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Did The USA Create Bird Flu?

November 30, 2019

In 2013 China was hit by a terrifying threat:
a new deadly strain of bird flu. Over a quarter of the 135 people who contracted
the illness died excruciating deaths. Over the last four years, at least 1500 have
been infected by this deadly disease, which kills a third of its victims. Chinese Air Force Colonel Dai Xu claims that
the timing of the outbreak is highly suspicious. He says the disease was artificially created
by the United States government and that the current outbreak is a political plot to destabilise
China. Xu says it is part of a “U.S. conspiracy
to sow panic in the world’s most populous nation” and stop it from gaining more power
on the world stage. Did The U.S. Invent Bird Flu? Avian flu is a deadly, highly pathogenic virus
transmitted to humans from close contact with birds, their mucus or their feces. In China the infection often spreads through
live bird markets, contaminated waters, or transporting birds for slaughter. It has no known cure. Unusually, the H7N9 strain has only ever been
found in China. The disease has spread violently since 2013. Reuters estimates it has cost the Chinese
economy $6.5 billion so far. University of Hong Kong virologist Guan Yi
calls the virus “the largest pandemic threat [to China] in the last 100 years.” Though official reports claim that the disease
evolved organically, Colonel Xu believes it is an American biological weapon intended
to stop China’s rise. Indeed, as the world’s second largest economy
China is a formidable global player. As finance writer Mike Patton writes, it is
almost certain that within the next two years, “China’s economy will become more significant
than America’s.” In 2013 Xu published his claims of an American
conspiracy online. He said, “As for this recent bird flu fad,
China’s top government departments shouldn’t talk it up, otherwise it will be just like
SARS in 2003!” “At the time, the U.S. was fighting Iraq
and feared China might take advantage of the situation, so it deployed a bio-psychological
weapon against China. The country was thrown into turmoil, just
as the U.S. had hoped. Now, the U.S. is trying the same old trick. China should take a lesson from before and
respond calmly.” The blog was shared over 30,000 times. The United States has been involved in Middle
Eastern conflicts since 2001. The country has spent $6 trillion on fighting
wars in the region since then. As its resources deplete in the Middle East,
China may increasingly be seen as a threat to U.S. influence. China continues to suffer an extraordinary
number of bird flu cases. In February 2017 journalists Justin Heifetz
and Meera Senthilingam noted that at least 6 Chinese provinces reported human cases of
the virus since the start of the year. Between September 2016 and January 2017 at
least 460 new cases of the virus were reported to Chinese health authorities, with 70 fatalities. World Health Organization Director General
Dr. Margaret Chan says that around 39% of the cases China has suffered in the last four
years have been fatal. If Xu is right, it would not be the first
time America has infected populations to weaken its rivals. Between 1961 and 1971 the U.S. unleashed its
secret biological warfare programme Operation Ranch Hand on Vietnam. While its official goal was to destroy the
country’s agriculture and food supply with the toxic chemical “Agent Orange”, the
real impact was far bloodier. Around a quarter of the 4 million people exposed
to the chemical ended up with serious health issues, including deformities and terminal
illnesses such as leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The U.S. has even experimented with weaponising
disease against their own people. In 1950 the government simulated a biological
attack over San Francisco by secretly spraying the harmful bacteria Serratia marcescens over
the city. Professor Leonard Cole, Director of the Terror
Medicine and Security Program at Rutgers University believes this was one of the largest human
experiments in history. He says “nearly every one of the 800,000
people in San Francisco exposed to the cloud at normal breathing rate (10 liters per minute)
inhaled 5,000 or more particles per minute during the several hours that they remained
airborne.” Several San Franciscans developed rare and
dangerous infections, and at least one person died. Cole believes the experiment probably caused
several deaths that remain a mystery to this day. However, scientific research has shown that
modern bird flu strains originated in migratory waterfowl in 1994. Infectious Disease expert Professor Vijaykrishna
Dhanasekaran has shown that China has taken the worst hit because it has unusually “large
and frequently connected populations of domestic birds.” The H7N9 strain only exists within China,
but other deadly strains have a much more global reach. The H5N1 strain has killed in countries the
U.S. has no interest in, including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Djibouti and Cambodia. None of these are vying to take America’s
place on the world. Indeed, the randomness of these outbreaks
makes it unlikely that bird flu originated as a targeted biological weapon. International virology experts also say science
is not yet advanced enough to artificially create bird flu. Viruses are just too complex. Director of the Russian Influenza Research
Institute Oleg Kiselyov said that “[biology] has not advanced enough to create such a genetic
machine.” Critically, this is backed up by recent studies
into the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic, which claimed 40 million lives in the early twentieth
century. Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger is the first person
to sequence this twentieth century outbreak. His findings revealed that it was actually
an early form of bird flu. Far from being a new phenomenon, then, the
virus has wrought havoc for almost a century. Between 1943 and 1973 America’s Biological
Weapon Programme gruesomely weaponized diseases. UN laws forced it to close down, but there
is no knowing whether it still covertly operates, contaminating and killing foreign populations. But in this case, scientific evidence suggests
the devastating H7N9 virus mutated naturally from existing strains.


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