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October 17, 2019

Hello! I have brought you a novelty it’s a new company that we have exclusively dedicated to pregnant women This company is ME AND ME Before describing some of its products I have to say that there is no problem in using them during or after the pregnancy It’s not going to be prejudicial to the foetus or the baby in any way. For example, I have here the Anti-Stretch Mark Bust Firming Balm A great part of the benefits obtained are destined to the Spanish Association Against Cancer I think that’s wonderful This is an anti-stretch mark balm that prevents them from appearing and even treats the already existing ones, trying to fill them. It is bust firming, and it treats, above all, breast inflammation, leaving a great relief. We go on with the Enzymatic Exfoliator. It serves to treat any part of the body, exfoliate and clean it. With no tightness feeling, leaving it nourished and smooth. Here we have an Anti-Cellulite Firming Extract, to be used in specific areas such as gluteus, thights and legs. It treats the existing cellulite trying to make a drainage effect, and trying to prevent it from appearing due to fluid retention. And it’s also firming. Here we have an Anti-Stretch Marks Firming Cream to be used in specific areas such as arms, legs, tummy and breasts. It firms and, again, it treats stretch marks and prevents them from appearing. Here we have an anti-stretch marks mask What are we going to do with this? We are going to apply it in the area we want to treat We leave it for about 10 or 15 minutes in order to absorb its components, which are harmless for the foetus or a baby that’s breastfeeding. It can be used without problem It will treat stretch marks and it will keep preventing them from appearing It’s a mask that’s going to leave your skin smooth and nourished, ok? Well, I think I have already told you about all of them That’s correct This is our new brand The one I was so excited to share with you I hope you like it You can find it in our BeautyTheShop in Bib-Rambla or at Shipment is completely free And the delivery will take only one day for Spain and between two and three for the rest of Europe

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