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Curtin’s Master of Molecular Medicine

March 7, 2020

The Master of Molecular Medicine in the
School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at Curtin University is a
two-year program. The degree has been developed as molecular medicine
continues to be at the forefront of the understanding of the development of
disease, its diagnosis and treatment opportunities. I’ve always been intrigued
about how the human body works. It enhances your understanding of the human body. You get to learn microbiology, immunology, bioinformatics, pathology. I
chose Curtin University because they offered a program with the hands-on
experience. Learning the theory and being able to take that knowledge into the lab
where I can then apply it – that’s how I learn best and that’s what Curtin offered.
There are many different experts in various different fields here. It made
this experience a whole lot better to be able to learn from the brilliant minds here. The degree presents terrific career opportunities
for our graduates. It really does get you ready for the real world. I find that I
apply what I learned at Curtin every day to my work. Definitely Curtin has set me up for my future pathways considering I am
planning to do a PhD. It’s hands-on, you get to experience the real lab work
setting straight from the first semester of your degree. I want to help mankind by
curing diseases, by providing accurate diagnosis of diseases. If you’re
passionate about science, want to finesse your scientific skills,
Curtin is the right place for it.

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