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COVID 19 & Illness Outbreaks, Part 1: Awareness & Preparedness

March 8, 2020

Hi everybody my name is Tahlia Dostal I’m
the Education Director here at the Bateman Horne Center and I am joined by
Linda Milne, Emergency Preparedness Specialist where we are going to be
learning a little bit more today about the coronavirus and what we can do to
protect ourselves and be prepared great I’m happy to be here tiger
we’re speaking to you today from the Bateman Horne Center in Salt Lake City
Utah we are dealing worldwide with a public health crisis of the highly
transmittable corona virus that we now call kovin 19 health professionals
around the world are dealing with this challenge head-on even while they’re
dealing with influenza season and other infectious diseases the professionals
are providing assurance to us that at this time in the United States the risk
of contracting covin 19 is very low they assure us there is no need for fear or
to upend our daily lives because of the virus keep in mind rumors fly and bad
information spreads very rapidly we are encouraged to get our information from
the World Health Organization who the CDC which is the Center for Disease
Control and Prevention the NIH National Institutes of Health as well as state
county and local public health and safety agencies as testing for this
disease expands expect the number of Kovan 19 infections to rise daily you
can track that information on the CDC site they post new data at noon daily
States are also now doing testing and the information is going to be on their
site Stiggy as well Medicare is reporting the Part B covers
the cost of this test when ordered by a doctor or a health care provider they
stress to seniors see your doctor if you are ill and they direct seniors to the
CDC site for information about this particular virus the public is being
urged to take actions known to strengthen our immune systems now let’s
be real some of the best practices and the steps to take for immunity boosting
are already challenging to you and I but I feel the need to mention these to you
in any of them they’re also informative for the other
members of your household get appropriate sleep stay is fifth
physically active as you possibly can manage stress this is a big one that
could mean getting stressors out of your head and down on paper
so that you can do something about them by making one step by step plans to
reduce your stressors keep away as best you can from people who make you feel
less than on load you up with negative thinking keep your spirits high think
optimistically drinking plenty of fluids including electrolyte replacement
beverages like Powerade or Gatorade eat nutritiously lots of fresh fruits and
vegetables if you can if there is an outbreak of the virus where you live you
can expect some level of community transmission I mentioned this to you so
that you are not alarmed or not it’s happening I want to focus today on
actions you can take in your home and workplace to reduce the threat to you
and yours you know we’re accustomed to washing our
hands after we use the bathroom before we have
food but that is insufficient when it comes to fighting this virus I’m going
to demonstrate to you what thorough full length hand-washing it looks like you
may be rolling your eyes about that because we’ve been hearing about that
since we were in grade school but we all need to be reminded because we all get
quick and careless about hand-washing and it is a primary defense against this
illness and other infectious diseases so share this with your household
especially your kiddos so I’m going to show you what the correct hand washing
technique looks like and I’m going to do it for 20 seconds Plus which is the
required minimum time you’re not kidding I I was watching you just as I was
washing my hands before I sat down here and I realized that I was tempted to
stop earlier than 20 seconds so I kept going so we’re all having to learn this
but it’s important enough that I’m greater stress so this is probably
something you know you’re from the medical field but some of some of the
audience may not know so what I’m doing is I’m going to have you imagine that
putting my hands under stream of water and I’m pretty so put in to my hands so
the first thing I’m gonna do is love my palms together I’m going to wash the
back of my hands I’m going to go between my fingers and up and down
like them between my thumb and fingers then they’re going to lock my fingers
together and I’m going to rub and scrub my nail beds under the nails cushions
and so under the nails then give it another wash and I’m going to my wrist
rinse and I’m not going to use the family towel or paper towel
I’m going to wipe my hands that’s true I just push my watch up okay and some of
my readings I take off and some are just easy you can’t even see well I’m doing
my fingers I’m leaving my rings up and down okay
it’s quite easy or you can just take them off but we end up losing rings yeah
yes so I should just just moving them up and down your finger together unless
you’re wearing a computer yeah okay now when you don’t have access to
something water and that happens to all of us alcohol-based hand sanitizer is
your friend this is what you want and put it you can get small bottles of it
put in your car put it in your purse or in your tote your computer bag you want
at nearby but don’t overuse this this is a backup to soap and water so when you
have the choice never choose this always choose soap and water when you over use
this they tell us that it loses its effectiveness for us well that’s why I’m
pointing that out using a bitch and let me to keep your homes sanitized
this is really important and this is some
