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Day In The Life Of A Doctor | My FIRST Hospital Vlog!

November 5, 2019

– [Dr. Mike] Wait, wait
I wanna get a good shot. Okay, go, go.
– [Yvette] You ready? One, two, three. – All right, it’s a bright and early day. It’s time to be a doctor. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) He has such an aggressive tongue. All right, let’s take this
little guy for a walk. You ready? Let’s go. (upbeat music) Look at that, peeing right on the grate. Did not make a mess. I trained him well. You can’t see the Empire State Building. It’s right there. Touch it. Touch it. As any veteran dog owner will tell you, one of the biggest
struggles of having a pup is when you’re walking them in the morning and you wanna get to work and your dog refuses to poop. Bear, go poop. (upbeat music) My first patient today
is actually at 8:00 a.m. but I wanna get in a little earlier to start working on my
notes from the other day. Notes are the bane of
the existence of a doctor because not only do we
wanna see the patients, spend time with them,
but then we become slaves to the electronic medical record. It’s pretty brutal. What is that? Bear, you wanna put that away? All right, let’s get to work. Today I’m gonna be working
a long 12, 14 hour shift as an outpatient family medicine doctor. Now what does outpatient mean? It means that I’m gonna be seeing patients in an office setting where I don’t have to admit them, meaning that they are not gonna stay
overnight in the hospital. So it’s basically when you
go in for your doctor’s visit for a check-up, for a problem, that’s what I’m gonna be doing today. That’s primarily actually what I do. So today we’ll probably
have around 30 patients where maybe after each visit I’ll come and tell you what I did and we can have a little
learning opportunity. (tone dinging)
(banging) Oh my God. Major fail. When I see patients in my office, I see them for anything. Acute problems, meaning
like they get sick today or they have pain today or something’s going on
where it’s an urgent matter, but I also see them for primary care, meaning that they’re coming in for chronic disease
management and counseling. So I have diabetic patients that need to check their numbers, make sure they’re taking
their medications optimally. It’s a really fun job ’cause you really never
know what’s gonna happen. You don’t know what kind
of patient’s gonna walk in. (tone dinging)
(banging) God if you guys didn’t know any better you would have though
I got into an accident. My commute isn’t that bad. It’s around 45 minutes. It’s a reverse commute. Some people are like, wait, you work in New Jersey
but live in New York? Yeah. That’s actually a great strategy because I do a lot of TV stuff in New York so I have to be here, but then I love working in New Jersey ’cause that’s where I did
my residency training, and I built up this
patient panel of patients I actually love and
have a connection with. I’m growing old with them. It’s kinda funny to say. I think we’ve got some great content. (tone dinging)
(banging) God. I wonder what kind of clip I need to buy to keep this in my AC vent. (tone dinging)
(banging) By the way, now that we’re
just hanging out here, I’m having some water
and I’m driving to work, I need you to hit that subscribe button and that notification bell and set your alerts to all just so that YouTube
algorithm doesn’t mess with us any further. I know only 15% of you
have done that so far. Step up your game. You can do better. Hit that notification bell. (engine revving) I’m gonna get in trouble. Who’s excited for work?
– Michael, how are you? Good morning. – Are you excited for work Jenny? – Oh I’m so excited to see your face. – Isn’t it a great day to save lives? I’m gonna sit on this garbage can here. – Don’t sit on the garbage can. – No, I’m gonna sit on the garbage can. Don’t tell me what to do.
– Oh Michael. – You’re not my mom. Maybe my work mom. What’s the craziest
thing you’ve ever seen? – You’re making me think back here. – Yeah. – People that have passed and there’s a smile appears
on their face within seconds of them totally passing away. That’s pretty amazing. – Any good stories Jenny? Let’s cheer people up. – Michael, the good
stories is there’s lots of men walking around with nice scrubs. – Ooh.
– That’s the best stories. – Jenny’s getting feisty today. – (laughs) Get out of here. – Let’s talk about INR. – Okay, what about INR? Let’s talk about it. – Not on the vlog. – Why not?
