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Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare. Teoria del Virus.

February 15, 2020

the Dead Ahead series, is one of my favorites videogames that i play, making me fall in love with it in this game you can fight against the classic zombies or others that looks like they are based in a horror movie nevertheless, in these games is never mentioned what is the virus, who created it and what is the cause of their propagation. some people talks about aliens, others about an biological weapon, etc,etc. at the end, we will never know until the developers confirm it meanwhile, i am going to talk about my theory of what is the virus. warning everything that im gonna explain is a theory, most of the information is not considered canon in the universe of the game History of the virus for confirmation of the developers of the game, the virus spread by the air, infecting all except those people who have virus protection wearing a gas mask also, the date of propagation of the virus was on May 21, 2013 we don´t know who is the creator of the virus and what is their purpose but i know one of the first registered contacts with an infected curiously, it happened in a prison one thing that caught my attention in the community in the year of 2017-2018 was the release of the units backstories, during open to the public almost one year before the devs delete most of them in them, describe almost all the units, their real names and how they survive. but there were some peculiar stories, specifically the jailers backstories, that were all connected to each other. in them, talks about the events in the prison and describe a tall and strong man, covered with tatoos and with a red eyes meaning that they are in an advanced state of infection. before the coming of the prisioner and turning into a zombie the caos was unleashed in the prision, killing almost all the people who stay inside one interesting fact is that we can see rarely this infected in the first Dead Ahead with a low prob… probability of spawning. in base of this information, we discard the theory of the responsible of the attack to the prison was aliens, putting the cephalopod as a biological weapon but that, is another theme for another video days or weeks after the events of the prison, the apocalipse beggin virus characteristics the virus infiltrates and stay inactive inside of the infected until this dies or another infected with an active virus (zombie) penetrates their body to transmit the virus and activate the others who are inactive in a slowly way once a zombie was created, it initiate their evolution, depending of some DNA characteristics that will decide what kind of infected will it be and the rhythm of mutation stages of virus evolution. the first stage beggins since the resurrection of the infected and it´s duration will be 6 months approximalety in it there are weak zombies without presenting too much danger, has no presence of special habilities or mutations. excepting some zombies like the witch, Ram ot the fat zombie, who carry a different DNA than others the difficulty of this zombies depends of their gear or complexion. in the 2nd stage of the evolution we found zombies with some mutations, but keeping their human characters most of the zombies that are part of this stage have an aggresive behavior, but exist some exceptions to that rule in some cases, the zombies recieves some habilities that can´t be performed by a human (like the Charged Zombie) from this stage, the virus is divided in two categories with a completely different purpose in the stage 3 (A) of the evolution is classified as an mutation of the zombie to search a new way to reproduce the virus the infected chosen for this…work, creates various tumors around their body to make a preparative for the creation of a egg when the mutation ends, it will transform in a egg and will develop a new type of virus which to defend. besides having an higher intelligence than their predecessor usually, this kind of infected frecuently uses defensive tactics by the other way, the stage 3 (B) of the evolution are presented in the zombies without the capacity to reproduce the virus. these zombies, although they don’t have the capacity to turn into eggs, they keep mutating, but in a different way than the class A their characteristics are the deformation of the body and the increase of the strength of the infected. but in some cases, this deformation will never happen in some infected likewise, these infected has the tendency to have a “natural” resistance of some kind of damage this kind of zombies will be both defensive and offensive, but of course, some kind uses more one than the other finally, the stage 4 of the evolution of the virus has a major intelligence than any other stage being capable to use the technology around it for your purpose and have a better organization. tecnically, it will be like The Flood, (of the videogame Halo) a intelligent virus with the same capacities to get to this point, an infected will reach a too hight level of mutation to get this hability, this will, this would take years for it to develop succesfully although, i could include the cases the virus works in some infected and they act different as the rest of the zombies but that too, is another theme for another video if you like this video, don´t forget to share to everyone, i will put an survey up here for the next theory that i will talk about it i have a lot of things that i want to share this is Arguingpit and i say goodbye


  • Reply Nexemis 3 December 13, 2019 at 4:52 am

    Here is my theory:Aliens came To visit earth Or too destroy it But then the Military was trying it's best to kill the aliens then at last They dropped the bomb And everything Was dead Until some scientist did some kind Of mutation of Human Dna and alien Dna mixed together and Started the outbreak this also Explains that Some enemies looks like Aliens like the Insectoid Is a type of alien that Survived the outbreak But got infected by The Virus too but still keeps it's original form and it goes on like The Cephatopods could be Alien Machine guns that also got Infected and stuff

  • Reply Gabriel Sandoval December 13, 2019 at 5:44 am

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  • Reply susy munos merkle December 15, 2019 at 1:41 am

    Llegue tarde pero igual escribiré mi teoria, trata de que una especie de aliens creo o intento crear una cura para una enfermedad o una mejora en su adn y para expandirla eficientemente hicieron que se expanda como una enfermedad, pero en uno de sus intentos de crearla terminando convirtiendose en una materia azul viscosa la cual durante los experimentos escapo y paso todo lo que pasaria en un apocalipsis zombie en la tierra, un grupo de los ultimos supervivientes escaparon en una nave pero en el camino alguien contagiado infecto a lo demas y causo que la nave se estrellara en la tierra y transmita la enfermedad al planeta.

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  • Reply Fire Chikito December 16, 2019 at 12:01 am

    Yo la verdad creo que fueron los alienigenas los cuales trajeron el virus por ejemplo, el cephalopodo sería una especie de nave o artefacto enviado para infectar directamente con las esferas de energía para que las esferas infecten y de allí empiezen a mutar hasta transformarse en huevos y seguir expandiendo la infección pero los infectados transmiten una infección menor y de allí tendrían que mutar lentamente mas no como los que fueron infectados directamente y la fase de la prisión sería distinta a la de la 7 ya que hay mayor cantidad de cephalopodos y todos están inactivos de modo que pudieron enviarlos para contagiar directo pero era más efectivo que los contagiados directos infectaran y de allí mutaran

  • Reply Like Wagon December 16, 2019 at 2:51 am

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  • Reply DONOVAN X December 16, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    En mi Opinión No creo que el Virus sea Alienígena, y tampoco que los Desarrolladores coloquen a los Alienígenas como Anta-Gonistas, por qué se arruinaría la experiencia de Apocalipsis Zombi ,posiblemente sea Armas Ultra Biológicas que Afectan tanto a los seres Vivos como a los Muertos

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    Advanced? OK So. Ceph was advanced. They had mortars, Triple AAA's, Heavy, Commanders. Now this might mean the virus is literally older. If your theory is right, then the person whoever created the virus.. might not be him. If it's that old, who knows how much he waited. The Cephalopod had one leg, which it game me the idea this thing was hell advanced. The body was covered in what it looks like a ball, yet like I said the laser beam was something the Ceph in c2 did have. So now I'm only confused about how old the virus is.

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    Por cierto, un dato curioso es que gran parte de los zombies que están cerca de Sephalopods tienen vestimenta de prisioneros, lo que en parte apoya el hecho de que todo empezó en una prisión y no afuera de la misma. Esto en parte también puede indicar que muchos de los zombies de la etapa 3 B son más antiguos que los de la etapa 3 A en muchos de los casos.

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    Cephalopod:Quizas sea una capsula de prueba que se le oculto un pulpo infectado y un Blue, para que no escapara pero que por alguna razon logro manipularlo. El rayo que dispara sea por la falla de la luz(Es mi teoria. Si esta mal, disculpas)

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