you have total control of washing dishes and very hot soapy water if you don’t
have a dishwasher like I don’t have clean surfaces in your kitchen use wipes
in this case this is a I saw brand there’s Clorox is another popular brand
you pull out the white and you pre clean clean around and you’ll notice 99.9%
killing the germs that’s what you’re shooting for
you’re either using white or you’re using a spray again there’s a couple of
brands most popular probably Clorox and myself again 99.9% of germs I don’t know
about you but I’m finding it really hard to find leaves in the stores right now
what do I do if they’re out can I make my own remedy let me tell you you’re
exactly right the I have a stock of these because hey
folks I prepare so when this crisis hit I didn’t have to go to the store to get
anything that’s the beauty of being someone who prepares for emergencies but
I didn’t hesitate making my own so most of our homes have Clorox bleach you can
make your own sanitizing fluid 1 to 2 tablespoons of this for a gallon of
water so once you get your gallon you want to put it in multiple spray bottles
and put them in your kitchen in your bathrooms and you can also put paper
towels I tried this this morning in in a solution I created I just spoke paper
towels in the solution and I ended up with you know basically the same thing I
pulled out of the Clorox dispenser and it was a lot less expensive but here’s
the thing about about making your own you must use pure full string
clark’s but she doesn’t have to be clark’s but believe full-strength
make sure that it doesn’t have any additive like fiber guard or fresh scent
or any kind of circuit that they could have to kind of quell the the order that
Clorox we just have you know you don’t want any of the additives playing OH
bleach madam we probably want to make sure that the bottle is labeled so no
little kiddos or anything get a little bit water that’s a great point and let
your whole family know what you’re doing and why this spray bottle or these
products are in your kitchen and bathrooms because you can’t be the only
one to keep your home sanitize the other people that are using your kitchen and
your bathrooms that are in your home they need to be a part of this they need
to clean up after themselves they need to do their part in keeping your home
area sanitized one more question sorry should should we use gloves when we’re
using this you know the Clorox itself you know as a way it’s on our hands or
just kind of double up the you know paper towel or something like that so we
make sure we’re not also getting the caustic I’ll tell you I use these when I
come cleaned up in my kitchen I I share a home with my brother who lives in an
apartment downstairs but we share the kitchen so I am going around and I the
refrigerator door handle the freezer the knobs on stove I’m doing the faucets the
handles to turn the water off and on the button on the from the water filter the
surfaces cutting boards you know things like that have a kitchen so when I
finished I just kind of do this before I throw it away so far I haven’t noticed a
problem with my hands but I’m chemically sensitive so it wouldn’t be unusual for
me after using this chemical you could go
over to the sink and wash with a nice soap to get it off my skin but that’s me
but there’s no reason that you need to walk around with the chemicals on your
hands thank you yes and you also pointed out a lot of good tips in the kitchen
you know just thinking through all the places that we touch that know then
you’re going over preparing food and that’s what you know so you kind of
taking me through the kitchen exciting can help me frame what I might do in
other settings like my bathroom or even you know going in and out of the house
right I am forever doing my door handles because again there are two of us
they’re handling everything and my brother and I are out in different
places so we’re bringing friends with us on our hands so we’ve got to take care
of the door handles tell me you mentioned these products are
stairs that’s why I gave you the recipe for making your own I’m going to repeat
it again on tablespoon one to two tablespoons of bleach full reach full
strength for each no additives with a gallon of water that’s the recipe so
don’t feel that you have to have it because you can’t get your hand on these
commercial products they are scarce in some areas they’ve been scarce for a
while what’s the reason that I talked about hand washing and went to the to
the extent of showing you how to do it it’s because our hands touching our eyes
our nose and our mouth are the main entry points for disease so keeping
hands clean is very important the other thing to try and start training yourself
keep these paws off your face unless you have just washed your hands but let’s
say you wash your hands you touch your faith in your nose you’ve got to go back
and you’ve got to wash again you’ve got to think these hands have to stay clean
and as pristine as possible stay away from your face and we all do it a
hundred times a day touch their face try to not do it any more unless you the
same products that we use in our home including the homemade or what needs to
be used in the workplace now there’s also the message that we should stay as
much as six feet away from people that were that we’re dealing with so you have
a medium environment try and keep some distance
we’re not six feet apart we’ve got a state we want to stay in the frame to
present this to you but if we were having a staff meeting I would make the
suggestion that we separate each other a little bit and some businesses are
already starting to talk about having some of their employees work from home
