the
last two products I wanted to share today that are disappointments are eyeliners.
I have strong preferences when it comes to eyeliners, and it’s not so much these
two products in particular, it’s just these styles, I gave them a try and I
just… nothing can compare to my brush tip liners. So the first one is Covergirl Get
In Line Active Eyeliner and while it is a brush tip, it’s kind of this like pot
and handle kind of format. What I don’t like about this is it’s really hard to
control I get the nice cat eye flick that I like. I’m not actually wearing
that style of eyeliner today but if you watch any of my videos, you know that’s
like my favorite signature look to rock. I just can’t get this to work for me, and
it’s you know it’s definitely a great black liquid liner, you can achieve a
really fine point with it, but for me personally I just can’t get
the shape I want because I find this format too difficult to use, and for that
reason I’m out. So sorry this is a flop, disappointed by that. I thought because
it was a brush tip it’d be more similar to my brush tip style calligraphy pen
liners and I love so much, but that was not like it at all. And then the next one
I tried that I was really disappointed by was by Almay, because Almay has
been sending me some PR lately and just everything’s kind of in a flop so far so
I was really hoping this would be the one that did it for me. This is their
Liquid Liner. The reason I didn’t like this liner is you would think it’d be
like the last one, but no, this has like a pokey nub on it and it is so
uncomfortable to use. So yeah, those two products are more like the format; I’m
sure if the same formula was in a calligraphy style pen I might have a
different experience, but because of the format, just disappointing. Since I had
such a personal experience with these products that’s why I wanted to share
why they were disappointing, so I hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed the video
please don’t forget to subscribe down below, hit it with a thumbs up. I hope
you’re doing well wherever you are and I’ll see you very soon in the next one.


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    I still really want to try that sponge tho lol

  • Reply Amanda Torres July 24, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    I really like the flower beauty sponge

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