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Cutaneous Candidiasis Treatment

August 18, 2019

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking about cutaneous candida. We’re going to look at treatment. What’s the most effective treatment to treat
a skin-based yeast infection? Well, as I say in my book and in my videos,
it’s not just about doing one thing. It’s about doing a whole bunch of stuff, so
when it comes to treatment, I want you to look at the lifestyle, I want you to look
at the diet, I want you to look at some supplementation, I want you to look at some skin kind of products
to use. This is all going to work towards your favor
to get rid of this problem. I had a very bad yeast infection in my 20s,
and I had it also on my skin, but I can remember back in those days I spent time at the beach. I was surfing quite a bit, you know, when
I was young. So, if you have a look, if you have got a
skin problem, have a careful look at your lifestyle, and make some countermeasures to
stop from doing the same thing. The definition of insanity: doing the same
stuff and expecting a different outcome, so you’ve got to do things differently. If you’ve got a skin-based yeast infection,
ask yourself, what am I doing, what can I be doing differently? Do I need more sunlight exposure? Do I need dryer skin? Do I need to change my diet? Do I need to change where I’m living? Do I need to change my hobbies or interests? So, when I started noticing I had a bad skin
problem, the way for me to get on top of it was to keep my skin a lot drier ’cause I had
little white patches all over my skin, and once I stopped spending so much time in the
water, and spent a little more time in the sun, and dried the skin out, the skin condition
got a lot better. So, as I mentioned previously in the other
video, if you’ve got a yeast infection involving the toenails or between the toes, you need
to keep the foot drier and involve more sunlight. If you’ve got a yeast infection of the ears,
you know, you could have a lot of itching around here, it’s not that uncommon. I see this symptom a lot in people. Try not to wear any earplugs or headphones,
okay? Try and keep the ear clean, and also keep
hair away from around the ear. And more importantly, include dietary changes
along with this. So, have a look at the Candida Crusher dietary
program, and follow the MEVY diet, meat, eggs, vegetables, and some yogurt. Try and keep away from refined foods, from
sweet foods, from sodas and candy, all these kind of things. So, stop feeding the yeast infection internally. What you eat here, internally, is going to
influence the skin greatly, so if you’ve got a bad itching all over the body, you could
have psoriasis, for example. So, some people can confuse psoriasis with
a skin yeast infection. In fact, research has shown that nearly 70%
of psoriasis patients have got a candida problem, so check out the diet which I’ve spoken a
lot about, I’ve done many videos on positive lifestyle changes, and also have a think about
maybe some skin-based products like tea tree oil, for example. Tea tree oil works quite well. You can even get a tea tree oil soap and wash
the whole body with that for the skin problem around the creases and folds and groin. This is going to help you considerably. Essential oils may be another alternative
that you want to think about, and check out the CanXida line of dietary supplements for
internal use. CanXida Remove, CanXida Rebuild, and CanXida
Restore. They work beautifully in conjunction with
a skin-based treatment program to help eradicate cutaneous candida. So, I hope that gives you a bit of information
on skin-based yeast infection. You can nail this problem. You just need to really understand what it
is, the causes, and then what to do on how to counter those causes. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Greetings. Is it possible making a video on fecal body odor?

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    Eric you are just a wonderful person. Thank you for all the work that you do.

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    I still have candida my mouth smell stinky 🤢😨😵

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    i always have a itch in the middle of my back. i rub the door frame it helps

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