Dealing with Keto Flu

September 15, 2019

Puh Puh PuPuh Puh. Hi, I’m Aaron. Welcome to A.D. Keto. This
is where we talk all about the ketogenic diet.
Today’s topic is keto adaptation also known as the Keto Flu. So what is the Keto Flu? It’s when your body changes from using glucose and using carbs for its
energy source, and it makes that switch over to using fat and ketones. And that
process means that your body is going through changes — your liver’s doing
different things, your hormones are doing different things, and this keto flu is
probably the top reason why people don’t stick with low carb diet. I myself had
dizziness, fogginess, aches, cramps, I had some really bad calf cramps in the
middle of the night. I woke up to my calves just sort of completely cramped
up. I was also a little… irregular, shall we say? So those first few days were
pretty rough. I was eating tons of fat, and in my head, I was thinking that
conventional wisdom that, “I’m eating all this fat. I’m going to make myself fat,
and clog my arteries. I’m going to die.” But that is just not true. Fat doesn’t
make you fat. Fat in the presence of carbohydrates is a bad situation,
but fat in the absence of carbs is a fantastic source of energy. So when I did
break through those first few days after the keto flu, I woke up and I knew that
my body had made the switch. I felt fantastic.
The headaches were gone, the fogginess was gone. My mood swings disappeared,
energy went through the roof. And when I ate, I knew that I was full. So the one
thing I wish I had done in this early fat adaptation phase is to take some
supplements. One of the very common things that happens during the keto flu
is your electrolytes get all out of whack. So the cramps and headaches usually are
caused by electrolyte imbalance, and taking a magnesium supplement, taking a
multivitamin, and taking some fish oil I feel, would have helped me greatly — would have definitely taken care of the cramps that I had. I’m not trying to give any
medical advice, but this is what I know would have made this phase — the
adaptation phase– go much more smoothly. That said, it wasn’t too bad. I fought through the first three days, and then day four, felt fantastic. So how about
you guys? Did you have the keto flu? Was it easy? Was it really difficult? How did you
handle it? How long did it last? Let me know in the comments. That’s going to do it for this video. If you haven’t already, please subscribe — it will help me
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