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Coronavirus – Faith over Fear

March 3, 2020

Hi everyone We wanted to take a minute to talk to you guys today about the coronavirus and all of the the hype around that. So, you know every couple years there’s something new that we need to be afraid of, right? And so I wrote them all down here. 2002 is West Nile 2003 was SARS 2005 was the bird flu 2009 was the swine flu? 2014 was Ebola and then 2015 We had the whole Disney measles thing and then 2016 Zika and now we have coronavirus which is everybody’s kind of freaking out about And if you think about some of those other things I just mentioned they just kind of went out of the news and disappeared So what happens suddenly, right? So we have to ask ourselves? what is it with this this media hype? And so the very first case of corona virus showed up in December in Wuhan China and still 88 percent of the the cases are still there in China And so I found this interesting to the director of the World Health Organization had this to say he said “we’re not just fighting an epidemic We’re fighting an infodemic” And so you have to be really careful about what you’re listening to and what you’re you’re sort of falling prey to in the media And you may it may not be the whole truth So we want to break through some of that stuff and we never want people living in fear We want to have people living by faith So why don’t you talk for a minute about how how the body works and how we can avoid being in fear? First of all, I think there’s nothing better in the news. So the news latches onto it. I don’t know about that but if you come sensationalized and you know people buy in hook line and sinker and so You know at the end of the day, you know We’ve got to put faith in the fact that the body is amazingly created and that it’s designed to be a self-healing organism and so Unfortunately, we lose sight in the fact that the bodies made in that capacity and genetically we’re supposed to be healthy and well and We put more faith in a bottle of manmade chemically engineered pills than we do in the power that made and created the human body. So germs they’re there for a reason that’s part of the natural order. Germs are scavengers They’re there to get rid of dead and unhealthy cells that’s their purpose. They’re supposed to clean off the planet and the thing is like If you’re not a susceptible host Then you’re not inviting the germs to come in and do their job And so when I say that we’re amazingly created we’re wonderfully and fearfully made When I say that what I’m talking about, it’s like when God created us, he gave us an immune system it’s its primary objective is to identify and destroy pathogens and invading organisms and Potentially damaging or cancerous type of cells and if your nervous system is working at a hundred percent then you have nothing to worry about when it comes to germs that are there, that are Opportunistic and they’re there to get rid of dead and unhealthy cells because your body’s amazingly strong and so there are a lot of things that will influence your your immune response and allow you to have this titanium immune system But you’ll talk about as we get through this, but if you do those things you have nothing to worry about About something like the corona virus. It’s almost like ludicrous It’s ridiculous that people are so wrapped up into this and often. It’s really really smart people The whole culture culture has bought into this thing. I’ve no idea what people are losing their mind over this thing Yeah, and just back to the whole germ theory thing And if you think about like a kindergarten classroom where everybody says if one kid gets sick watch out But you know that not every kid in that classroom gets sick Some kids get sick some don’t. Why? And so if we buy into the germ theory, which says germs are you know, these evil monsters and you’re powerless against them then that’s Intrinsically a fear-based kind of system. And so yeah, it’s insane. We went to church they we normally shake hands at a certain point with people around us and we go up and we get Communion and we get to drink the blood of Christ, wine. And so they’ve eliminated during this Period of time they’ve eliminated those two processes in church because they’re afraid of spreading the germs of the coronavirus But are you kidding me? Every everybody’s in the same room? Breathing the same air and we’re being exposed to the same germs. You’re you’re touching the door handles You’re you’re grabbing the all the books and everything else that’s in there I mean you’re exposed to all of the germs that are From the people around you it’s not gonna make that much of a difference when you’re talking about those other two things Yeah, it’s crazy, you know and it’s like a whole BJ Palmer thing it’s like how come the person next to you never get sick and then you’re always sick, but you eat at the same table and you’re working the same environment and things like that You’re exposed to the same germs. I guarantee it the difference is is one person has got a stronger immune system, their body’s functioning and healing at a higher level and Therefore they are not prone for the germs to come in and do their job right and that’s more of the terrain theory So it’s your internal environment more determines if you’re going to become susceptible to those things and that, you know on the surface It’s like that gives you so much more control and it takes away the fear and it puts the power back in your body that It knows exactly what to do and so we’ll talk about the things that our family does to make sure that our immune systems are titanium when we’re warding off of this stuff, but with regards to the corona virus, I mean really it’s just Almost the same as a bag cold or the flu, right? And so most people that are exposed to corona virus, even if they do succumb to it or you know, it thrives in their body They’re able to recover from it really really quickly and symptoms are mild like fever Headache muscle aches sore throat similar to the flu. And so the people that you hear may be dying from this disease We have to consider – like in China. It’s very very polluted. They may not have access to the best medical care There’s lots of issues there. So we have to consider that and then also it could be that these people are succumbing to Complications from something like a virus pneumonia things like that often people that are immunosuppressed in the first place So we have to like take that into consideration – they don’t talk about all the cases of people who You know have the corona virus but