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Coronavirus Hits America – Is This How We Die? | The Daily Show

March 8, 2020

Let’s talk
about the coronavirus. According to WebMD,
you already have it. Now, every day, we learn more about how this virus
is affecting the world. So let’s check in
on the latest coronavirus news in our ongoing segment,
Is This How We Die? -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Last week,
we learned that coronavirus has been making its way
through Europe like a trust fund kid
on a gap year. And after throwing Italy
into chaos, the next stop on the trip
is Paris. Uh, big changes in France today. The number of cases there
has nearly doubled to 100. The government there really taking
some pretty extreme measures. NEWSWOMAN: The French government
banned indoor public gatherings of more than 5,000 people. That led to the Louvre Museum
shutting down. NEWSMAN: The health minister
advising people not to kiss
or shake hands when meeting as President Macron did
days ago with Italy’s leader. Oh, come on, Macron. You serious? Italy’s got corona, and you’re kissing
their prime minister? And it’s not just one kiss.
It’s three. That’s three chances
to get sick. Yeah. You’re just like,
“Healthy. Healthy. Dead.” (laughter) And that’s right. The situation
is getting so serious that French people
have been told not to kiss each other hello,
which must be hard. That’s, like, such an ingrained
part of their culture. You know,
it’s like telling New Yorkers not to jack off on the subway. That’s how we say hello. (laughter) But these protocols make sense. Right? Greeting people
with physical contact is not a good idea right now. And black people
are the only people who are really prepared
for this, you know? Everyone else is, like,
shaking hands with you, but black people, like,
we have many different ways to greet each other, you know? We’ve got the distant head nod,
you know? It’s, like, that whole thing. Yeah. You know, you just… “You look sick.
Stay over there.” You know? And even when black people
shake hands, it’s so complicated
that by the end of it, the virus is like, “Yo,
you lost me on the second… “I-I didn’t…
I didn’t get that part. “That… Yeah, you-you got me. I don’t… I don’t know what…
I’m out. I’m out.” (laughter) Now, while France
is only beginning to grapple with how to contain
the outbreak, Korea is showing the world
how it’s done. Outside of China, South Korea
has the most coronavirus cases. They’ve come up
with a new, innovative way to test for the virus
in the form of a drive-through. This is a free service that the city of Goyang
is offering anybody. I just took the test, actually. Vehicles come through here,
and you get a questionnaire, you get your hands sanitized, and then you go through
a number of stations here. Damn, Korea is advanced. They’ve got
drive-through testing? And apparently, using this,
they have screened more than 100,000 people
for coronavirus, which is impressive
and probably the first time people going through
a drive-through are getting healthier. But also,
why isn’t America doing this? Right? This is the land
of the drive-through. Yeah. Drive-through fast food,
drive-through banks, drive-through liquor stores. I mean, when I’m in a rush, I go
to a drive-through therapist. You know? It’s just like,
“Stop being sad.” “Thank you. Goodbye!” (laughter) And, look,
whether it’s drive-throughs or something else,
America needs to figure out how it’s going to deal
with this pandemic, because it turns out not only
is coronavirus here in the U.S. Apparently,
it’s been here for a while. NEWSMAN: Over the weekend,
health officials announced new infections
in Washington state, Oregon, California, Illinois, New York, Florida and Rhode Island. NEWSWOMAN: A state of emergency
issued in Washington state, where 13 patients have been
diagnosed with COVID-19. Researchers in Washington
telling ABC News their analysis
of samples of the virus strongly suggest it’s been
spreading in the state for the past six weeks. Yeah, that’s right, people. There’s a chance coronavirus
has been in America for weeks and nobody realized it. Yeah. It’s like at the end
of a sports movie where the coach is like, “Guys,
what you’ve been looking for “has been right here all along. “See, the virus is
in your lungs. “You shouldn’t be
playing basketball. You should be at the hospital.” But this is really scary,
and so for more on this health crisis
and America’s response, we turn to our senior
medical correspondent Roy Wood Jr., everybody. (cheering and applause) Roy. I… I got to say, Roy, this virus has everyone
so stressed out. I mean, I’m keeping this can
of disinfectant around to spray on everything. What-what else can we do
to stay safe? Stop, stop. Stop with that. First of all,
Trevor, don’t panic. The most important thing to do
is wash your hands. Just wash your hands.
And don’t rush. You got to wash them
for at least the length of one verse of a Cardi B song. ♪ Yeah, I wash the back,
then wash the front ♪ ♪ Girl, I make healthy moves. ♪ Yeah. And another thing.
Don’t touch your face ’cause you can
make yourself sick. And if you are sick,
remember to stay… (coughing) …stay at home. (laughter and applause) (Wood clearing throat) What? Wh-What? Did you just corona-cough
in my face? No. Didn’t cough in your face. No, I just had some peanuts
a minute ago. They stuck in my throat. (laughter) Okay, I’m… ‘Cause I’m-I’m watching you,
Roy. Don’t-don’t make me sick. I’m good, man. Come on. As I was saying,
it’s important not to panic. Check on your elderly neighbors,
make sure… (coughs) (laughter) (coughing) (laughter and applause) (clears throat) There’s no need for concern. What you need to… (coughing) -Ah, corona! Corona! Corona!
-No! It’s peanuts! -It’s peanuts!
-Corona! Get out of here! Roy Wood Jr., everybody.