is that possible in your workplace it is a sensible possibility in a few cases
some businesses are going to relax to close temporarily if transmission is
happening in the community in which they are located so when you hear about these
things happening I don’t want you to panic these are things that are expected
to happen as a way of controlling the transmission of this very highly
contagious disease when you are sick don’t go to work if you’re sick and you
have a social event don’t go people are going to understand
and if they don’t maybe they need you to educate them about this Absolut’s is a
key effective transmission preventer so keep it in mind
when you coffin scenes this is something else you all know too but you’re going
to and gray to remind you your coffins means into the inside fold of your elbow
it’s you’ve got a lot of mass there between you and the droplets that you
might be sneezing or coughing if you can’t do that
please don’t count on flimsy tissues I’ll tell you one of the things I do
find around in my car and several places I have paper towels I fold them over and
I use them I stick some in the outside pocket of her purse I sticks them in my
pocket just because this is not something that you’re going to find out
and about you’re going to see tissues some tissues are strong but I’m also
pretty flimsy this is just another approach the Delaney love containing the
droplets that we really moist means and when we cough this is a good time to
start thinking about no longer shaking hands during this season and this is a
hard one for me it’s probably a good time to stop hugging when you’re
greeting people so maybe you don’t feel the urge to do it now but I put your
attention on it these are ways that illness gets transmitted so we have to
make you know changes in the way we do things even if we don’t now when I go
shopping I like to do self checkout so there’s a lot of buttons to push and a
lot of things to do I I train myself a long time ago to use knuckles instead of
fingertips I don’t use the pen device that they have with machines to make
these selections so don’t use that device don’t use your fingertips because
you’re going to be walking away with other people’s fingertips right use your
knuckles because you’re generally not going to be
putting your knuckles towards in your face your nose and your eyes until you
can get to a place where you can do a thorough and then stop watching and I
urge you to do that every time you have gone from your home and you’re returning
every time you step out from from work and go get lunch and you come back wash
hot soapy water know what happens I’ve been seeing this more at least in our
grocery stores here where they’ll put the hand sanitizer next to the little
kiosk yeah so I mean like sometimes you have to sign your name and whatnot is it
is it appropriate then at least if some form of management to use it and then
use the sanitizer right afterwards where you know that you won’t be touching
that’s a good point it is true the occasionally don’t you’re going to have
to sign I use cards where I don’t have to do that so I didn’t think of that so
thank you for reminding me now I want to talk to you about pee pee pee you won’t
know what that is but I’m gonna tell you it’s personal protective equipment masks
gloves down goggles shield then this is all considered
personal protective equipment when you see images of people in other countries
that are battling this disease further along than we are in the United States
everyone’s kind of a scar you don’t see people out in public without some sort
of a mask and there are a variety of them but here’s the thing because this
is a global epidemic these products are near impossible for you as a consumer to
purchase anybody is going on and people are carelessly buying more than they
buying the wrong things but here’s the worst part you are perhaps taking home
products that need to be in the hands of health care professionals do you know
that this has become a major problem to the extent that the World Health
Organization has sent out a warning I said I want me to hear their words World
Health Organization has warned that mounting disruption of the global supply
of gloves medical mask respirators goggles face shields downs and aprons
caused by rising demand panic buying hoarding by the public and misuse by the
public is putting medical professional lives at risk
shortages are leaving frontline workers dangerously ill equipped to care for
patients and prevent transmission so those are not my words those are the
words of the World Health Organization so then what we do Linda I mean I think
you know we see this we were just infiltrated with information right now
and I know that you know we’re talking through how we need to prepare our homes
and take care of everything and we still have to go to work so long as our
businesses are open and whatnot what what do you advise we do you know as far
as trying to continue forward in our daily life while also trying to strike
the balance on not hoarding too much of the supplies to ensure that the spikes
go where they need to in order to you know healthcare professionals perform
their their job duties what do you advise me to do that’s a perfect
question because it leads right into what I want the same you know and that
is that one of the things that might reduce your anxiety that you don’t have
masks and you don’t have gloves these are single-use items
so if you’re going to work you know 20 days or 22 days and love and you would
need 22 sets of these products so we’ve got to look at it in a different way
because even if we had products probably none of us have enough to get us through
consistent work days to get us out and to go places that we need to go so
