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Cough medicine fails to treat flu related cough symptoms

November 11, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Influenza A is usually
a different virus. You’re feeling well one minute,
and then the next minute it’s almost as if you
got hit by a truck. You get severe muscle
aches and pains. You get a headache. But then you’ll have a fever. And then within a day
or so, you may have a different kind of a cough. So it’s an acute cough
because it comes on in less than three weeks. But you generally have
inflammation of the trachea. And so when you cough, you
can get this painful burning sensation behind your sternum. There isn’t anything
that’s going to make that cough go away. Hopefully you save your
money and you’re not one of the people who
spends up to $10 billion on over-the-counter cough
and cold medications that have never really
been shown to work. If you’re having trouble
breathing through your nose, especially at
night, you may want to use a nasal decongestant that
you can buy over-the-counter that decreases the
swelling in the nose so that you’ll be able to
breathe through your nose and be able to sleep. But generally
speaking, nothing’s really been shown
to make the cough– now we’re talking about cough– go away.

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