recovered just fine. It’s just like another flu or cold It may be a little more contagious. But still, you know, you’re most people are going to be fine. I mean, it’s like a lot of people are They’ve been exposed to a particular germ They may either develop mild symptoms like you said if they’re immune system is not that strong maybe the symptoms are more serious and if they’re really compromised they may be very severe and those are the people that would need to you know be of concern over these things and some people are exposed to the virus and They’ll develop the antibodies. That’s good. They don’t even get a Single symptom right not even a single symptom because your immune systems are so strong But just because the the virus is out there Doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be exposed to it and that and just because your exposed to it doesn’t mean that You’re at risk of dying from this thing, right? I mean It’s just crazy to me. Same thing with measels. Most people will get it and recove. Even like with polio Do you know how many people during the polio epidemic how many people were exposed to the polio virus that didn’t even know they were exposed to it or got the mildest of symptoms. Only certain people some people a small percentage of the population Succumbed to the disease and developed, you know a full-blown polio type of situation, right? They tested the blood of so many people that had two antibodies to the polio virus But they never got sick from it because their bodies are doing exactly what they’re intended to do And that’s going to be the most of the cases It’s going to be the rare cases that are the people that become sick But there’s lots you could do to determine whether you’re a susceptible host or not Yeah, so let’s talk about those things because our family’s not worried about it But we’re not just throwing our hands up in the air either and rolling the dice We’re actually doing things every single day to build up our immune systems. So getting adjusted – when you get adjusted How much does that boost your immune system? You get an upper cervical judgment you get a boost your immune response by up to two hundred Percent because of in the moment of the adjustment you’re having an influence on the nervous system You literally get a boost to the immune system that you’re sympathetic your parasympathetics They begin to harmonize and regulate your immune response gets that boost I mean your chemistry your body chemistry begins to change your hormone levels begin to regulate it Everything is influenced your body’s functioning and healing at a higher level So that’s like, you know when the people are under a corrective phase they’re getting adjusted like, two to three times a week and now we’ve got lots of people they’re on a maintenance phase and we always tell them even though You’re on maintenance, there are times when you may need to come in beyond that, so if you feel like you’re under the weather or you want to get a boost immune system if you have a fall, accident or injury That’s a time to step outside of your maintenance plan and come in and get extra adjustments. So The most important thing you could do by far and away is to make sure that the very system that governs and controls How your body’s functioning and healing the very system that controls your immune response that governs digestion, elimination respiration. Everything else that that very system is Functioning and healing your body at 100% That’s what the chiropractic adjustment does and if there was a pill a lotion or a potion that could claim a 200 percent boost to your immune system I mean everybody would be running out to get it buy it. In addition to that, eating healthy foods, lots of greens lots of colorful things Staying away from the sugars and the processed carbohydrates things like that. Moving your body, getting fresh air, even though it’s cold outside It’s really important to expose yourself to fresh air to sunlight. Things like that getting sleep Minimizing stress ie not being fearful of the corona virus. That’s actually feeding into depleting your immune system and so we don’t want to live in fear. We want to live more by faith, but all of those things Are things that my family does that we encourage you guys to do too. I want to talk about some specific products but did you want to add anything else there before I go to touch on those things People don’t realize like how much something like sugar actually suppresses your immune response a lot bad fat sugar, a lot of a toxin that were exposed to so you got eliminate those things and I know you’re going to talk about some nutrients But even with the exercise piece. I don’t care if it’s cold or not, you still have a genetic requirement to be exercising to get a certain amount of daily activity and when you do those things and you allow your body to express in a higher level the same thing would sleep and rest and and you nailed it with the Stress thing. I mean people have no idea How significant stress is and its role on how it affects your body’s physiology particularly your immune response to literally shuts it down Yeah, and we’re worried and concerned about all these things but at the end of the day there’s a lot more to be focused on and it’s not about the negative but more on the positive and the natural order and laws and principles, right? and so some of the things that our family does and I may even increase a little bit during this time of year and let’s Be honest, it’s not the cold and flu season It’s the not taking care of yourself season right? Coming off the holidays eating extra sugar not moving your body and so these are some of the things that we do so doing things like vitamin C vitamin d3 is absolutely critical and when it comes to any kind of virus any kind of flu There’s study upon study that shows that vitamin d3 can not only help avoid it But if you do get it helps you recover so much quicker So we have these new daily essentials, which has the vitamin D It has the omegas which are extremely important for immune system to have , magnesium Has vitamin B. So this is great If you feel like you’re not getting enough greens and good vegetables and things like that You can use the max greens These this has things in it that you’re not going to find or you’re not going to make on a regular basis curcumin has amazing benefits when it comes to inflammation and just boosting your immune system Probiotics to to make sure that the good healthy bacteria in your gut stays where it needs to be Something like elderberry syrup. This is my homemade version. If I get a