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Coronavirus Epidemic Update 33: COVID-19 Medication Treatment Trials, Global Testing Remains Limited

March 9, 2020

welcome to another MedCram co19 update
this is for Monday the 9th of March gear in Orange mainland China’s cases are
leveling off the total recovered is increasing mainly because of the numbers
generated from mainland China but at other locations we’re starting to see
things pick up as well if we look at the country specific statistics we can see
of course China at the top but interestingly if we look at South Korea
and Italy these are two very comparable countries here in terms of total cases
and if you look at their populations total cases per 1 million they’re also
similar 145 versus 122 we know however that South Korea has done aggressive
testing close to 200,000 people have been tested in that country and so I believe what you’re seeing here
with close to 200,000 people being tested this number is probably pretty
close to people who are actually infected in that country whereas in
Italy this may represent more of a tip of the iceberg and as a result of that
we can see that potentially explained here is the total deaths if the virus is
having the same effect in both countries and at the healthcare delivery systems
in both countries are similar you would expect the total deaths here to be
similar and serious and critical that’s another category where there is a
serious difference the big news in Italy is that they are taking what they call
exceptional measures to contain about 16 million Italians living in 14 provinces
in the north of the country as well as restrictive measures covering the whole
of the country you can see here in those areas we have travel being restricted
gatherings all schools and universities are closed all museums and places of
Culture will be closed all religious festival and events are suspended you
can see cinemas pubs theaters etc etc any places where people congregates are
being severely restricted or closed in the United States with more testing
we’re going to see an explosion here I believe of people that are gonna be
positive and you can see all of those here listed at world ometer okay we’ve
received a lot of questions about Cova 19 treatment possibilities that may be
on the horizon medications like REM des aver that we discussed in our video
update 11 that have shown promising results in a test tube and are in
clinical trials with humans as we speak here’s a paper that was published on
February 24th that gives more information about how REM de severe
actually works we will put a link in the description below this medication had
gone through phase 1 trials already had gone through phase 2 trials where the
looked at safety again except in a larger population but when they did the
phase three trials on Ebola it did not work so even though you can get
something that works in vitro it doesn’t always mean it’s gonna work in vivo you
have to go through those phase three trials before the FDA will give it a
label well the unfortunate thing about this medication is it passed phase one
and phase two so we know it’s a medication that’s relatively safe and
it’s sitting on the shelf looking for a job to do and now enter this kovat
nineteen situation here at the beginning of 2020 and now it’s being put to work
directly into a phase three trial so the nice thing here is that it didn’t have
to go through phase one and two because it already did that so before we
continue to talk about REM de severe we need to follow up on what is traded in
our last video update 32 about how the Czar’s cove two virus that causes cove
in nineteen actually hijacks or cells and how something called RNA dependent
RNA polymerase or r d RP for short is essential for the replication of RNA
viruses please go back and watch this video so you have context so let’s zoom
in and look closely at the function of our d RP because that’s going to tell
you why REM the severe may or may not work so here’s our RNA dependent RNA
polymerase and here’s our viral RNA and you can see the nucleotides here a u g c
g c– you what RNA dependent RNA polymerase is whenever they see an a on
the first strand it will create a strand that has a you whenever they see a u it
will put in an a whenever they see a g it will put in a c wherever it sees a
see it will put in a g and so forth and so forth and the way that this works is
it always creates RNA from the five prime end to the three prime end which
means that it’s reading the templates RNA from the three prime end to the five
prime end so here it’s coming up to the next nucleotide and there’s these things
floating around and they have three phosphates on them all of them have
three phosphates and so the way that this is abbreviated as there
floating around in the cytosol for instance if this is an a this would be
known as a adenosine tri phosphate or ATP this one here would be known as UTP
and what happens is as these nucleotides which are just floating around in
solution there’s a spot that opens up and because this is AG one of them that
has a C on it and three phosphates will nicely bind in here and it will form C
and it will continue to go on I’m just going to erase some of this here so that
we can see it a little bit more clearly the thing that’s really interesting
about this is when it comes to the time when there is a you that opens up ATP
should normally go in there REM de severe as will abbreviate our DV with a
three phosphate on the end of it actually binds into this you state
better than the a and so it will go in there instead and here’s the nice thing
about our DV in the situation as soon as our DV binds as this RNA molecule is
being copied about three or four nucleotides down the line it causes the
RNA dependent RNA polymerase to stop it arrests RNA dependent RNA polymerase and
if you scroll down to the bottom you can see that REM des aver triphosphate is
very similar to adenosine triphosphate look at the structure it’s going to fit
very well inside of that spot as the RNA dependent RNA polymerase is going by but
if you have a concentration of our DV T P in the cytosol it will suck one of
those in and arrest elongation if you arrest all elongation of the RNA you
can’t make viruses and you stop the infection in its tracks so you can see
why this medication has a lot of promise but again we have to do the randomized
placebo-controlled trials and those are underway as we speak I want to give a
quick shout-out to everyone here at Meg cram who is behind each and every one of
these videos it takes a team to make it happen
includes Haley Alicia our video editor David and our producer and co-founder
Carl Allred you can help support us by visiting our website make cram comm
subscribing to this YouTube channel and most importantly sharing these videos
with friends and family we’ll be back tomorrow for another
update thanks for joining us


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    In Japan, there are 530 cases and 9 deaths. This yields a modest CFR of 1.67%. However, the Japanese still have 420 active cases plus 33 that are critical. Ergo, their CFR will probably go up a bit, although probably not to the extent of Italy's. Japan has a far less robust testing program than Korea and Germany, although it is better than in the US. One thus expects that case numbers and CFRs will rise in Japan, although their doctors don't always record COVID cases according to some sources. The bottom line is that testing is critical for containment, and without containing COVID and reducing its spread rate…it will run wide, deep, and fast. This will be evident when the virus hits Africa and South America in force. As for the US, let us hope there is still time for containment.

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    Has anyone thought to explore the instance of minimal effect on children, and current immunisation programs? The older you are the less likely you are to have had immunisation from the current schedule. Also in Iran. Are they any less immunised? Could there be a link between immunisation and more severe cases of CoViD19? Or say a link between something like chicken pox, shingles? We know that HPV can lead to cancer in women. Is there a link worth investigating, if it hasn't already been thought of and ruled out?

  • Reply Nerf Herder March 9, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    I like your videos, but I don't understand why you seem to be trusting the numbers that are coming out of China. They've lied in the past with SARS and they covered up this virus for at least a month. China cares about its economy and saving face, not its people.

  • Reply Alexander Yap March 9, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Does RDV-TP affect normal cell transcription? If not, why not?

  • Reply DAN SKI March 9, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    Hi all. Thank you.

  • Reply DAN SKI March 9, 2020 at 9:35 pm

    Hi all. Thank you.

  • Reply user73o1u 81716 March 9, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    how does RdRP know which RNA to duplicate? How does it not multiply normal cellular RNA?

  • Reply Mike Perron March 9, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    Open Borders! Let's hear it people! If you're against open borders you're a xenophobe and there's no other logical reason whatsoever you'd be against open borders!

  • Reply Cvuk Writer March 9, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    Thank you all for your work

  • Reply Penguin Overlord March 9, 2020 at 9:37 pm

    Pandemic not epidemic

  • Reply dystoniaify March 9, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    If our government in the US wasn't so concerned about image (Trump), we could do drive through testing like in S.Korea or testing for everyone with symptoms at a minimum.

  • Reply Donald Trump March 9, 2020 at 9:38 pm

    Well thats good news

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