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Coronavirus Epidemic Update 15: Underreporting, Prevention, 24 Day Incubation? (2019-nCoV)

February 11, 2020

welcome to another MedCram coronavirus
update so let’s go to the numbers again these are numbers that we take with a
grain of salt these are the numbers that we have they are coming from the w-h-o
who has been allowed into China as of yesterday also from the CDC here we know
that these numbers are probably underestimated we know that because only
the most severe cases that made to the hospital are getting tested we know that these numbers are
underestimated we don’t know by how much we may never know how much total deaths
keep increasing by bigger numbers 1018 total recovered is growing probably the
fastest okay let’s go over to our other website that we look at which is the
worldA meter at least according to these numbers there is a suggestion that
things are layering out let’s go back though to our death cases that doesn’t
seem to be at all petering out in fact if we look at the number of deaths here
February 10th deaths total was 108 and that seems to indicate what we’ve been
talking about all along and that is the number of cases usually represents
something earlier in the course and that takes time for the patient to get sick
to the point of death which takes a little bit longer so hopefully here in
the next week or so we might start to see deaths starting to layer out we can
only hope that that’s the case we know that almost all of these deaths are
happening in mainland China in the Wuhan area of course their system as with any
system is overwhelmed inundated and things that would normally be happening
are not happening as they should they are trying to alleviate that by building
hospitals dedicated to taking care of these more milder symptoms so they can
take the stress off of the hospitals to take care of these more severe cases so
of course the big news over the last 24 hours
has been about the incubation period we’re gonna get to what to make about
incubation period of 24 days before we get to that the other big news is San
Diego California just got its first case and interestingly it was from four
people that were hospitalized because of symptoms at UC San Diego and they had
done some testing there at UC San Diego apparently went to the CDC and the CDC
released them but one of these people actually had further testing done and it
turned out to be positive in which case that patient came right back to the
hospital and they had quarantined them and everyone’s doing well it’s just that
we have a patient that’s turned positive and so again these are people that flew
in last Wednesday from China and are being quarantined at the
erimar Air Force Base just north of San Diego so let’s talk about this
quarantine issue actually the quarantine issue which is related to the incubation
period so up to this point was felt that 14 days was enough to take care of any
potential type of infection in fact that’s where the recommendation came for
just about anyone in the world now that is coming from China they are quarantine
them because the incubation period is about 14 days well there was this new
paper that was published pre pare reviewed what does that mean that means
that before a bunch of scientists that are in that field got to look at the
paper pick it apart and say hey what about this what about that it got
published on a server and it’s out there let’s talk about it so here is the
article the lead author whose name actually goes at the end is this
gentleman nan Xiang Zhang this is a pulmonologist and you know I’ve got a
soft spot in my heart for pulmonologist because I am one and here’s the abstract
for it and then here’s the key part it says the median incubation period was
three days range of 0 to 24 point 0 days and of course they went into a lot of
other things so some things I want to point out here which is really
interesting is if you were to see our update from yesterday where we actually
quoted the Jama article the Jama article was a publication that looked at a
hundred and thirty-eight patients that were seen in the hospital there in Wuhan
this one actually looks at 1099 patients so you’re gonna get a much bigger n
number that was at one Hospital this is at five hundred and fifty two hospitals
in 31 provinces through January 29 2020 so here the meeting age as compared to
the JAMA article was a little bit younger that was in the 50s this one’s
47 years of age in this case there was a bigger majority that were males in the
previous one it was more split half and a half we saw about the same number of
people with fever people with cough we also saw that diarrhea was uncommon but
it did happen but there’s some other interesting things we
that lymphopenia that means low white blood cells were observed that seems to
be a very common finding in any type of viral infection but in the Jam article
which was looking at 138 patients in a single Medical Center in that situation
there were 36 patients or 26% that were admitted to the intensive care unit here
only 55 patients or 5% were admitted to the intensive care unit let me explain
that again the larger study that had more patients in it and was more of a
cross section of the area had a much lower admission rate to the intensive
care units only 5% and whereas in our jam article 4.3 percent died at least at
the time of publication the mortality rate here in this publication was only
one point three six percent so seems as though the patients included in this
study were not as severe so what do we say about this 24 days let’s talk about
that the first thing you need to look at is that the median incubation period was
3.0 days and so what that means is that this 24 days was a real outlier think
about how many incubation periods of one you need to have for this 24 if this was
the average I think the average was actual a little bit more than three but