chance, I’ll try to make a couple batches for you guys At the office to grab but elderberry syrup Boosts your immune system and then you know essential oils; something like thieves or frankincense that are natural antibacterials, we don’t want you guys using the antibacterial soaps and the hand sanitizers that stuff is highly toxic So if you want the stuff you can pick it up in the office or on our website Or I can tell you how to get the essential oils But just just to wrap up why don’t we talk about how to put this in perspective? what people should maybe well, you know, I want to talk about this and it’s like so You know me. I mean I I never was the hugest fan on supplements but I mean you almost have to these days because our nutrient supply so depleted and so is the diet of Americans, If you’re doing everything right and you’re getting all these nutrients through a natural diet, that’s the best way to do this But of course, that’s not how it’s happening So these things are essential and you can’t start putting your money in a lot of garbage that’s out there on the market Because a lot of these supplements You’re really just wasting your money. That’s why I love what max Living has done We know we could trust these products and they’re going be safe and effective And but the other thing I wanted to mention too is that you’re it’s it’s all about being pure and sufficient You got to give the body what it needs there’s no doubt about it because it’s going to take the nutrients from the food that you eat and turning it into living loving thinking clay of a human being But they’re support systems to the life that flows across the nervous system That is the key to being healthy and well is taking the very system the nervous system that government controls the body remove the interference So that your body can function and heal at it’s ideal level so it can take those nutrients and again turn them into the tissue cells in the body Yeah, so that’s the key so it’s crazy how people have Lost their minds over this this media frenzy with the corona virus, and I don’t know I mean I’ve heard conflicting reports as to how many people in the United States of America maybe the first one I’ve heard different things Yeah, I’ve heard different things But you’re talking about one person dying and people are freaking out but let’s let’s face if you want to be afraid of something There’s like there’s like 800,000 Americans that die every year from cancer. There’s another 700,000 people about that that die from Excuse me from the first one. The second one is cancer and you have another 600,000 people that are dying from diabetes Yeah, I then you have drunk drivers and medical errors all of these things right along with everything else. I mean you should be more concerned about maybe falling out of an airplane or something. Or your airplane is falling out of the sky I don’t know but I’m sure that there’s more people that are dying from Those kind of things and no one’s freaking out all over all that but if you got if you got 700 800 we’re talking eight hundred thousand people seven hundred thousand six hundred people dying from the three big big three That’s where we should be concerned should be freaking out over that so you don’t become another statistic It’s the same. It’s the same answer. We’re freaking out every single day for people over the past twenty five years Because of those staggering numbers of Americans dying 5 out of 6 people dying from cancer or heart disease. We’re freaking out over that Yeah, that’s right you should be freaking out of and and and if you’re gonna be radically like changing your lifestyle and and Avoiding going out in the public on a weekend because you’re afraid of the corona virus or something like that No start exercising start Start making sure that you’re eating well start making sure that you’re getting adjusted regular you’re removing the toxic load so you’re doing all the right things So that you decrease your chance to become another statistic of those big three Yeah, and in the process of doing that you know what you’re doing as far as your chances of ever being a statistic of the corona virus? Do I know? You’re absolutely crushing those things so but yeah, I mean just again this every day you have a Responsibility to yourself. When I ask people what their health plan is and they say Cigna Blue Cross Blue Shield Whatever it may be that’s your sick plan. You need to have a health plan. You need to have a health plan So when I ask what your health plan I’m asking. What are you doing today? As far as creating amazing health like what time are you exercising today? What did you have for breakfast? What are you eating for lunch? what are you doing to build better relationships or improve your Spiritual walk or what days of the week you getting adjusted this week What are you doing to remove the toxic loads and exposures? And if we have a true health planet and your create amazing health Where as an abundance of light there is no darkness and with a abundance of health there is no sickness and disease and you don’t have to worry about when things like the corona virus pop up because Next year, it’s gonna be something else. Oh, It will definitely be something else. It’ll be something beyond that ten years It’s gonna be something else. Yeah, and let’s even go back in history. So I wanted to leave you guys with this too This is so cool. So back in 1918. You guys know about the the global flu pandemic where 20 million people died that year but statistics and records from 1918 documentation that shows there were 925 deaths out of every 10,000 people treated medically back in that day But only 25 deaths out of every 10,000 people treated with spinal adjustments They actually studied this it was in, Davenport, Iowa it was and then historical data shows that people under chiropractic care have 98 percent better chance of Surviving some tragic pandemic. So even if even if Coronavirus is a thing you being under chiropractic care is reducing your chances of being affected by that by 98 percent Sign us up for that. its scientific Yeah, its scientific. This is not our opinion and it makes perfect sense, too. It’s just common sense Since your nervous system governs it controls every function in your body including your immune response It only makes sense by removing interference Allowing your body to function and heal that you become healthier and you become less of a statistic. Yep So so don’t be worried about the the corona virus. Ask us questions if you want to but everyone be blessed!


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