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    “Don’t touch your face”. So we went from not touching, hugging, or kissing other people to don’t touch yourself😂. America is mentally retarded

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    Trevor Noah: is this how we die?
    Audiences: cheers and claps in excitement

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    Dear Modiji, please watch below video link. we need verification from your Health ministry that do this (cow dung) will help to treat Covid 19. if yes then please publish in Indian government Medical journals so that let all we get this benefits easily.

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    Me: rubs eyes due to lack of sleep

    Also me: oh shit. I-i- wasnt supposed to do that

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    Not only panic. All become idiots. It is mental illness.

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    Jobs in the US are not giving any ppl incentive to go get tested. If you're tested and test positive you have to take time off/leave of absence/use all of your sick time/personal days. (You'll most likely be fired) Most americans cant afford to do that so they just won't get tested. Im in S.Korea now and museums, schools and many public places are closed down and social gatherings are discouraged. Testing is free. RN im on paid "vacation" as an english teacher for the rest of the month. This is what is helping deal with the virus here and honestly I wouldn't feel safer anywhere else.

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    What must be done to fight the Pandemic

    6 March 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread through dozens of countries around the world in what is among the worst outbreaks of infectious disease in a century, threatening the lives of millions of people.

    Refuting the White House’s criminally dishonest dismissal of the disease’s severity, the number of cases in the United States continues to rise rapidly. The response at every level of government has been negligent and incompetent, exposing a total lack of planning and preparation in the world’s richest capitalist country.

    Even as the White House was downplaying the lethality of the virus and equating it with the common flu, the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) reported on March 4 that 3.4 percent of people infected by the coronavirus had died.

    There is no way to accurately determine the extent of the infection in the United States because of the absence of testing equipment.

    The indifference of the Trump administration to the health of the population is no better, and perhaps worse, than the attitude of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the slaves. The media has spent far more time bemoaning the fall in share values on Wall Street than the loss of human life.

    Congress has authorized a mere $8.3 billion to fight the outbreak—less than one tenth the annual cost of the war in Afghanistan and one fifteenth the wealth of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

    Without emergency intervention, there is a danger that this pandemic will spread uncontrollably throughout the population and cause a staggering loss of life. In the worst-case scenario, outlined this week by Dr. Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University, as much as 60 percent of the global population could become infected. At current rates of mortality, this would mean the deaths of over a hundred million men, women and children.

    As the World Health Organization pointed out in its February 28 report, “The COVID-19 virus is a new pathogen that is highly contagious, can spread quickly, and must be considered capable of causing enormous health, economic and societal impacts in any setting.”

    The report noted that the virus “is transmitted via droplets and fomites [objects] during close unprotected contact between an infector and infectee.” The WHO added that “human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus is largely occurring in families.”

    Measures can be taken to dramatically reduce the number of infections and prevent the loss of countless lives. But the response of governments throughout the world has been disastrously inadequate and an untold number of people will die as a result. The vast majority of the victims will be from the working class, the poor and other vulnerable sections of society.

    This social catastrophe must be prevented. All sections of the working class, youth and students must demand that governments take emergency action to stop the spread of the virus and provide the necessary care for all those who are infected by the disease. This requires a massive reallocation of social resources.

    The principle that must guide the response is that the needs of society overrule the interests of profit. Capitalist calculations of share values and profits must not be allowed to limit, undermine, or prevent the combating of the disease.

    From this standpoint we raise the following demands:

    No expense can be spared in making testing for the coronavirus available immediately in every country. Trillions of dollars must be invested internationally in testing regimes, the manufacture of protective clothing, the purchase of oxygen machines and other necessary technology, the construction of new hospitals and the expansion of existing hospital facilities.

