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Day in the Life of a Doctor – Internal Medicine Toxicology

December 23, 2019

[Music] My trunk is kind of messy. Hey, white coat. White coat. That’s how we know he’s a real doctor. Don’t use it that often anymore actually. Golf clubs. Golf clubs, also a real doctor. What’s up guys? How’s it going? I’m Doctor I Amit Pandey, UCSD internal medicine
resident. Just started my third year which is pretty
crazy, time flies. Already in my last year of residency. Here to, you know, take you through a day
in the life and show you what it’s like to be a resident. So, there’s two different ways that we take
care of patients as residents; there’s either inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient is taking care of patients that
are admitted to the hospital and are staying within the hospital. Outpatient is like in clinic. Whenever you go to you see your doctor normally,
you might go to a clinic appointment. That’s out patient. So, what rotation are you on? Toxicology rotation. It’s actually a sub-specialty of emergency
medicine. It’s important to know that when we take care
of patients in the hospital, on the inpatient side like I mentioned, there’s two different
ways that we do that; one, there’s a primary team that puts in all the orders and two there’s
consult services which can provide specialty recommendations for example in cardiology,
pulmonology something like that. So, I’m on this toxicology rotation. We look at all different kinds of toxic ingestions
by patients. And as you might imagine, that could be super
interesting like different kinds of drugs all the way from cocaine to things like spice
that you might have never heard about. And then also unintentional overdoses of medications
that we prescribe. Okay, so you’re an internal medicine resident
but you’re doing an emergency medicine specialty rotation, how does that work? The great thing about medicine is you get
a huge variety of what you get to learn, what you get to experience and honestly, it’s almost
like having a new job every month or every couple of months and that you get to experience
super different practices of medicine et cetera. Most of the time we rotate within our own
specialties, either primary medicine services or medical sub-specialties like for example,
cardiology like I mentioned. But right now, I am on a rotation where I
get to be a kind of guest rotator in the emergency medicine program and learn a little bit about
toxicology. Dr. Pandey, I hope your doctor skills are
better than your parking skills. Can’t guarantee that. [laughter] [Music] So, what’s going on today? So, I’m on a console rotation where we evaluate
patients that are admitted to the hospital and provide recommendations. So, we kind of wait to see when we get new
consoles. In the meantime, we’re doing a lot of didactic
teaching. So, like lectures provided by the fellows
in attendings. Yesterday we talked about meth overdose which
is like honestly a huge epidemic in San Diego, we see it all the time. So, today we’ll be talking about a topic like
that. Are you the doctor Pandey from the
blog? Yes sir, that is me, guilty as charged. I got a fan over here, this is exiting. Yeah man, huge fan. Yeah, I write and oversee all blog content
at I’ve always really loved writing and so this
is a great opportunity for me to combine that love for our desire to pass on knowledge to
the next generation of doctors. Yeah, paying it forward. Yeah, paying it forward, exactly. So, we’ve got a lot of great stuff there and
– and hope that it helps you guys. So, please, check it out, let us know what
we can provide you. [Music] All right, we got a console. We got patients to see. Let’s go. Just got done with conference. Had a few lectures this morning. We went over some really interesting stuff. Talked about, aspirin overdose, which is a
really interesting disorder, actually that can be fatal often. So, we got called about an adolescent patient
who took an overdose of a medication called Wellbutrin or Bupropion, which is a medication
used to treat depression. And its biggest side-effects when taken in
large quantities are seizures. So, the patient came in with multiple seizures
and the primary team asked us to come and evaluate and treat the patient. Always look both ways. Thanks doc. How did it go? Great. Patients are doing much better. We confirmed that the seizures were from Wellbutrin
as expected. They’re stabilized now. We got it under control with medications and
talked to the primary team, gave them some recommendations. We’re going to follow along and make sure
the patient does great. All right, let’s head back to Hillcrest and
wrap up with the team. All right and we are back at UCSD Med Center
here in Hillcrest. So Amit, let’s recap the day. Yeah, so, I started off the morning with some
lectures, had some good learning, went and saw a really interesting patient, gave the
team our recommendations and since it’s a pretty unique rotation where it’s jet lagged
to finish up, we’re going to take advantage of sunny San Diego and we’re going to hit
the beach, get some sun rays. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Amit
and I, we went to med school together. We both went to UC, San Diego. Yes, sir. And we are really good friends, we studied
a lot together. Too much sometimes. Too much. We would just be in the MET, our med school
building and we just like, after lecture, we would just camp out there and grind. I know why I chose UCSD but Amit, why don’t
you tell the viewers… why did you choose UC San Diego of all schools? I don’t know man, like honestly, while sitting
here just looking at – it’s really hard to say. You know, it’s a tough, tough question to
answer. As most people know, San Diego is a beautiful
place, the beach, the weather. But also, my family is here. I grew up here. Spectacular program. Really good training at UCSD. So, it’s kind of a no-brainer, it had everything
that I needed. Nice. The way I think about it is, med school is
very high stress unfortunately – True. And there are ways that you know, people should
mitigate stress. But being at a place like San Diego, it can
be a very low stress environment. Right. And like, you know, you can just come to the
beach and relax, unwind, de-stress. A lot of physical activities that you can
do, hiking, snowboarding – not snow boarding, surfing. [chuckle] Damn, I didn’t know you guys got
snow over there. We have everything in San Diego. In med school I think, at the end of the day
obviously not everybody can be in somewhere as beautiful as San Diego, but the key is
to find somewhere where you feel comfortable and there’s outlets outside of school that
allow you to to enjoy yourself. Whether it’s exercise, art, food, whatever. The key for med schools is to try to end up
in somewhere where you feel good about the program but also about your life outside the
program. Good fit. Exactly. All right Amit, real talk, how often do you
actually get to come to the beach? Depends on the rotation that I’m on. When I’m working in the hospital less frequently,
maybe once every couple of weeks. But when I’m on an outpatient rotation and
the hours are better, I try to come pretty frequently. In the summer, maybe two three times a week
if not more. Nice man. So, what do you want to do next? So, usually on a day like this I would go
work out. And the way I like to do that most is that
I play a lot of basketball. I think we should hit the courts. Let’s do it. All right. You are going to [00:07:36]. Okay, I have never seen a guy play defense
with a camera before. [laughter] Well done. We have matching watches. I got it because – I got that watch because
you recommended that watch to me. I know man. It changed both of our lives. Yeah. To this day the Casio whether regular or calculator
is my most complimented piece of clothing. And I don’t know if that’s just because of
the Casio or because I’m terrible dresser. [laughter] [Music]


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