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Curing Vaginal Yeast Infections Is Possible

August 14, 2019

This video is going to be about curing a vaginal
yeast infection. You won’t find me using the word “cure” very often. In fact, it’s a word
I don’t use much at all. You won’t find the “C” word in my book, Candida Crusher; 712
pages and I don’t use the “cure” word. I’m using it on this YouTube video because it
is possible to cure vaginal yeast infection in its entirety. I can absolutely tell you
with confidence that I’ve helped hundreds of women achieve this very thing. How can I make a brazen statement like that?
How can I back it up? I’ve got many, many testimonials on my iPhone, which I’m going
to be putting, over time, on my website. Are these fictitious or phony testimonials? No,
they’re not. These are testimonials recorded during Skype consultations from women all
over U.S., Italy, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, many countries, that have actually cured their
yeast infection by using my two-stage, vaginal yeast infection protocol. You’re going to see a whole bunch of different
yeast infection books and Candida diet books and all sorts of stuff on the internet. The
problem with a lot of these people who write these books or get them ghost written by people
goodness knows where is they never actually see patients. They don’t treat people. These
books and programs are designed to make money by selling some electronic products. The difference
with me is I actually see people face to face just like I’m talking to you now face to face.
I don’t hide behind books or websites. I’m not, you know, hidden. You can actually see
my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter profile, my Facebook page. You can go to
You can go to I’m all over the internet with Candida. I’m not trying to make note of myself in this
area, but in this women’s yeast infection area, I’ve had some very, very good results
with many patients. And I’m very pleased that I’ve helped a lot of these women because some
of them have been seriously depressed and anxious with a condition that’s ruined their
lives. It’s destroyed their marriage. It’s wrecked their relationship. In some cases,
I’ve had suicidal patients that didn’t want to live anymore because they were in such
pain and discomfort; it was just wrecking their lives. So I’m really pleased that my Candida Crusher
book has been so well received by so many people around the world. It makes me very
grateful that I took the time, the three years, to write this book. Chapter 5 in my book is
all about vaginal infections. I’ll be presenting about vaginal yeast infections in Sydney,
Australia to the Australasian Integrated Medical Association this year. I’ve been honored and
invited to speak at this forum on vaginal infections. You can read more about this in my book. It’s
a two-stage protocol. It’s not a difficult protocol to follow, but it needs to be followed
with a lifestyle, a clearly defined lifestyle, which I regularly promote. I’m quite a big
fan of Dr. James Wilson, my adrenal fatigue guru, who’s taught me so much about stress
by realizing the connection between acute stress and chronic low-grade stress and yeast
infection, particularly vaginal infection. A woman who’s had this problem for a long
time is going to not be happy. She’s going to be quite miserable, which is going to increase
her stress, which is going to reduce her ability to fight a yeast infection even further. So
the more chronic a condition gets, the more it sets into the body and the worse it actually
gets. The more failed treatments she’s had, the more drugs that are thrown at it, the
worse it gets. And then her relationship cracks up and folds down. What do you think happens?
It’s even more stress. So I spell this out in Chapter 5 and I explain the connection
between stress and how to get on top of this condition. So why aren’t I giving you the solution? Well,
I’ve made other video clips outlining my treatment program, but I tend to tailor the treatment
program to suit each woman. A woman who’s a hostess on an airline, for example, I will
need a different kind of treatment than a corporate woman or a mom at home with two
or three kids. She might require a different kind of treatment protocol. So I tend to fine-tune
the protocols to suit the patient. But if you click on some of my other links there,
you’ll be able to read a lot more about my protocol. So just to close the video, the point I’m
making is it is possible to cure a vaginal yeast infection. So if you’ve been suffering
from this condition for years, you don’t have to suffer. You can get rid of the condition.
Have a look at Chapter 5 in Candida Crusher. Thank you for tuning into my video today.

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