    Accessible and universal testing: There is no way to combat the spread of coronavirus without testing that is accessible to all those who show symptoms. It is essential that testing be made available immediately throughout the United States and the entire world.

    Free high-quality treatment: Stopping the spread of the coronavirus is impossible in a society where only those with money can see a doctor. In a country like the United States, where the average household cannot afford to pay cash for a $400 expense, providing free treatment is inseparable from controlling the spread of the disease.

    Every country must immediately begin to provide free testing and treatment, and pay all medical costs associated with the coronavirus. Medical care is not a privilege, it is a right!

    Paid sick leave for all workers: It is vital to ensure that workers do not feel pressured to work when they are sick. Corporations and governments must immediately begin providing paid sick leave for all employees.

    Equality of care: In the United States, a vast and disproportionate share of medical resources is monopolized by the financial oligarchy. Reports abound of the V.I.P. emergency rooms in Manhattan and the Hamptons for the super-rich, and the massive emergency bunkers and private medical treatment centers being constructed by the oligarchs in their own mansions.

    There can be no preferential treatment in combating this pandemic! Equality of care is not only a moral question, but an urgent social necessity. The private doctors of the rich and those engaged in vanity procedures must be immediately drafted to treat the general population. Access to care must be determined by necessity, not wealth. The rich have the right to the same treatment as anyone else—but no better.

    Protect refugees, prisoners and the homeless: Around the world, millions of people are homeless, millions more are fleeing war and poverty, and countless others are imprisoned under conditions that make them vulnerable to infectious disease. Everything must be done to improve the conditions of prisoners, refugees and the homeless and provide these vulnerable populations with access to hygiene and the best quality medical care.

    Stop price gouging: Medical supplies and sanitary products must be made available to households and medical workers, and all those profiting from the crisis should be held criminally liable.

    Safe working conditions: Employers and the government must be responsible for providing all employees—from medical workers to factory, warehouse, retail and service workers—with a safe work environment.

    The supervision of safety cannot be left to the employers. Workers should form rank-and-file committees to make sure that safety codes are being observed by the employers and measures are being taken to combat the spread of the disease. These committees will ensure that workers are not compelled to work in an unsafe environment and that coworkers who become ill receive the necessary treatment and support.

    Support the ill and the quarantined: No one should fear that being designated and quarantined means neglect and ostracism. Workers should form neighborhood committees to ensure that those who are sick and quarantined are safe and have social support and the necessary food and supplies.

    For international collaboration: US economic sanctions against Iran are causing severe medical shortages in a country with over 3,000 coronavirus cases, and the US political establishment has been waging a campaign to demonize Chinese scientists and doctors. All sanctions must immediately be lifted and all restrictions on international medical collaboration ended!

    In responding to this dangerous disease, one principle must guide us: that human need is primary. Combating an epidemic that threatens millions of lives cannot be subordinated to considerations of private profit.

    Any claim that there is no money to save the lives of millions of people is a contemptible lie. In the United States alone, there are more than 13,000 individuals with over $30 million in wealth. Just three people—Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett—own more wealth than the poorest half of American society.

    Funding shortfalls must be covered by emergency seizures of the fortunes of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

    It is necessary to build a mass movement of the working class to demand an immediate emergency response to the crisis, to be paid for by the corporations, the government and the financial oligarchy.

    As the International Committee of the Fourth International wrote its statement of February 28, 2020:

    In demanding that capitalist governments implement these emergency measures, the international working class does not abandon its fundamental aim: the ending of the capitalist system. Rather, the fight for emergency action will raise the consciousness of the working class, develop its understanding of the need for international class solidarity, and increase its political self-confidence.

    The opportunities provided by modern medical technology to stop such an outbreak are unprecedented. Never before has so much been known about a pathogen so early: Its genome has been sequenced and effective tests have been designed within a matter of weeks.

    But the outbreak of the disease has exposed the gaping chasm between the enormous promise of modern medical technology and the totally irrational character of a society based on the private accumulation of wealth.

    Whatever the outcome of this pandemic, the crisis irrefutably establishes the fact that capitalism cannot deal with the existential threats facing humanity—from climate change to natural disasters and infectious diseases. The coronavirus crisis poses the urgent necessity for the socialist reorganization of society.

    Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (United States)

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    Y’all do know that the flu has killed more people this year than this bs virus right , I mean if you don’t have any immune issues you’ll be fine. But you all let the media keep scaring you.

