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Coronavirus Food Haul // Prepping for the COVID-19 potential epidemic

March 5, 2020

in this video we are Kung flu fighting
you can’t say that in this video I’m gonna be talking you through the foods and
supplies that we have bought in preparation for coronavirus or a storm I
made this I’m not a prepper in any kind of way I’m
not giving you advice or saying that you should go out and panic by food this is
simply what I’ve done for us I’m going to be talking you through what we bought
most of it comes from Sainsbury’s and Aldi stockpiling food means that if one
of us is infected we don’t have to go out to get supplies or medicines and we
wouldn’t spread coronavirus further also to add to the food haul we have a
generator and a jerrycan of petrol so we can power our fridges and freezers we do
have two freezers we have these anyway we live quite a long way from the shop
but most of the foods I bought are dried foods that have a long shelf life
we’ve got tinned fruit pineapple peach pear fruit cocktail this is supposed to
be a good if you need to get liquids theyre very high in calories and it gives you
some liquid if we also have some jams and some applesauce and chocolate spread
we’ve got peeled plum tomatoes and passata and tomato puree so that we can
make pasta dishes we’ve got quite lot of pasta so that will be good for that and
we’ve got tinned tuna you need protein so you canned tuna jars of sauce with
we’ve curry sauce we’ve got tomato pasta sauce and some sweet and sour sauce so
with we’ve got a ton of pasta and a ton of rice so that can make a meal lout of those gravy
because gravy we’ve also had a lot of storms and power
cuts recently so some of the things are aimed at that if we have a situation
where we don’t have electricity a lot of those foods can be cooked with boiling
water from the camping stove and we’ve got tinned soups you’ve got some lentil
soup potato and leek there’s some vegetable in there and some tomato soup
I think this is quite important we’ve got canned vegetables so we’ve got
peas and carrot and potatoes here we’ve just got some baguettes that
you bake in the oven these have quite a long date on them and also some
tortillas that had a long date so we’ve also got a mixture of different
canned beans there’s Canellini beans kidney beans
black beans and some chickpeas so we can make some rice dishes out of those baked
beans and spaghetti in a tin also we’ve got some crackers we’ve got a little
bit of butter that’s in the freezer that we could use with crackers and then what
are we gonna cook all this in? So we have some cooking oil cereal because that has
vitamins in it and like crisps little popadoms just some snack stuff then we
have some sugar so that we can bake and put it in our coffee and we have a ton
of pasta so all of this is pasta and then we have these noodle cups you add
boiling water to some noodles and microwave rice all of these are rice
packets different ones pilau roasted vegetable and we just got the basic rice just
the cheapest rice that they do we’ve got a few kilos of that this is also rice we
figured that we could bake bread because bread doesn’t have a very long shelf
life we have a few loaves in the freezer but we’ve got some yeast and a couple of
bags of flour so that we can bake bread coconut milk you can use that to
make a curry also it goes with the lentils and the pulses that we have we
have milk so we’ve got UHT milk is has this lasts until August few of those and
also oat milk so usually I would have oat milk on my cereal that is not that
great in coffee so we have this for coffee this for cereal and oat milk
keeps open longer than dairy milk over here we have 40 litres of bottled water we
had a situation a couple of weeks ago where there was a storm and a power cut
and then after that our water was all muddy
and it kind of worried me because I didn’t
have anything to give the cats that the rabbits or the gerbils or the hamster
and so I thought it would be a good idea to get some water in reserve this is
just like this the cheapest water they had these were 24p and I think these
were 17p from Aldi and 24p from Sainsbury’s don’t know where I got a
mixture I got 10 and I thought I needed 10 more if you have to live on all that
water that’s probably gonna be a bit boring so we’ve got some orange squash
some blackberry and blueberry and some lucozade and then we also have some teas and coffees as
well I was talking to our friend who’s kind of into prepping and they said that
you need to get a good supply of comfort foods because you’re gonna need them to
lift your mood if you’ve been in the house for like two weeks
so we have chocolate bars biscuits and some chocolate some fruits and nuts syrup
a good selection of cereal bars and some sauce to try and make the meals a
bit more interesting because I think that eating tinned potatoes with tinned
carrots is probably gonna be a bit bland so we’ve got some ketchup some mayo
sweet chilli sauce mustard lemon juice salsa and a random selection of items in
jars while it might seem a little bit extreme
or over-the-top to buy all of these foods just in case coronavirus is
present in our area or we have a power cut they’re actually all foods that we would eat anyway and they have quite a long shelf life
I plan to really keep on top of what foods we have in what needs to be
replaced and use it as like a rolling stock cupboard we also bought toilet
rolls a couple of mouth washes and three toothpastes five antibacterial hand
soaps and some shower gel we bought some ibuprofen and paracetamol and we also
got some like cold and flu and sore throat tablet nasal spray and some eye
drops just in case I have quite a lot of cleaning products anyway but I did pick
up an extra Dettol cleaner this says it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses so
fingers crossed coronavirus is one of them if one of us were to get
coronavirus then it would be really important to
disinfect everything in the house and so I wanted to make sure that I had a fresh
one of these in the cupboard with all of our supplies we are a family of 2 adults
2 cats 4 gerbils 1 hamster and 2 rabbits so I also thought about pet food
so we have four bales of hay for the rabbits we have cat food on order it
should be delivered Wednesday extra cat treats extra hamster food
extra gerbil food and we stocked up on cow cats prescription um you should also
think about your own prescriptions and make sure that you have the supply of
medicine we also had a situation a couple of weeks back where we had a
power-cut and it had never occurred to me that our home phone wouldn’t work so
our home phone is one of the cordless types and because it didn’t have
electricity to the base unit it didn’t work and somebody was trying to phone us
they were worried about us and we don’t have much mobile phone signal where we
live so they couldn’t get ahold of us so I did buy this super cheap house phone
that just plugs into wall with a cable so that should still work if there’s a powder and it
was only £6.99 the main reason that I really wanted to make sure we had a good
supply of food is we’re lucky enough that we both work from home so if
coronavirus is diagnosed in our area and we have enough food at home we literally
don’t have to leave the house we can just stay at home or if one of us gets
coronavirus and we have to self isolate then we have enough food that we’ll be
okay without leaving the house okay that’s it so thank you for watching this
video I hope that you found it interesting to see the kind of foods and
preparations that we’re making just in case coronavirus becomes an
epidemic in the UK if you like this video please hit the like button hit the
subscribe button and click the little bell to be notified when I upload a new
video okay see you next time bye


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    Good video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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    Well done,not bad for a younger person.Good choice throwing out the cordless phones cut down on the harmful frequency in your home.

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