here’s the truth of it the strongest deterrent to getting sick from this
illness is straight out that’s the bottom line
now what does that mean does that mean that you decide not to go to work does
that mean you don’t associate social me anymore I think it’s a family decision
how we approach avoidance whether it’s staying home or whether it is relying on
personal hygiene and sanitizing keeping our home in our workplace as germ-free
as possible so that’s my suggestion these are the kind of masks that you see
when we walk into a hospital lobby or a doctor’s office you see a lot of this
yellow white blue words but these are not effective in fighting a deadly virus
so I hesitate even telling people about this because it’s not effective it may
give you a false sense that you have protection when you don’t but when you
see these in images from all over the world
these people are protecting themselves primarily from dirty air that is full of
particulates that are damaging to two levels play why not this one the other
ones why is it not as in this particular situation we’re
talking about droplet precautions versus particulates in the air
well I’ll demonstrate one of the reasons why when I put this up I can put my
fingers under this not even touching the mass it’s not appearing to my face you
know I know I can pinch this in and get a better get a better seal up here but
it does nothing for this and very little from like that okay so that’s that’s the
reason why now the masks that professionals rely on and the in if all
if everything were right in the world we should have these in our own personal
emergency supplies these are these are just two different kinds of masks from
different manufacturers in different places in the world this mask came from
3m which is a main manufacturing source for all kinds of pests and all kinds of
purposes this mask is an N 100 which means it keeps out a hundred percent of
particulates if it is properly worn and properly seals that’s the key this
particular mask has a little shield that goes with it to protect the eyes and the
mask is made of the material that kind of adheres you press it against your
cheeks and necks and you’ve got a good seal that’s what makes this and in 99
instead of this which gives too little protection so we have
and 100’s and $1.99 and in 95 95 okay and as you go down you’re you’re
trapping out less and less particles so in 95 is not but the n95 are more
plentiful and they will probably be the earliest masks to be rich stopped once
there the retooling is happening and they’re getting back on shell us around
the world are they are they still single-use yes unless what you need to
do like this mask right here it costs over $12 and it’s single-use you see
yeah this you’ve got to have other avoidance strategies the science masks
now gloves are expensive you can find the blue nitrile gloves latex gloves if
you have a chance to get some I don’t suggest that you do to get a box for
your family if the powders ones that are inside if you can’t with better on and
off but if you’re using gloves as you know tell you when you when you remove
them you remove from underneath and you pull the glove inside out and discard
their single-use only complicated imagine even taking both stuff you don’t
want to touch your skin as you’re trying to take it off right drew this video
brush your skin now once we get the gloves off is it still a good practice
to wash our hands afterwards yes absolutely
especially up here or you didn’t they even have a tight sound on the end of
the glove so you use the glove for her protective purposes but this part was
not protected and this part was not the fingers were and the fault yeah but so
yes washing and making sure you catch up here so you know
virus is taking the stage right now but we still have the flu and viral ammonium
we still have crud floating around in our our communities all over the place
our neediest practices that we’ve talked about from hand hygiene to awareness to
preparedness to keeping our our stations that are home life clean is this
something that I can also use to kind of start off all the other drugs out there
yes I would say if you can make friends with
with some of this information you know thorough hand washing you frequently
using sanitation products if you can make friends with bringing these in this
in your life I would say never leave it out of your life
because you know we know there’s a flu season and we know that during the cold
weather it’s what it is primarily happening but some infectious diseases
are year-round and even strains of flu don’t go away
they just reduce what’s what’s hot weather comes Thank You Linda for your
time I think the most important thing that I took away from this both two main
points is one ensuring that we’re getting accurate information from
validated resources and not getting caught up in comments the frenzy of
overload of information and to trying not to feed into the anxiety of what’s
happening but rather kind of feeling empowered in the fact that I can be
prepared and I think part of that preparedness really is being aware you
know you kind of talked me through some of the situational things that I can I
can start implementing for my workplace to my home place being out in the
community it’s not necessarily saying that I need to freak out and hide in a
hole but if I can avoid the exposure that’s the best option otherwise the
awareness and preparedness it’s really what what’s key right now it is that’s
and thank you for for mentioning that these are our tools that can keep us
integrated into our life whether it be the corona virus or the flu or whatever
comes up so thank you so much for your time you’re welcome
we’ll see you guys next time you


