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Cycles, Patterns and the Corona Virus!

February 26, 2020

How you doing? My name is George Whitten I
am the founder and editor of Worthy news I’ve got a lot of emails
recently about the corona virus and I just wanted to give readers and
understanding exactly what’s happening I come from the perspective that it’s not
the end of the world it’s just the beginning of the kingdom and what you
have to understand is that everything is happening today it’s happening
prophetically it’s for a reason it’s for God’s plan to restore mankind that
God has a plan to restore mankind from every nation tribe and tongue and so
right now we’re looking at the situation with the corona virus and it’s actually
in the middle of a cyclical pattern. God works in cycles we read in Ecclesiastes that the Sun goes around we have a daily cycle and every seven days
we have a weekly cycle within between thirty thirty-one days we have a monthly
cycle and then every 12 months we have a yearly cycle and so there’s things that
happen in a cyclical pattern and when you start understanding in cycles and
start understanding that that’s why often history tends to repeat itself
it’ll give you a confidence to understand how to pray how to really
intercede and really understand your prophetic calling in these days. You are
a king and a priest of the Most High God If you’re born again and we have a
calling right now our calling is to understand and our calling is to
intercede and really change the way the world is. Right now, the virus that
is coming out is coming out in 2020 and we’re actually following a Jubilee
cycle in of sorts if you go back to 1918. 1918 to 1920 – 1921 There was the
Spanish flu. The Spanish flu touched one in four people in the entire world. It
killed a decent amount of people. It probably wiped off between two to
three percent of the world’s population at that time. Now if you were to jump of
fifty years. you would go to 1969. Well in 1968-1969 there was the Hong Kong
flu and Hong Kong flu killed over a million people. And now we’re at another
Jubilee cycle, we’re at 2020 we now have this this corona virus that’s going
around and it is actually influencing China. It started in China and
starting to influence the entire world now there’s a lot of people that are
really upset they’re trying to figure out where to come from where how it
started this is not really the main objective
the main objective is to understand what God is doing and how God is using
pestilences to wake nations up now if you also understand
that while we are in the middle of a of a 50-year cycle of the flu we’re also in
the middle of another type of cycle the cycle of the restoration of Nations if
you were to go back the word that number 70 is connected to restoration of
Nations for example there was 70 years the children of Israel were in Babylon
after seventy years they returned out of Babylon back to Israel. In Daniel, you’ll read seventy weeks are determined for the
Messiah to come back to restore his government and so 70 is very much
connected to restoration of nations. If you were to study a little bit of
modern-day history you would realize that the Bolshevik Revolution that
happened in Russia happened in between 1917 and 1921 and if you were
to go 70 years she would come to 1987 to 1991 well basically communism lasted
about 70 years the Cold War lasted roughly 70 years and after seventy years
the Cold War ended and there was a revival that started out in
Russia and Poland in the in the former Soviet Union.
Well now we’re coming to a place where in 1949 the communist revolution took
place in China. In 1953 there were no more missionaries in China the the communist government exiled all the missionaries and it it was seen like
Christianity would be dead in China. But it actually exploded and
we’re now coming to the end of a seventy-year cycle think there’s going to
be a some kind of change happening in China at the same time at what this has
happened in the seventy-year cycle we have what’s called a 40-year cycle. 40 is a
number that God uses for the number of testing. For example, Jesus was tested for 40 days in the wilderness. 40 was the number of years the children of Israel
were tested in the wilderness wanderings before they could enter into
the Promised Land well if you went to 1949 and he went 40
years he would get to 1989 well 1989 began what was the Democratic
revolutions starting in China it ended with the Tiananmen Square massacre so at
that time democracy was challenging Chinese
communism and so now we have a cycle that now would come to 2019 and we have
the Hong Kong riots again. Well 30 is connected to the number of maturity
Jesus was thirty years old when he began to preach the word. Thirty is connected
to adulthood. Well, we have a situation now that the maturity of the democracy
cycle. From 1989 to 2019 you have the maturity of democracy
at the at the correlation of the 70 years cycle of the restoration of
nations correlating with a hundred year cycle of the flu so you have a
convergence of events that are happening in it and it while it seems like the
world is spiraling out of control. We as believers we have to understand that
we’re actually in the middle of the eye of the storm. You know while the
hurricane and every everything else is destroying everything around us, we as
believers are walking like in the eye of the storm
We’re walking seeing these events happen around us and we understand that we
should be at perfect peace with all these things. So how can we pray well I
really believe if we start praying for the revival coming in China I
believe that they’re getting ready to have a massive move and and we need to
start praying for their salvation and start praying for a a just a touch of
the spirit and see the end of communism once and for all in China and we’ll
start seeing things happening in the spiritual realm. So would you please join
with me and praying for the revival in China and praying for the revival in the
world and maybe we see God’s will be done in these last days. Thank you so
much for watching I hope to do a whole lot more of these types of videos. I’m
thinking about putting together a like a positive prophecy news type show. If you you’d be interested in watching that, start by subscribing to
our channel. We’re gonna start doing little Clips like this here and there
and as things come up. Thanks for watching. God bless

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