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Coronavirus & Illness Outbreaks, Part 2: Shelter in Place

March 11, 2020

Thank you all for joining us today, my
name is Tahlia Dostal, I’m the Education Director here at the Bateman Horne
Center and I am joined by Linda Milne Emergency Preparedness Specialists if
you haven’t lost your first video Linda gave us some great strategies for
staying healthy with the coronavirus in the second video link is going to be
talking to us a little bit more about sheltering in place names Tahlia I was
very happy to be here to talk to one of my favorite audiences that is people
like me who have a me/cfs or perhaps some other underlying illness or maybe
you’re a family member of someone who is suffering with this situation our first
segment is telling you mentioned was about the corona virus and the purpose
of that segment was to provide you with strategies that could help you keep that
virus outside your home in the workplace and keep you and your family healthy I
do a lot of public speaking on emergency preparedness and disaster response
strategies and one of those strategies is how to shelter in place or shelter at
home I’m going to frame this with our present situation which is battling the
corona virus but sheltering at home has other purpose as well that are kind of
outside our purview for for this particular topic when it comes to
staying healthy in an unhealthy environment a practical action to take
is avoidance now there are multiple ways to avoid and deal with that and please
refer to the first video to learn some of those strategies but I’m going to
talk about a precise strategy today and that is sheltering at home as a means of
avoiding a public health crisis even though it’s very unlikely that you
or I even asked or mandated to shelter at home or self quarantine you may want
to talk it over now with your family as a potential strategy for keeping your
family healthy also Holi sheltering is often the strategy that people choose to
do as opposed to being ended mandated to do it so this is how you get started
start noticing today what your family uses everyday what they want and need
every day and make sure you have enough on hand for two to three weeks for
example do you have sufficient food staples and ingredients to make meals
that your family actually likes that’s key yes
otherwise the meals you prepare might feel like rations now what we saw good
there’s nothing more deflating than having to eat foods you don’t like when
you are not able to go out and buy other things and also do you know electrolyte
drinks because you need to often replace electrolytes to stay healthy
how can maybe power 88 or Gatorade bring you on the internet and cook up a recipe
of your own that gives you a left electrolytes
do you have enough sweets and snacks at home that you could last two or three
weeks now I don’t know about your family but I would be feel really deprived
through two to three weeks if I did not have my treats for one thing it’s really
important and boosts morale particularly with a younger family now don’t forget
the needs of your pets you need plenty of food and
they use medications you need those on hand so consider that as you’re taking
this inventory of your home right now if you really want to be prepared for even
other contingencies that might be a good time to think about stocking up on water
but then again I hate to even mention that because I know that even the water
sources are low right now because people are all combined do you have enough
prescription medications and over-the-counter medications in your
home now I’d like to share with you a strategy that I developed has allowed me
to have a good emergency stop of my prescription meds I’m going to share
with you I found that many insurers will allow refills maybe around the 21st day
my insurer does so I’ve got a 30 day scrip I refill it the minute that I can
maybe be 21st 22nd day something like that that way if I’ve done that for a
few months I eventually accumulate I’m enough ahead that I’ve accumulated an
emergency stop of the medications that are important to me I know that you
can’t do this with an archive commands and certain meds but you can do it with
many medications probably that your family might need another idea if you’re
on a 30-day prescription and again if it’s not a controlled substance you can
ask your doctor to to do a 90 day script for you even consider doing is it the
mailing where you can subscribe to the constant supply that way as well that’s
right the you can you’ve got these strategies for increasing the number of
pills in your prescription but it’s gaining the early all right the
the key to getting ahead I tried to do 90 days as well and that really helps
build up an emergency supply so all the way emergency kits the one night car the
one that I have prepared for on sir evacuation and in my home storage I have
meds in all those areas every six miles like a polar bear and I replace them
with fresh mints so you’re not in a situation where I you’re in an emergency
you pick it up and it’s kind of a six years I yeah and it’s expired and you
don’t have any confidence you know don’t let that happen
every six months is a good rule of thumb to check the items in emergency kits in
this case we’re talking about medications and make sure as you’re
doing this assessment of your house preparing for making it two or three
week child or teen do you have over-the-counter items that your family
needs you have enough of those what about personal hygiene items dealer
itself to face mouthwash just things that your family normally uses on daily
basis thinking about this business I’m going to say anything three weeks the
last 21 days that’s a lot of product that family goes through so again I’m
not suggesting you go out and over my or horn these islands simply buy enough so