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    theres enough data to show that the virus isn’t even that deadly. first, it isn’t airborne so theres no need for n95 masks, and second, you probably only need masks when you are sick because your immunity is low + the obvious prevention of you making others sick. a healthy person is probably capable of fighting the virus off. all you need is a little common sense to figure how to survive this pandemic, instead of panicking, or stockpiling for absolutely no reason whatsoever. the virus has been around for ages and america acts like all this is new information. this is what happens when you don’t read.

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    This is exactly why the bible lists clean and unclean meats. It wasn't just about ceremonial purity, it was also about keeping people throughout the centuries healthy, and protecting them from themselves. Before people could even understand what diseases were and how they were transmitted, God created measures to protect them. There's so much truth in the Word, and so few who care to find it. Please read your bibles, people, and utilize materials like Walter Veith's Total Onslaught vids, and Ellen White's Conflict of the Ages books.

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    This disease is very scary. no one can give you answers or why when where, we need to protect our family but how can we when we have to send our kids to school and we have to go to work. therefore we are amongst other people on a daily Bass. I can come in to contact with a hundred to 175 people on a daily base. Not including my colleagues and the only information that is being provided to the public is to just wash your hands or stay home if you have a cold. Or flu type symptoms. I'm wondering is there something being released in the air this is too rapid.

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    if you are NOT over 60 and are not a person with condition that effect your immune systems you have nothing to worry about. Don’t understand why people are freaking out. Just wash your hands and avoid touching your face SO you won't get this nasty flu that can effect grandma & grandpa but not you that much. Knowledge is key people.

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    Over 600,000 people worldwide died from the regular old 'flu' in 2017! If Bill Gates is involved then you know some thing is fishy. He sponsored 'Event 201' held in NY back in October 2019 which simulated the deaths of 65 million people due to a corona virus pandemic and the Military games began on the same day this event 201 started, in Wuhan, China! Coincidence? Not likely considering the 1st case in the US was in Washington State a few miles from the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Headquarters. Also Gates recently 'stared' in a Netflix movie where he amazingly predicted a virus pandemic!

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    Just goes to show how easy media can manipulate the population. I thought we were intelligent in the west. Clearly i was wrong.

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    Them: we dont have anything to worry about jesus will protect us as long as his here in our heart..

    Me: ok lets see who dumbass would die first..

  • Reply Jessica Bailey March 8, 2020 at 2:39 pm

    This was entertaining but honestly a sad reality of where we are. Tests are available but limited and it was announced that it may be covered under insurance but what if you don't have that. Many will go unchecked for awhile if ever seen but a healthcare physician. But what about those that have it they're told to quarantine but what about bills, kids schooling, jobs. These are things that will have heavy consequences if not taken care of. Sad but this is a new Norm currently with more effects to come. We haven't seen anything yet. My prayers for recovery to all those who are sick and like us who are not, stay protected.

  • Reply NDallas40 March 8, 2020 at 4:03 pm

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  • Reply Flying Potato March 8, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    This is really no time to make jokes about this virus….typically American……

  • Reply Malik Barrow March 8, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    Why doesn't America do this? This is the land of drive thrus!


  • Reply Hugo Moctezuma March 8, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Someone has to tell trevor hes not funny

  • Reply misty G March 8, 2020 at 6:19 pm


  • Reply H. A. March 8, 2020 at 7:43 pm

    Give it to America to make a joke out of everything.

  • Reply Bazeville Polman March 8, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    Lmgb bra act julle of wat want j lat my le vani lag.😂…..🤔 hope he can read Afrikaans

  • Reply Democrats For Trump March 8, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    Good job America. Keep your butt clean. If you don't have toilet paper visit your friends and use the shower towel.

  • Reply A&M CorporationLLC March 8, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    Christians… our finest hour is now, we command the flu virus to die in the name of Jesus (which has killed 8200 since Jan. 2020) and Corona Virus (which has killed 20 since Jan 2020)Gen. 1:28 where God gave us dominion (authority) over every thing that moveth upon the earth (that would include all viruses/cancer/disease). Speak with me Jesus said in his word, by his stripes we are healed, so… "Corona Virus, Flu, Respiratory Disease, HIV, Cancer, Alzhemiers, Parkinson and all disease cells in man you have no dominon, God gave it to us and we speak leave their body now and be destroyed now! Never to trouble anyone again in the mightly name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!" Amen. If you have the faith to believe it will happen! If you are uncomfortable with saying this then train for free at –

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