this 24 as you can see if the median is three point zero days 24 days is going
to be an outlier so what would make that outlier exist well they asked the w-h-o
doctor at a press conference on the 10th that very same question and the response
was that sometimes what can happen is there is a reinfection later on that
makes the exposure look longer than it really is in fact they’ve seen this in
Ebola where there’s a double exposure and sometimes what can happen is there
is a reinfection later on that makes the incubation period look longer than it
really is so what we mean to say there there’s an infection that occurs here on
day zero and then there’s an incubation period here of let’s say 10 days
incubation period and then there’s another repeated one and this one may
not cause symptoms but repeated one may cause symptoms and that
will be another incubation period and then let’s say this one happens to be 14
days and then symptoms occur and so they can clearly identify this as one of the
potential infection periods and they look at this of course as the symptoms
what they don’t realize though is that there is another infection that occurred
and that the total when added up yes it comes out to 24 days but that’s not the
incubation period of this infection to this symptom there is another one there
it’s an interesting concept this is an outlier and so sometimes you will get
outliers right there is always a bell-shaped distribution with most
things that is anyway and so yes is it possible that you’re gonna get an
outlier here at the 99th percentile or the first percentile it’s possible but
it seems as though at least at this points what we’re talking about in terms
of a median is three days on the incubation period what we’ll do is we’ll
put a link in to the video where the reporter asks the w-h-o physician about
exactly what does this 24 day incubation period mean okay so let’s talk a little
bit more about what’s happening and what it is that we can do so we spent some
time if you look at our previous videos talking about things that we can do to
help us prevent getting the virus and that’s what a lot of expenditure is
going into right now quarantine shutting down but we’ve also talked about what is
the treatment that can occur if somebody actually comes down with the corona
virus and they have symptoms that are severe enough that end them up in the
hospital we’ve already talked a little about some of the medications and we’ll
talk more about some of these medications that are being used realize
that medications that are used for diseases at least in the United States
or in Europe have to go through rigorous placebo controlled trials for them to be
indicated for that so in other words if you have a blood pressure medication or
you have an antibiotic it has to be tested for that particular indication
for it to work now we can’t do this with a brand new corona
we will never have randomized placebo-controlled trials ready to go at
the initiation of an outbreak they are planning to have something maybe in
April and that’s really really fast for some of these medications but we don’t
have anything that we know is going to work and so as a result of that whenever
we give something for treatments unless it’s a known situation like ARDS
because viral pneumonia can cause a RDS that’s acute respiratory distress
syndrome there are some treatments that we know work we’ve talked about this in
our video which will give you a link to how corona virus kills there’s something
that we can do called prone positioning there’s something that we can do called
paralysis and there’s also something called low tidal volumes so all of these
are things that we can do to help improve because that’s been a randomized
placebo-controlled trial for a RDS but in terms of medications for this corona
virus we don’t have it practical things that we can do we don’t have randomized
placebo-controlled trials which are the best evidence for these things so what
do we do instead we look at the biology of things and we make certain choices
and we say yes even though we know that we don’t know for sure if this is going
to work we’re still going to try it anyway
because there’s very little risk so for instance for medications that have
indications for other diseases for instance HIV it may work in coronavirus
and so what we’ll do is we’ll do this and it’s called the compassionate use
compassionate use and you have to apply for that to use it and so that’s what
happened in this case in the gentleman in Thailand where they used medications
that were typically indicated for HIV they used it to see if the man would get
better and that’s the kind of things that we have now basically anything that
we say we’re going to throw at in terms of a medication against coronavirus it’s
going to be compassionate use we’re not going to have the best evidence to say
it’s going to work so what I would like to do over the next couple of videos and
we’ve talked about this before is to look at some practical things that the
biology tells us may work but can I tell you for sure that it’s going to help you
know so what are those things they’re things that’ll fit into the category
where there is question abut very low risk
these are the kinds of things that you can concentrate on to help you if you
are ever in the situation where you have coronavirus what is it that you can do
beforehand and at the point of to limit the morbidity and mortality and I’m
telling you right now you’re gonna be surprised at some of the things but I’m
gonna show you the evidence for it and you may say no really could that really
help me well we’ll go over the evidence and you make your final decision and if
the benefits outweigh the risks then you should do it thanks for joining us


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    @MedCram.. You missed something about this Compassionate use drugs..Hopefully you see this comment and might want to weigh in about it. You're the professional.

