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Day 1 of Groovin The Moo 2017 (tourlife 10) | L-FRESH The LION

October 24, 2019

Early morning. Groovin The Moo starts today. We’re here at the airport waiting for our band
members who hopefully are not gonna miss the flight this
time *laughs* Ain’t nothin but a gangsta party *laughs* Hey they made it MK-1: Some guys just don’t grow up He looks like he’s going on a school excursion LION: It’s a
cold and wet day here in Adelaide but the show must go on What happened? Chris: So in my haste to get out of my house
this morning I forgot to bring a jumper. It’s fucking raining LION: Watch your language Chris: It’s a bit chilly. Oh sorry kids! *laughs* I hope my daughter isn’t watching So now I think I’m the first person to ever
don one of these new jumpers LION: Heeeeeey. We picked it up from the merch area at Groovin The Moo. Exclusive to Groovin The Moo Alright bro what’s your pre-show ritual? I drink water Stock up on water Try to get rid of nerves some how You nervous? Nah *laughs* I do vocal warmups *laughs* Other than that, I just get ready. *crowd noise* All in all it was a very good show. Can’t wait for tomorrow and then the after…
aw Not the after party *laughs* LION: Back at the airport now. What was that? Chris: The Beatles at Abbey Road *laughs*

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