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Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Documentary Unwind

March 6, 2020

hi there just as the whole world was getting nervous about the escalating conflict between the United States and Iran the whole world was rocked again in the nervous expectation of another great danger this time it was happening in the Chinese city of Wuhan reminiscent of a film about the zombie apocalypse of course we are talking about the corona virus the number of people infected with the corona virus is increasing daily but before panic and preparing for the apocalypse begins let’s not rush to judgment and understand what kind of virus this is and what to expect from it [Music] to begin with Chinese officials withheld some information about the coronavirus for several weeks authorities in Ho Bay hid real information about the epidemic a new corona virus appeared in Wuhan in early December 2019 but this is no surprise as they were also confused about the virus that caused the SARS epidemic in 2003 and that completely disappeared from the human population a year later 17 years ago Chinese authorities were guilty of hiding for four months from the whole world and their citizens information about SARS that was caused by another corona virus this led to an epidemic which first spread throughout mainland China and then spread to other territories and countries Hong Kong Taiwan in Canada were particularly affected it was the appearance of the virus in Hong Kong that forced the Beijing authorities to recognize the problem and ask for international help after that officials said that they learned a lesson openness is the main tool in the fight against the epidemic so on December 31st Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization that cases of pneumonia of unknown origin were reported in the province and on January 7th Chinese biologists were able to isolate a new pathogen related but not identical to the SARS virus by January 10th they also decrypted the virus’s genome and published it for general use biologists of all countries pain tests appeared that revealed a new virus a source of infection was also discovered a market in Wuhan where they sold live wildlife which the locals would eat it was closed on January 1st but for ten days from January 11th to January 20th local authorities continue to prepare for the Lunar New Year’s celebration on January 25th On January 19th in one of the districts a banquet was held for 40,000 local residents local authorities clearly did not think about how to reduce the crowds and it wasn’t until January 20th that a message was sent out about the festivities and that they would be postponed without explanation and then two days later the city of Wuhan and neighboring cities were shut down for entry and exit this mysterious disease was detected in 27 patients with common symptoms in the form of fever dry cough chest tightness and shortness of breath the doctors first suspected that it was the traditional catarrhal disease which is common during the winter in China but analysts revealed an unknown virus which was subsequently identified as a new strain of coronavirus people with clinical manifestations was growing and the number had now reached 41 people they were isolated but it turned out that the virus had managed to spread outside of China since January 13th symptoms were revealed in a resident of Bangkok who had visited Wuhan during the New Year holidays every day that passed the number of people who were infected grew as did the list of countries in which this mysterious killer was identified on January 25th Chinese authorities announced an acceleration in the spread of the corona virus and on January 28th the World Health Organization changed the assessment of the risk of the corona virus from moderate to high corona viruses are a fairly large family of viruses numbering about 40 species they get their name because of the membrane with spikes resembling a crown often such viruses infect various animals but in some cases they can be transmitted to humans the main danger of this strain of coronavirus lies in the fact that when it affects a person it is able to mutate in order to adapt to certain characteristics of the body as noted by Chinese doctors the first victims of the virus before the disease had problems of varying severity which contributed to its development unfortunately in the near future it will be quite difficult to establish the real number of people infected by this disease symptoms of the corona virus also have this effect apparently outwardly it is indistinguishable from colds the Minister of Health and China notes that in the early stages of incubation patients experience symptoms such as fever physical weakness and dry cough in seriously ill patients breathing difficulties may occur including respiratory failure also cases of a mild form of the disease which are characterized by a slight temperature in a rare cough are also more frequent the mild form creates problems for preventative measures since a person experiencing the disease in this form may not even realize that they are sick while being a carrier of the virus but in order to weed out any confusion one should know how this disease is transmitted at the time of the outbreak the World Health Organization believed that human-to-human transmission was extremely unlikely and the only way to get infected was through contact with an infected animal but on January 20th the head of the Chinese committee said that a new type of corona virus could be transmitted by air this turned out to be true when a mysterious disease was picked up by 14 health workers who were in contact with the infected people in order to protect themselves the residents of Wuhan began to wear protective masks but as it turned out this was not enough the virus can also be transmitted by contact through the mucous membrane of the eyes also among the potential infection options doctors also noted that eating raw or poorly processed meat there is also reason to suspect that the disease has a clearly defined risk group almost all of the people who have died are people over the age of 50 who have had health problems it is possible that the virus can be transmitted by young people much easier but additional research will be needed to clarify the truth even such an important topic methods of possible infections caused a lot of information speculation the description of the first clinical cases of the disease published in the medical journal The Lancet refuted that the Wuhan seafood market was the starting point for the virus doctors claimed that one of the first patients fill ill on December 1st 2019 and did not come in contact with the infamous market do not forget that the first wave of patients went to the hospital already having pronounced symptoms according to specialists and infectious diseases between the infection in the onset of symptoms the incubation period of the disease should also pass which means the infection occurred in November the entire set of data indicates that the virus did not originate in Wuhan but enter the city and the market from somewhere outside another topic for information manipulation was the possibility of infection when receiving a parcel from China but in fact the likelihood of infection is very small corona viruses are unstable very sensitive to environmental changes plus the corona virus is similar to the flu virus so it can only live outdoors for 48 hours so if you’re ordering bananas or other food from China ordering these things from online stores is quite safe considering how long it is for the goods to travel from try theoretically if a sick worker in a factory in China sneezed on seafood and it immediately went into the freezer and then to your table you can get infected but only if you eat it raw after all the coronaviruses are completely destroyed at a temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit plus production at large suppliers is mainly automated so really the only way to transmit the coronavirus is from person to person or from animal to person despite the statements of doctors that it is not worth panic extremely sad news comes from Wuhan a nurse working in an isolated City reported a video message that gained over 2 million views in a matter of hours in it she reports that the official media in China underestimate the real number of patients and in Hebei province alone these figures reach 90,000 people China is a totalitarian state and the issue of censorship is especially strong there in addition earlier in 2002 during the epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome the Chinese authorities had already hidden cases of mass infection so the words of the nurse sound quite believable she also noted that the corona virus mutation in the second form will be able to increase the number of infected to 1.5 million people around the world for the first time in history a city with a population of 12 million people was quarantined the level of control over the situation in Wuhan is so high that in just a couple days workers and volunteers converted an empty building into an emergency department with several thousand beds another hospital is being built 45 miles from Wuhan and is expected to be completed very soon in addition on january 28th scientists from hong kong announced that they were able to develop a vaccine against corona virus researchers modified the flu vaccine by adding surface antigens to the virus however you should not think that this development will instantly stop the emerging epidemic the microbiologist responsible for the development of the vaccine note that it will take at least a year for clinical trials after which it will be able to go into serial production in the meantime tests are being conducted the task of all mankind right now will be to counter panic through the ability of filtering and analyzing information as you can see the outbreak of the corona virus has generated a lot of diverse opinions of facts and obvious face but the truth as is usually the case is somewhere in between so who surely benefits from all this panic is the pharmaceutical companies that try to make a lot of money during this time of panic our task is to remain calm not succumb to prevarications and adequately assess the situation but then what do we do to protect ourselves from the virus the World Health Organization recommends fairly simple and universal measures to protect against many viruses wash your hands correctly and regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and thoroughly washing all areas and then wipe them dry if you do not have soap use an antiseptic gel do not touch your face with dirty hands especially the nose mouth and eyes do not approach people who coughed or sneeze as well as those who have a high fever cook your meat and eggs properly that is at a sufficient temperature take care of yourself and if you consider the information from this release worthy then don’t forget to put like thanks for watching subscribe for more


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