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Coronavirus outbreak: china virus and world health organization/ be prepared for the worst news

March 8, 2020

so this year went off to a pretty good
start. we’re now facing a new problem which is the corona virus’s been all
over the news and people are getting worried understandable I just want to
let you guys know that I don’t have a medical background I do not have a
degree in medicine and I still don’t know how to tie my shoes but I do play a
lot of plague inc so I’m something of a scientist myself and I think that gives
me the right to say that we’re all gonna die freaking out and going crazy over
this will not help it’s best to be cool calm and collected and be prepared for
the worst and it’s better to be safe than sorry
so I’ll give you some tips and tricks to survive this pandemic and not spread it
to other people number one get a surgical mask you will most likely find
this in your local pharmacy store but if you were to go to your pharmacy store
and it’s out of stock well you snooze you lose number two don’t touch your
face will accumulate germs bacteria and stuff
so make sure it doesn’t go anywhere near your orifices number three you get some
hand sanitizers this is a no-brainer just get some hand sanitizers and rub it
all over your hands and then you’re good number four go hang around with your
Mexican troller friends scientists have said that alcohol could kill coronavirus
do not mistaken coronavirus with (spanish accent) Corona! so yeah feel free to go to that
quinceanera and go party like there’s no tomorrow Pablo and lastly this is Mambo
number five so this is the last one and this is important okay remember this
stay away from Chinese people and there you have it those are the five things
that might help you and remember it well now let me tell you more about the virus
itself what makes this case so problematic well it’s less deadly as
SARS but it’s a lot more contagious the virus has a thing called the incubation
period I think and pretty much the person could have
the virus without showing any symptoms so the person can be spreading the virus
without even knowing it that’s why this is spreading so fast at an alarming rate
and I feel like it’s gonna go higher and higher and for the people that have been
infected recently you may see the symptoms in a couple of days
so thanks coronavirus I was planning to go to Mandarin to eat some nice Chinese
food and after eating my delicious meal I was planning to go to my favorite
happy ending Asian massage parlor to get a quick hand job but I could but anyway
scientists have figured out what the virus might have originally came from
some say it must have come from bats now I never knew people eat bats like of
course I know they’re edible but I never knew people actually consumed bats now
bets are not the most attractive thing in the animal kingdom they certainly do
not look appetizing who the puck looks at this creature to
say you know what this will go well with some Szechuan sauce there’s this whole
thing with the Chinese government trying to make people think that this is not a
big deal I don’t know if this is like an economic thing or if they want to keep
their sense of pride but lying to us will not help we’re all in this together
we’re all here to help and saying that I mean you roped us all into this but you
know that’s fine but to keep it from spreading stop letting flights in and
out and just close the border and quarantine people that have the virus
and work harder on the cure I mean that sounds like a pretty good plan to me
what do you say I know some people are thinking that this is probably gonna
wipe away the human race and to be quite honest I don’t think so
I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad the virus will most likely kill someone with
weak immune systems so if you’re an old person or a baby well goodbye the virus
is in the most populated country and there’s already a case in India which is
another country that is so overpopulated take that tea series no but all you have
to do is just wash your fucking hands and just be mindful at the people you’re
hanging around with if you see a ninja go then you stay the fuck away from him
and I hope you remember the five things I mentioned earlier I
already forgot it but I hope you remember it oh and I almost forgot
remember that laughter is the best medicine so if you see a person with
coronavirus make sure you put on a good show and make him laugh


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    I wish the virus was that strong to kill us all, but sadly we have to live a norther day…

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