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January 17, 2020

Bringing art into medicine is really important because it’s not just all the science we need to train our young doctors to teach them compassion and art is a beautiful mechanism to do that. It works on many levels they’re each observing, to be a good doctor you have to be very observant the minute you walk in the room and what is the look on the person’s face in the painting? What is their body language? Really sort of grapple with what they’re seeing and what it could mean and then we talked about different ways we look at compassion we bring in how that’s so important in medicine. You think that arts and humanities are very far from medicine and science but actually it’s all part of one continuum. We as doctors are looking for beauty and helping patients to find their balance again and find their beauty of the more that we help our medical students and our pre-meds to practice that skill and the more that we help our artists think about pain and others it helps them to enhance their art as well. Art does help you look for things as a doctor in many different levels for dermatology for example those are all patterns and pattern recognition it helps you to look at the details to stop a moment and reflect and to really observe what you’re seeing and to think about it.

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