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Coronavirus symptoms and ways to avoid catching virus

January 28, 2020

the number of confirmed coronavirus
cases across the world quickly Rises people are struggling to prevent the
spread of the deadly respiratory disease Kim bo-gyung sheds light on the typical
symptoms and ways to avoid contracting the disease with four cases of the Wuhan
coronavirus confirmed in Korea many are worried about the possibility of being
infected in order to calm those concerns it is helpful to know which symptoms are
a sign that you should see a doctor and what can be done to avoid getting sick
as with other respiratory diseases patients who have contracted the virus
will develop a cough buildup of phlegm and a slightly sore throat
these are usually accompanied by a fever there are any particular symptoms that
differentiate the hon corona virus from other diseases as a result people who
have visited China especially the hoobat area in the past two weeks and are
showing symptoms should call one three three nine and follow their instructions
as the Wuhan corona virus doesn’t have any distinct symptoms the expert says
that some basic rules should be followed in order to prevent infection the
easiest and most effective way to avoid catching the disease is by washing your
hands instead of a quick run under the faucet people should wash their hands
thoroughly under running water for at least 30 seconds they should take enough
time to clean every part of their hands including between their fingers and
underneath their fingernails the virus enters the human body through the mucous
membrane of the nose and mouth so wash your hands frequently and if possible do
not touch your face if your hands might have been infected
whenever walking along busy streets or visiting medical institutions you should
wear a mask to prevent the droplets to carry viruses from spreading
although the experts says wearing a mask cannot prevent catching the virus 100%
it can certainly be helpful if you are not wearing a mask you need to cover
your nose and mouth with your sleeve when you cough or sneeze
following coughing etiquette is the first step to prevent the spread of the
virus to other people people who need to travel China should also take extra
precautions in particular people who are traveling in China should avoid contact
with wild animals or poultry and should not go to markets or medical
institutions where there is an increased possibility of being infected after
returning from Wuhan if symptoms such as fever and respiratory problems are shown
within two weeks you should call 139 it is accessible 24 hours a day Kim
bo-gyung arirang news


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