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Coronavirus Epidemic Update 23: Infections in Kids & Pregnancy, South Korea, Spillover From Bats

February 21, 2020

welcome to another MedCram SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 update we had a good conference but it’s good to be back what
we’re gonna talk about in this update are the new cases in South Korea the new
criteria once again for the diagnosis a lot of you have been asking questions
about infants and mother infant transmission and we’ll talk about that
we’ve got some data there that we’ll talk about and also getting back to the
source of where this virus actually came from we’ll talk about some data there as
well once again really appreciate all of the
comments all of the questions and there are very good questions that you all
have I’m keeping track of those as we go so here is again the map total deaths
well over 2000 total recovered is around 18,000 and we can see the graphs here if
we go to the world ometer they have similar numbers we’ve already talked
about how these numbers are under estimating this we don’t know how much
it’s under estimating but we may have a better understanding once we start doing
serologies because that will test for antibodies to the virus and that will
tell us a much better distribution of the population has seen this virus we’ll
talk more about that as we go active cases and close cases close cases 20
thousand looks like 89 percent of those have recovered in the active cases
they’re saying that 40 3888 are in mild condition we just don’t know where we’re
going with those at this point if we click on the graph for those active
cases you can see that they’re actually decreasing according to the statistics
coming out of China we’ve got here daily new cases and remember we had this big
jump on February 12th we’ll talk more about that since that time it’s been
decreasing total cases outside of China are still continuing to increase and
that is of course a concern if you exclude mainland China in the daily
cases we’re still seeing some of the highest new case reports here most
recently and that brings us to this BBC news
article talking about the South Korean sect that was identified recently as a
hotbed about 30 of the 53 cases identified today in South Korea came
from the city of Daegu and was tied to one 61 year old woman who tested
positive for the virus earlier in the week she belonged to this
religious organization and is probably responsible for at least the 30 of those
cases and so they are undergoing quarantine we’ll put a link in the
description below to this article also in the news we’ll talk about the diamond
princess ship to people from Japan who were infected on that ship have died
they were both in their 80s let’s move to this confusion mounds over China’s
counting methods as coronavirus numbers swing wildly and this is interesting
because as it mentions here in the article we have Hubei Province reporting
349 cases that’s in the entire province and yet at the same time in the capital
of that province Wuhan there’s 605 new cases all by itself so what is it that
is going on here it seems as though the provincial government is not confirming
cases unless they actually have the genetic testing whereas what’s going on
in the city of Wuhan is they’re still going by the newly updated criteria
which is allowing physicians to diagnose even though they don’t have genetic
testing they still have these scans which show pneumonia in these patients
with clinical signs and that make it suspicious if you read the article it
does go in to the fact that there was a sudden spike in the case numbers On
February 12 which we discussed in a previous video was most likely due to
the relaxing of the very stringent diagnostic criteria it’s not a
coincidence that the new officials from the Chinese Communist Party took over on
the 12th or around that time and there’s been this thought that perhaps they
wanted to clear the slate get as many diagnoses on the books as possible and
there’s this quote from the article which basically states that the party
boss of Wuhan was saying if there’s one more case
where to be found in a household that that districts party secretary would be
held accountable and that’s the show that there is probably a real push to
try to get the numbers down now that the new policy makers in Wuhan have taken
over anyway we will put a link to this article also in the description below so
you can read it for yourself okay let’s move to an article that was published
back on the 14th of February in JAMA which is the Journal of the American
Medical Association titled novel coronavirus infection in hospitalized
infants under one year of age in China so here the N number was only nine
patients but it’s because they’re not really seeing a lot of kovat 19
infections in these patients so out of 75,000 they’ve only got about a hundred
or so on the books in the pediatric population so that could be because
maybe the pediatric population isn’t as susceptible and when they looked at
these nine first of all they found that only four of them had fever only two of
them had upper respiratory infection symptoms one of them was completely
asymptomatic and they were tested because the family had tested positive
they wanted to make sure in terms of the number of infants with severe
complications or on the ventilator in the ICU the number was zero again we’ll
leave a link to this article in the description as well so you can read it
for yourself so with all of these infections going on the CDC has put out
some answers to questions about pregnant women one of the questions was our
infants born to mothers at increased risk and so that’s an interesting
question it looks as though based on limited case reports adverse infant
outcomes or preterm birth have been reported among infants born to mothers
positive for kovin 19 during pregnancy however it is not clear that these
outcomes were related to maternal infection and at this time the risk of
adverse infant outcomes is not known here’s another question can pregnant
women with Kovan 19 pass the virus to their fetus or newborn and it seems as
though in limited recent case series of the infant’s have tested positive for
the virus that caused cough in nineteen and additionally when they looked at the
amniotic fluid they were not able to find a virus in there either of course
when the birthing process occurs there can be a mixing of bodily fluids and
that could be the source of infection in an infants after the birthing process
with Zika virus that can cross the placenta it appears as though corona
virus does not at this point well that brings us to one of the last stories
that we want to talk about this was a really kind of concerning article that I
saw here on NPR new research bats Harbor hundreds of corona viruses and spill
overs aren’t rare we’ll put a link to this in the description below so what is
this here you can see these researchers actually taking samples of saliva from
bats and actually taking a rectal sample and when were they doing this not
recently but three years ago when they were doing studies because of the SARS
outbreak from 2002 which was linked to bats so this story talks about a
organization called eco health alliance that was going out in Borneo but they
also did research in China at the time and they collected specimens from bats
and what they found was actually quite disturbing they found that there were
over 400 different species of corona viruses in these bats now remember these
bats live in caves they live together and they commune together and so there’s
a lot of crossover that can occur the previous thinking on this was that these
corona viruses could not really jump into humans because they had to go into
something that was closer to humans or that had to get a mutation so it could
buy into human receptors for instance the ACE 2 receptor that we see in SARS
and actually the virus that causes Kovan 19 they thought that spill overs were
rare what they found was concerning because they looked at these viruses and
they found that these things could infect human cells in fact they took
some of these corona viruses that they found in these bats they put him on a
petri dish that aligned with human cells and the
coronaviruses at least some of them could infect these human cells without a
problem so then they decided to go visit some humans that were living around
these caves where the bats were to see if in fact these coronaviruses had
already jumped into humans and when they went into the caves to do the research
they found water bottles around the caves because in the summertime it’s
kind of cool and humans tend to go in there and also the people that were
living in the area said oh yeah bats fly into the house and sometimes we kill
them so there is this crossover well when they did test the humans for signs
symptoms genetic traces of these coronaviruses they found them and so
they concluded that spillover does occur of course this is kind of in a rural
area and so this may not explode into an epidemic because it’s not in a city
center and the symptoms may be very mild okay now fast-forward here three or four
years later of course when this new corona virus breaks out what they did
was they took the RNA from this corona virus and they compared it to the four
hundred different strains of the corona virus that they identified earlier in
China and says here they found an extremely close match they said in fact
that a viral tax ominous would probably call it the same virus species they say
that suggests that this current outbreak which has infected tens of thousands of
people could have come here’s the word could have come directly from bats there
is a larger take away he says that these bats ours related coronaviruses are
actively spilling over into the human population not all of them will spark a
deadly pandemic but the more frequent these spillover is the greater the
chances that this could potentially be happening in future updates we’re going
to talk about the molecular biology of corona virus how it infects the cell
let’s get down to the nitty gritty compare it to the behavior of other
viruses other viruses that have been brought up in this discussion
for instance HIV etc and how is it that these viruses do different things what
is it that they do what are their target that’s we’re gonna try to answer thanks
for joining us


