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Creating A Reminder from Apple Notes

December 13, 2019

This week in my Working With apple
series, I’ve got a little magic trick I really want to show you. [INTRO MUSIC] Hello and welcome to another episode of my Working With Apple series. My name is Carl
Pullein and this week I’m going to show you a fantastic trick that you can use
between Apple… Apple Notes and Apple’s Reminders app. Now they work
brilliantly together and if you’re using the COD system–that’s Collect Organise
and Do–this is one of those little tricks that you will find incredibly
useful. Now for those of you who know my COD system, you know really you spend it..
COD stands for Collect Organize and Do So throughout the day you’re collecting
ideas but what happens if you’re collecting a note you you’re kind of
brainstorming ideas and you’re gathering everything into your notes and within
that note you’ve got a number of tasks that you want to take into your
Reminders app to remind you to do later. Well I’m going to show you how to do that
on Mac OS Catalina and iOS 13. Now before we go any further, I would just like to say, if you want to if you get any value from this video, I would be most
appreciative if you would just hit that like button below. And if you haven’t
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subscribe to my channel. Okay let me now take you into Apple Notes and Apple
Reminders on both iOS and Mac OS Catalina and show you this little magic
trick. Right, so the first thing is once you’ve created your note and this is one of those places now that you can see how I plan my YouTube videos each
week because this is essentially how I do it. Now for those of you who are new to my
series, I used to do this all in Evernote but, to keep a long short story short, I’m having a few issues with Evernote on my
iOS devices at the moment so I thought I would experiment with Apple Notes.
So here’s one of those little magical tricks that Apple never tell us about
and we just have to discover for ourselves. So let’s imagine that I’ve
created a note and there’s a task in here that I want to add to my Reminders.
So all I have to do is that just say I’m gonna highlight this here and I’m just
going to go right click or control click and click on share. And what you’ll see
is I get a few options about how I want to share this text. I’m just going to go to
my “add to Reminders”, tap on that and it’s going to say this is going to give me the
title of the note and then the note itself will be the actual words but I
can change this if I want. You know I can type the change away if I want in here.
But I’m just going to choose this and add this to my inbox. And I’m going to add
the note. Now it doesn’t open my Reminders app. It doesn’t need to because
all I need to do now is, if I go into Reminders, and I can open up Reminders
and you’ll see that this has now been added into my YouTube into my inbox and
I can process this wherever I want. So again the title is there and I have the
note that I highlighted. I do apologize if you can’t read this very well. You
can’t actually adjust the text size in Reminders on Mac OS Catalina. But all
the same that is something that you can do and, of course, now I can add more
details I can just go into the information bar here and I can add in
more details that I may wish flag it and so on. But the most important thing
to me and this is one of the beauties of using Apple’s system, like the whole
system, is this is now showing the icon for Notes right there. if I tap on that
that’s going to open the note immediately in the Notes app. And now let me show you
how to do this on iOS because I guess a lot of you out there are probably using
the iOS version of Notes and Reminders more than you’re using the Catalina
version. So let me just show you how to do it on your iPhone. Okay so here we are in my iOS Notes and this time rather than
highlighting the actual title up here, I’m going to highlight this first section
at the top right up here. I’ll just do that one and you can see from the share
sheet that I have right here, I can just hit share and then I can just move along
here now I don’t actually have it set up, stupidly, I will set this up immediately
after this recording. but we’re going to there I can just tap Reminders it’s
going to bring it up again. The title is editable but it’s brought up the title
of the note I know it’s important I can and it’s auto, because I’ve already set
my inbox as my default. So I can just add and that’s gone. Now if I come out of
that and I go into my Reminders, if I look in my inbox you’ve got the original
one that I just did on Catalina up at the top there, but now you’ve got the
second one which I’ve just created from my iOS device right down here. And once
again the icon is there. So if I just tap on the icon, oops, I just tap on the icon
it will open up the note itself. That is just super super fast and it’s just
another example of why when you use the the built-in apps on Apple, they do tend
to work seamlessly together and I’m really excited about this particular one
because this opens up an incredible possibility and to be fair I have been
experimenting with this using my Todoist, which is my to-do list manager of choice,
and I absolutely love it. I’ve got it working brilliantly and I do love the
integration. it just works even better actually than the way that Evernote’s
does work. So there you go, I wanted to show you that. to me it’s magical maybe
to you it’s boring but I really liked it and I did want to share it with you how
you can share your Notes with Reminders just fantastic. Okay, it just remains for me now to wish you all a very very productive week. Thank you for watching this video. Now if you have enjoyed these Apple videos that
I’m doing and you want to build your very own Apple productivity system,
please check out my Create Your Own Apple Productivity System course which
is available from my learning centre and is incredible value. And it will show you
how to bring all these parts together the Notes app, iCloud, Reminders and
Calendar into one beautiful productivity system. Check out the course here. The
details are below and I hope to see you in the course.

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