  • Reply TheComicalCanadian March 7, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    amazing video bro

  • Reply Patricia Matthews March 7, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    Glad you liked it.. My volume 100% and I CAN NOT HEAR IT!

  • Reply Gea Sol March 7, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Thank you for making these videos. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. It would be great if you get a bit better microphone because the sound is awful and people with ME/CFS have a hard time processing information even whet everything is perfect.

  • Reply 2ladybughippies March 7, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    False information our gov't has let this get out of control. Want the real news go to WHO Our CDC & Scientists were gutted by 45. They knew about this virus in Dec. what the hell is she talking about!?! This video is shameful and mostly bs.

  • Reply J March 7, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Isn't it bad for the environment to promote paper towels and wipes? Why not encourage washing the home towel daily or separate towels for people (or for people who live alone, don't worry about disinfecting unless you have a visitor), and reserve towels and wipes only when you have to?

  • Reply J March 7, 2020 at 10:22 pm

    Nih says " Diluted household bleach disinfects within 10–60 minutes contact time " so wipes wouldn't work as well as a spray left on, then wiped later, right? Yet says "To disinfect, contact with the hard surface for 2 full minutes and then is allowed to air dry, without rinsing." Can you clarify?

    (Also bleach may damage metal surfaces; and Splash-less bleach is not simply splash-less because the spout may be shaped differently, the manufacturer has added a soap/sudsing agent to change the viscosity which is why she stressed REGULAR BLEACH. Not all generic bleach say 99.9% disinfects – which is what we want )

  • Reply J March 7, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    Smaller amount: 1/4 cup bleach and 2¼ cups of water. Pour bleach in bottle first, then water, to reduce splash risk., and wear gloves. Solution begins to lose its disinfectant power quickly when exposed to heat, sunlight, and evaporation, so make new batch daily.

    (Bleach expires in about a year – I wonder if that means a year from the time it was opened?

  • Reply Pat Sonnett March 7, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    Thank you for providing this information at this time. We appreciate your efforts!

  • Reply LUCKYLADY000000 March 8, 2020 at 2:53 am

    Bleach needs to be fresh or it won't work. It breaks down. So old bleach will not disinfect. Someone should mention this. … Besides me.

  • Reply Bazia March 8, 2020 at 3:13 am

    Many of us are severely chemically sensitive. Not able to tolerate on chemicals on our skin or the smell.

    Bleach would crash me out and activate mast cell.

    I’m going to have hope that grapefruit seed extract is going to do its job. It’s all I can handle.

    Although, I’m 95% housebound so I guess that’s a plus.

  • Reply Sarah Cox March 8, 2020 at 3:26 pm

    Silver hydrosol or colloidal silver kill pathogens on contact. And doesn't upset natural balance of bacteria on skin. Non toxic and totally fine for those with chemical sensitivity. Pathogens can't become resistant to it.
    Dr Bronners has a good alcohol based sanitiser with no toxic chemicals.

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