    They are doing a double-blind Trial right now of "Remdesivir" in China with multiple centers and large "n" study. It's expected to conclude by April 27th. It's to try the efficacy in vivo (in humans) of that drug.
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    Japan's Evacuees out of Wuhan , who have bn quarantined since their return back home, they found 3 more confirmed cases out if that 206 ppl batch, one testing negative twice then 12 days later testing positive…still in isolation, of course.

  • Reply Gordon Wiessner February 11, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    Hey, we found a cure but it killed the patient. Placebo testing will take too long. The main problem will be side effects. If you can grow it and destroy it in a Petrie dish you still have to preform toxicological testing. Can they develop and test a vaccine or treatment med. in two months? Yes, but can they guarantee its long term effects aren't harmful? No! For those idiots who are spouting crap like it only affects Orientals or they are the super spreaders. STOP IT! If this thing goes main stream it will not select race or gender, it will infect whoever, wherever and whenever it comes in contact with a host. Another thing that needs to be checked out is the excessive use of these disinfectants. Over use can be toxic and enough to weaken a immune system. And liberal spraying of different types without checking interaction you could severely cause environmental damage. If one household is using chlorine bleach and the next door neighbor is using ammonia in sufficient quantities the resulting mixture will cause respiratory damage and distress. Is anybody monitoring air quality? I doubt it. Locking everybody in apartments flats without proper ventilation is another breeding ground. You have just created a twenty or thirty story incubator. Sanitation, the streets may look clean but are building garbage chutes or dumpster areas overflowing? It takes a heck of a lot of people behind the scenes to maintain an infrastructure. Hospitals need many different personnel besides doctors and nurses. Stationary, sanitary, culinary, secretarial, pharmacology, inventory and supply and lab technicians are all placing themselves at a higher risk. To all of them, I wish them well and thank you. Be safe.

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    WHAT?? Stay tuned for another episode?? Not fare!! 🙁

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    Prone positioning every respiratory therapist worst nightmare!!!! Lol

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    Man made? Totally unxeptable.

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    Lads…We are FUCKED!!!

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    I know this is a horrible thing but i'm at least happy that because of this an underrated channel like this has gotten many new subscribers because it definitely deserves it.

  • Reply LostInPA February 11, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    Let’s say the numbers are right, imagine like 1000 people dying in your small town in like a week and a half. You’d notice.

  • Reply Gerald Whyte February 11, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    Governments World wide are Culling 7 Billion people. It's better than Nukes to reduce World Population.

  • Reply KingJustice98 February 11, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    U.S. hospitals are also likely under-reporting, they are only testing people who have recently been to Wuhan. This virus likely has been around since early December and is likely already spread to all 50 states. I hate to be negative, but it's a real view. The good news is most corona viruses can't survive in very hot weather like in Nevada, Texas, California, Mississippi.

  • Reply KingJustice98 February 11, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    This was one of the most deadly flu seasons in the U.S, it makes you wonder if some of them were related to the corona virus but were never diagnosed.

  • Reply Andrew Floyd February 11, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    If people get infected in the French Alps by one who is infected then it is highly contagious and out of control. This information here helps me to see what is more true and feel the true gravity of this global pandemic. Thanks!!

  • Reply Александр Перчов February 11, 2020 at 10:33 pm

    Roger Seheult; you are using the same quadratic formula for figuring the spread of coronavirus that WHO, the media and the Chinese government are using; which is incorrect & minimizes the sum of data plugged into it…You are still using the official numbers also; which even you admit are under reported. You and I both know that the transmission sum is = to the both the data plugged into it & the exponent being the factor of contagion now being R0 4.04 as last reported by Chinese doctors, illegally going outside of their governments information approval system… Which is much, much higher than what you are showing as prospective contagion rate. Uh, apparently you made it through pre-med in the United States?
    That's right, don't want to be blacklisted by Wikipedia for telling the truth on prospective world contagion rates, now do you?

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    Kung flu kickin ass lol

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    If this virus is believed to use ACE enzyme protein to enter cells in the lungs ,
    Would and ACE inhibitor help?

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