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Cutaneous Candida Causes

August 22, 2019

Greetings! Eric Bakker. Naturopath from New Zealand. We are going to look at the causes of cutaneous
candidiasis. So how do you get a skin-based yeast infection? What are the causes? What are the drivers behind this condition? And also, how can you prevent this condition
from happening? Alright. So the likely cause is that you are going
to have a skin that’s too moist. A skin that is basically not exposed enough
to the sunlight and to the fresh air. A skin that’s basically wet. If you are a larger person, my recommendations
are to try if you possibly can to lose some weight, because your folds of skin on the
key area; sweaty, hot skin, this is the key area where candida really likes to take foothold. If you are a person who wears socks all the
time, do like me and go bare feet, okay? Spend some more time walking around bare feet. I recently loaded a interesting article up
to my Facebook page on grounding. So there’s all this scientific research now
about grounding. So this is actually walking bare feet and
the benefits of walking bare feet. Walking bare feet is now scientifically … there
are fifteen studies now that show that walking bare feet has a fantastic effect on your immune
system. So some people wear socks and shoes all the
time. I saw this crazy guy at Christmas time when
we were at the beach, and he was walking around in long trousers and he had shoes and socks
on, on the sand! And it’s hot, guys! It was like thirty degrees Celsius. I think about eighty-six Fahrenheit and this
guys’ got socks and shoes on walking up and down the beach. I mean that’s crazy. Take your shoes and socks off if you’re on
the sand. Take your shoes and socks off if you’re walking
outside, so try and spend time bare feet where there’s fresh air so you get around the foot. Okay, allow sunshine to get onto the foot. Now, so this is another thing; if you’ve got
candida of the ears. Watch out; it’s wearing headphones all the
time, or ear plugs. You might have those little ear beads; those
Apple ear beads or Samsung. Ear plugs or something plugging up the ear
all the time. It’s also stopping air flow from getting into
that area and naturally causing natural ventilation. I used to wear headphones by the bed and I
always found that I had an itchy ear when I was younger. So I don’t really wear them much anymore. And with my mobile phone, my Bluetooth there
to a speaker so I can listen to music without having to put earplugs in the ear. I’m not a big fan of earplugs to be honest. So if you ever think about it; the first video
we did: What Is Cutaneous Candida. Well it’s a skin-based yeast infection, and
it loves dark. It loves moist. It loves perspiration. So if you counter all of these kind of things,
cause these are causes of candida. So causes are feeding the candida up with
the right kind of environment and triggers that are conducive towards it’s proliferation. So if you go counter that, you’re going to
get rid of this problem a lot easier, alright? So if causes are for example, darkness, then
light is going to be countering that. If causes are moisture and heat, then cool
and dry is going to counter that. So if you’ve got a yeast infection in the
groin area, as I’ve said in previous videos, you need to keep the pubic hair trimmed, dry
the area well and use a hair dryer. Some people can even use a hair dryer advantageously
around the feet. So counter these kind of things; lose a bit
of weight if you need to, watch out for using headphones, keep your hands and feet dry if
you’re using them quite a lot. You could be working in the kitchen area or
a dairy farm or as I mentioned in another video. If you look at the kind of job you’ve got;
you could be welding or involved in some kind of occupation with heat. So again, any cooling that you might need;
to put a fan on. So these things are going to counter those
causes and stop you from getting this cutaneous problem. Thanks for tuning in.


  • Reply Tim Byrne January 14, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Are saunas still good for this type of candida then? Thanks Eric 🙂

  • Reply Talha Hassan January 17, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    that explains why steve jobs used to walk bare feet.

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