– Okay. – INR is when a patient comes in for a test to see if they’re
taking their coumadin properly and appropriately, so let’s check it out. So when you’re looking at an INR, what I’m looking at is to figure out, A, is the patient’s dosage correct? B, are they coming in
at the right intervals? So if their levels are all over the place and we can’t get any stability, we have to figure out why that’s happening and we have to check them more often. But if they’re consistently
having good numbers, we can spread ’em out. – Hey, hey hey hey hey. – Represent. – Represent, yes. – Jose, what’s up baby.
– (laughs) (mumbles) Where’d you get this from? – Today’s a hospital vlog day, baby. – Woooo. – You ready for it? – I’m ready, I’m ready.
– You gonna try and get Liddy? – I’m ready, I’m ready to get Liddy. – Yo, you gotta DJ it up. – (laughs) Whatcha wanna hear?
DJ-ing for our patients.
– Whatcha wanna hear? Whatcha wanna hear? – I wanna hear Reggaeton. – All right, I got you. – (mumbles) Reggaeton.
– Oh my god. What is going on in here?
– [Jose] Them bones them bones – Come on, come on it’s a party. (laughing) All right Jose, how many patients
you checking in right now? You don’t think you’re working too hard. – I just got in. – All right, go do your job.
– All right. – ‘Cause I need to see my patients. So my typical day goes like this. I come in. I try and catch up on the computer to call patients back, to look at results, to write some notes that
I missed the previous day, and then I go in and every 15, 20 minutes
I have a new patient. I’m in and out of the rooms. I’m in and out of the rooms, like I just came out of a room with a patient who was complaining about really bad allergies. That’s really interesting ’cause typical pollen season is now over and now we’re getting into
that wintertime allergy season and sometimes if you’re using
the same allergy medication for too long you can
actually build up a tolerance to it and you need to rotate them. So what we’re doing for this patient is we’re changing up the allergy medications. We’re also giving medications directly for where the symptoms are present, so you think about the nose, the eyes, and we’re really trying to get them better by thinking big picture
’cause it’s not enough to just think about prevention. We also need to think about
treating the active symptoms. Today’s gonna be a busy day
but I’m excited to get started. So I just had to call a patient back for his ultrasound. He came in with gynecomastia, which is he had a breast mass, basically breast tissue developing. And when we do that, we have
to check hormonal levels. If those hormonal levels are elevated, then we gotta do an ultrasound. If the ultrasound is negative
then we gotta do a CAT scan. If that’s negative then
we need to know something. So it’s really interesting how we have to follow these sets of guidelines so that we don’t do extra testing and we don’t do undertesting. It’s a very fine line that
we have to follow here. What’s going on? – What’s good? – You wanna tell the peeps
if you get any crazy calls with people asking to come see me? – Uh, yeah. Hi, can I speak to Dr. Mike? Uh, no. Can I help you? Yeah, but can I just talk to him? Can I have his number? No, no no. We don’t deal with that here, sorry. – So I’m with Dr. Stewart Green here. – Hello, hi. – Who is an expert in
everything when it comes to mental health. – (laughs) – Taught me everything I know. I talk a lot about anxiety and depression on my channel, how rates are going up. Is that something you’ve noticed? – There is a lot more sort of tension, the large surrounding environment of the country these days, and those things of course
impact patients’ lives and people who are susceptible to developing significant
anxiety and anxiety disorders, as we say. So yes, there’s more of it, and it’s affecting youth as well. – All right. ‘Cause I got a really long day, I only get to eat once before I get home which is gonna be around like 10:00 p.m., so I picked up some Chipotle. All right Tia. What are you gonna tell me? You gonna tell about a public patient who is here for an employee physical? We do that here, right? – Yes we do actually. – And what do we do
generally for those patients? – We just make sure they can breathe and they have a pulse. – What? What does a CMA do ’cause no
one could answer this question. – Oh, okay. Well generally it’s a medical assistant so I’m still able to, like
nurses back in the day, bring patients in, do vital signs, draw
blood, give injections, and assist with procedures
like skin biopsies, toenail removal. – You gave the greatest answer so far. – No problem. – You’re a rock star. – Yes. – So I just had a pretty
