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Cryotherapy of Wisconsin – Appleton & Green Bay, WI

October 12, 2019

We’re here today with Tammy Kilsdonk, Tammy
tells us why you started coming for cryotherapy and why you continue to come. Um, I started coming because I had breast
cancer, and I’m a breast cancer survivor, 5 years now, and I have lymphodema in my right
arm, so it continues to swell up and I get recurrences of cellulitis. And, so I decided to try cryotherapy to see
what it would do, and so far I’ve been free of having any outbreaks of the cellulitis. Okay, and what other benefits have you received,
besides the arm. Have there been any other benefits to the
cryo? All there is is the cold (laughs). Um, my energy level is higher, and really
the big thing for me is not having recurrences of cellulitis because it will make me sick
for 3-4 days, and I miss work and physically can’t do anything. Awesome, thank you so much for supporting
our business. Yep thank you.

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