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Debra Wiegers – Pneumonia – Testimonial

October 20, 2019

Well, I can´t imagine I’d ever think I’m in a hospital when I’m on a vacation but it happened. I am in the benefits field and I deal with a lot of clients that have had these experiences through travel So, to go through that experience yourself is very different, but I couldn’t have a better place to go to, to the BlueNet Hotel…Hospital (laughs) We called it Hotel Resort because the experience was top-notch from the moment I got in they were very diligent on the testing, the communication was very good, my worry was, always when I’m in a different country is the ability to speak to each other so they had a lot of English-speaking individuals on staff, so that was very helpful for me so I could understand what was going on, they were very experienced, went from X-Rays to CT Scans to Blood Tests, to an evaluation which said that I had to spend a few extra days at the Hospital but, I can’t say enough, the Hospital has been fantastic, the service, the nurses, have been fantastic, everybody’s been on top of their roles and it has made me feel very comfortable in having to spend this time in the hospital so, I’ve been around the world traveling and I’ve experienced healthcare direct or indirect and I can’t say enough about BlueNetHospitals, if I was to end up here…not that I want to! (smiles) I would choose BlueNet.

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