interesting patient encounter. Patient’s coming in for an earache. I looked through the patient’s notes and she’s been here a lot, and I see that she’s been
diagnosed with cancer, was familiar to me so I
looked back in my notes and I found that I saw this patient about a year ago. And it was actually me
who caught the cancer. I didn’t know this. When I walked into the room
the patient was basically in tears because she was happy to see me because I was the one that
initially got the x-ray to find her cancer because what happened
was she had pneumonia. They did an x-ray, but then when you get a pneumonia, the way it shows up on an x-ray it can actually cover the cancer, if there is a cancer or anything there. So that’s why whenever
a person gets better we ask them to come back
in for a follow-up x-ray to make sure that there’s
nothing behind the pneumonia. And what do you know, she was still a little bit coughing. Month went by. I said let’s get another x-ray. Boom, there was something else there. I ended up getting a CAT
scan a few days later and we found a cancer that was treated and now she’s doing great. But now for her to come in for an earache and be doing well after
being diagnosed, treated, and her being really happy, she told me something really cute. She says, “My kids,
especially the little one, are such big fans of yours.” I said because of YouTube? They’re like no, because
you saved my life. And I said, oh how old is your little one? She’s like 39. We have one of our staff
members that’s been here for almost a decade and a half so we’re gonna go say good-bye to her, but she’s not ready. It’s a surprise. Hey! (clapping) We love you. Cut the cake.
(cheering) Cut the cake. Yvette we’re trying to teach everybody how to be healthy and happy
and what are you doing? What are you doing here? – You really have the (mumbles) to call me out after I
(mumbles) your cake– – I didn’t eat cake. I didn’t eat no cake.
– (laughs) – [Dr. Mike] Look at that, what is that? – He had cake. I didn’t have cake. – Cut the cake. Cut the cake. Can you tell I’m a little tired. Yeah, it’s past 8:00 p.m. We started this day at six. I’m almost there, the tail end. Just so you understand the struggle that a doctor has to go through, like I’ve worked non-stop
pretty much all day for these 12, 13 hours, whatever I worked, but my notes aren’t all done. So I either have to sit at my
desk finishing these notes, or I have to go home, do them at home or tomorrow
morning wake up extra early before I start doing my other stuff and do the notes. So as you can see, burnout can start happening very soon and very easily for physicians. So the struggle is real but
it’s worthwhile struggle. Yvette, I’m scared. I don’t wanna get the flu shot. Gives you the flu. It does all this bad stuff. I don’t want it. – You better get it or
you gonna wear a mask all flu season. Would you like some cold spray first? – I don’t, do I want cold spray? No, I’m already cold as it is. – [Yvette] It will numb the area. – Oh my God. I wish I wore an undershirt
today for the video. She said no heavy lifting but why? I wanna heavy lift. – No, no, no irritation just in case
– Please. – You have some type of discomfort, elevated temperature. You can take whatever you normally take. Drink as much fluid
– [Dr. Mike] It’s happening. – as possible.
– [Dr. Mike] It’s happening. – Take the pressure off a your arm. Let it hang free so if you
could just sit up a little bit. No pressure on your arm.
– [Dr. Mike] Oh my God. It’s happening.
– Just let it hang. – [Dr. Mike] There’s so much nudity here.
– [Yvette] Are you ready? – [Dr. Mike] Wait, wait
I wanna get a good shot. Okay, go, go.
– You ready? One, two, three, 35. – Ooh, ooh, I’m just kidding. It doesn’t hurt. – It actually doesn’t– – It actually feels good. It feels like a relief because I’m no longer gonna get the flu. Well at least 40 to 60% of the time. – (laughs) 40 to 60. – I went to walk out of
the office without my tie. Straight Magic Mike style. This is what happens when
it’s almost 10:00 p.m. Do you know where your
children are Yvette. – Yes. – Where? – Home and in school. – Margaret, do you know
where your child is? – [Staff] I don’t have any.
– Not really. I know where one of them
is, but there’s three. – Well at least you got 33%. Woo, long day in the office but we saved some lives. Took care of business. Now I’m gonna head home, walk and feed the Bear. Maybe do some more work at home, but that’s what a day in the
hospital’s like boys and girls. Hope you enjoyed.


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