that you’re sure that if you had to sell quarantine that you would not have to go
without essentials now we hear a lot about two-week periods of children or
self quarantine now that works way long if you live alone but I don’t my brother
occupies my apartment downstairs and we we have share and but some of my
neighbors have enlarged anyways so I don’t know about your
household but even with just another person in mind we don’t get illness the
same time I may bring it home or he might bring it home and even though we
go to great lengths to try and not transmit it I might have it and then he
might so if I have a weak illness and then he has a week long illness that’s
two weeks if I have a two week Elmas he has a two week illness that’s four weeks
if you have kids then you might get the idea that two weeks might not exactly
work for your family if you tend to have sequential outbreaks one after the other
as something works its way through your family
so I don’t know your family situation but I tell you it’s important that you
take your personal circumstances into account and she started looking at
shelter homes like that like like me one of the things that I’ll tell you and
you’ll find out I’m you’re all initiative your own
research some people with coronavirus get well test negative and then re and
then come down with it again and at this point we don’t know if that’s because
they are reinfected and don’t have an immunity to it or if there’s some kind
of a cycle that we’re not familiar with yet about this illness there’s so many
things we don’t know yet about it but again I’m focusing on what you to be
safe secure and not have to do without making shelter at home you have enough
paper bottles toilet paper paper towels do you have strong tissue now I
mentioned strong tissue because some tissues are very slim see and is your
converse knees into them they really not protected you you’ve ended up with
droplets from your sneeze or cough in your hand or crayons they’ve gotten
airborne so strongly to shoot or I’m going to use your paper towels
they’re stronger only over a few times they’re really good for containing
unconference needs so anyway my finally point is check your paper problems again
do not over line do not forward we’re talking about just an extra supply to
get you through an area if you put garage shop down one of the
what in your home are sanitizing products okay so now you don’t need to
go out and buy a six-pack of this or the spray probably just need one or two of
these items but make sure that you have then at least found in your home so that
you can keep your home clean and well sanitized if you have to nose what would
it take to keep that at home on the reservation for a couple weeks that’s
really something to think about it’s even different than summer vacation
because they would be asked to stay at home or stay within your own your own
copy that’s a lot to ask kids for two or three weeks it’s a lot to ask about us
right now but I know that some schools are considering Telus cooling because
most of the schools are using computers anyway you might contact the school
district in your area and find out are they talking about school closures are
they talking about tune from home to the Intellivision find out about these
things do you have enough activities at home to keep engines engaged your kids
do when their home is another two units in your home go to their home that kind
of thing because Sheldon at home is sheltering at home you are really trying
to sell for a team to protect your family
now what about your workplace now you’re here at the bank of horn senator you’re
surrounded by medical professionals so I’m not so much talking to you because I
know there’s people here know what to do and I’m sure I’m doing it well about
where you work have they been talking about anyone working from home does your
job description lend itself to do me work from home in the event that you
decided to home shelter or your family was required to do so another version of
that are there a discussions taking place at work as to what conditions
might prompt the temporary closure of your company now that’s not happening
very much in this country hardly at all but in Asia it is happening a great deal
even in Italy and in Iran those are two other countries that are doing this
pretty difficult outbreaks were place closures are one of the strategies to
avoid transmission have to try to contain the spread of the virus so we
have a infection starting to show up in America because we’re now testing you’re
going to see that other infections go up on a daily basis it is going to
conversations about the business world so I want you to start thinking about
how this might affect you and your family if those who work in your home
are asked to work from home or to stay home because the company is closing
temporarily so then I will with that then mean for my finances that’s the
case what if that was my company um you know it shut down to where a
leader what not how can I prepare financially okay you know it’s such a
personal topic but I’m gonna get out of anyway it may seem a little out of place
for me to talk about such a personal copy and I feel that I must some
countries if a company were to close and the public health required that it that
it be close wages would be paid that’s not so true in America you may have to
use sick days you may have to use vacation days or it may represent a
temporary total interruption of your flow of income into your and can your
accounts now let’s think about that for a minute so I’m going to just assume the
worst that your family does not have a flow of income that you count on for
period of two to three weeks now the velocity keep coming in they’re not
going to stop for two or three weeks believe me you’re still really going to