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  • Reply Foxy Lady February 21, 2020 at 8:29 pm

    If these bats carry so many different viruses why on earth do they eat them so freely…

  • Reply Rick Nelson February 21, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    What the heck are these people doing with bats anyways? eating them? Thanks for the update.

  • Reply Jae Moon February 21, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    So stupid, going over manipulated data given by CCP.

    China changed their method of counting twice in two weeks.

    Monetary sycophants

  • Reply C Y February 21, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    Not sure if this was updated numbers because I am pretty sure I read there were 500+ new cases in China prisons alone today adding over 1100+ in total. Looks like it's accelerating amid this prison outbreak across provinces, South Korea and Japan. Would this virus eventually be transmitted by mosquitoes?

  • Reply Cvuk Writer February 21, 2020 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks again for your excellent insights and updates. I'm interested in the iran situation if you can look into that, maybe by Monday there will be more clarity but it all seems rather odd, there must be a link somewhere…..

  • Reply Povertyd February 21, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    30 million people LIVE in caves in China!!

  • Reply James Russell February 21, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Is there any cases of the corona virus in Ireland

  • Reply Haider Zafar February 21, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    SEVERAL people all over the country have been searching for ‘bats’ nest’ for a long time. They believe they can earn millions of rupees if they find a bat’s nest.
    They believe it contains some valuable chemical which is used in the treatment of cancer. Some of my friends told me that they had been searching for bats’ nests for months.
    That might be one of the reasons for spreading the virus!!!

  • Reply Rick L February 21, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    You may or may not know that China put 1600 more monitors (people) on staff to find, eradicate, distort, eliminate any internet conversations, articles, etc., that sheds any potential negative feeling, impressions or information on or about China concerning their handling of the Coronavirus and the numbers. They are making every attempt to distort the truth. So we really don't know what is real and what is not. Obviously the situation is way worse than what is being reported or they wouldn't have taken this step.

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