get those invoices in the mail or you’re going to get deductions out of your
accounts now if you don’t have money coming in what’s going to happen do you
have a buffer in your PIN of account do you have two or three weeks of extra
money in there in case you’re one of those people who will have an
interrupted pay line is there enough money in your checking account to keep
up with your girls who keep you current or if not can you transfer from the
source of savings into your checking account now for some
families the answer to both of those things is no you do not have a buffer
and no you do not have extra savings that you can transfer in I understand
that that is a very real possibility so with that in mind my next question is do
you have the kind of relationship with your manager and your credit union
managing a loan officers there that you could call and get a temporary loan to
see you through this particular time of pay interruption now the key thing that
I want to tell you that you could do now work on now if your answer was no I
don’t have a kind of relationship could you get that kind of relationship one of
the things I have noticed in disasters of all kinds is that recovery is very
dependent upon warm relationships relationships with your neighbors
relationship with respondent relationship with training volunteers
relationship with your financial institutions these are all key to making
a let’s say a more convenient recovery from that an emergency or a disastrous
situation that can be happening in your community in this case and coronavirus
let this be an opportunity for me to encourage you to start building more
relationships if you know you don’t have build them with your neighbors
build them with your bank manager or credit imagine maybe were a degrees
right now you know our country’s pretty advanced in the medical interventions
that can be done and I think we’re in a good situation right now correct me if
I’m wrong we’re we still have time to prepare right so it’s a lot of our
confidence from the healthy strategies in our shelter in place truly is just
bringing awareness and forgiveness we have this timeframe right now and
hopefully they never have to go into a situation where we do have to
financially and environmentally who here now but now I was in time to start
considering those because whether it be the grumman virus whether to be a
mouska-tool brain whether it be a natural disaster demon things happen it
is kind of outside of our control with the things we can’t control
precious preparing now we have that little opportunity we do and I hope
you’ve summarized it excellent excellent Lee we do have time right now
that’s where reason that that we’re doing this video is because we know you
have time to learn new strategies to talk with your family to talk with your
employer to eliminate your finances to women and whether you’re repairable with
food and product you have time to make these things happen
I remember your attention because maybe you never even thought of the
possibility so that’s kind of my job is to bring these people’s attention that
they might not I’m going to end this particular topic on the note of optimism
and I want to emphasize there’s no need for fear hard country is so less with
the best health care knowledge on the planet and health care workers that know
what we need to do and they’re diligent in sharing
we can get information from the World Health Organization the CDC National
Institutes help we can know on our state public health science our county and
city and community websites and get the information we need to stay safe and
healthy don’t fall into that trap becoming so anxious that your home made
yourself said don’t do that there’s no need for that kind of early slides
remember preparation comes anxiety it’s one of the reasons that I haven’t cared
because I don’t like stress I don’t like to be behind the eight ball I like to be
in front of it and I would like for you to be as well don’t get caught up in
preparation frenzy they how much you need for those two or three weeks of
potential bombshell free then and when the crisis is over maybe you’ll think
about doing more in-depth preparation when there’s lots of things on the
shelves with price of murder itching their way down yet I thank you
very much for watching and it’s my pleasure to be able to talk to you and I
hope maybe because we share in common an illness that affects our immunity and
basic health loans that we can approach this in a way that that is real for us
in our situation she following the educational problems of
presents they’re a marvelous source of awareness I wanted me to know that over
a period of time there’s for any other emergency repair chopping several people
to show you and I hope the evil if you have those as well
thanks so much


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    This excellent thank you

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    Dr William Davis has an excellent electrolytes drink recipe. Also Dr Ken Berry has a good recipe.

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    Thank you for sharing this timely advice.

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    Thank you for this advice in case we need to stay put for awhile! I'm one who is elderly & disabled, not in good health so I'm trying to stay calm! And to get what I need, if that's possible? God Bless everyone and we must brace ourselves as things will not be as normal that's for sure! I'm glad to help any family in need of child care etc! I'm a G mother to
    4 grand children that live in Ontario! These are the time that I wish I was there with them!
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream's!๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

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