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Coronavirus Epidemic Update 10: New Studies, Transmission, Spread from Wuhan, Prevention (nocv 2019)

February 4, 2020

welcome to another MedCram update so
first things first we have 427 deaths and 20600 confirmed cases and again we
look at this ratio here not as saying that this is a death rate or a fatality
rate it’s just a ratio of confirmed deaths divided by confirmed cases but as
we predicted the total recover has gone up and I refer you once again to the
dashboard at the Johns Hopkins University de site for the Wuhan
coronavirus so there are a lot of things to go over today first of all there was
a paper that was trying to calculate the RO or the basic reproduction number this
is basically if the virus is in somebody how many people does that virus get
passed on to you and I will put a link to the
in a description shows about 2.2 for 23.5 8 is the number which is
respectable number measles is of course one of the worst it’s about 14 or 15
next big thing three new cases in California and currently California has
about six out of the eleven cases in the United States and that’s not surprising
given that California is probably the biggest destination from Asia to the
United States the second death outside of China if you want to consider hong
kong out of china was in a relatively young gentleman although apparently this
guy had underlying illness other big thing in the news patient in Washington
state was released to home isolation and the key here is home isolation so they
don’t say much about him however the thing that I would like to know is
whether or not he’s virus free why did he go home on home isolation and is in
fact is he’s still infectious and he’s just not sick enough to be in the
hospital and that’s a that’s an interesting question to note but we’ll
have to see I’ve gotten a lot of comments asking about stuff from China
like mail or packages we just talked about yesterday how on a door handled
they were able to pick up the RNA of the corona virus on PCR and I’ve seen at
least two or three articles now with experts biologists looking at the corona
virus and saying that mail from China is fine now we bring up bats so there seems
to be some disagreement among scientists when this originally came out there was
a study that showed that the Wu Hank rotavirus was very similar and probably
most similar to that found in snakes there seems to be some additional data
that it could be from bats the news there are more evacuations coming and
the US government is going to be taking those two Air Force bases since that
seemed to work out well for March Air Reserve Base in Southern California a
Travis Air Force Base seems to be one of the ones that’s targeted they need to
have big enough places where they can have single rooms to isolate and as we
mentioned yesterday in our video there was two people on
germán flight to Germany with German nationals that tested positive for the
corona virus finally in weird news Pakistan is bucking the trend they’re
good or resumed flights with China which leave a lot of people scratching their
heads because they believe that Pakistan is in no way able to deal with a corona
virus outbreak there they do note in some of the articles that I read that
there is a pretty strong relationship between China and Pakistan of recent
notes China has loaned them billions of dollars for infrastructure right now
there are no cases in Pakistan and what about the fact that this is a year that
the Olympics are occurring in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo so the question isn’t
where are we gonna be when the summer comes around and I will put some links
in the description of epidemiologists hoping that the summer is a slowdown
because generally these viruses don’t do very well in the summertime but remember
this is a completely novel virus to the human body and the diamond Princess
cruise ship is in complete quarantine just off the coast of Japan and that’s
because there was one person in late January that tested positive for the Wu
hen Khurana virus and currently there are seven people on board that are ill
of course that’s not too surprising if you’ve been on a cruise ship you’ll know
that you’re bound to get somebody that’s ill the testing is not going to be
completed on these people until Tuesday night okay the next thing I want to talk
about is they check that this patient out in Washington State and found that
he definitely tested positive in his stool for the RNA for this wuhan corona
virus well this reminded people of what happened back in 2002 with SARS and as
you may recall and you’ll also link to a paper that describes this that there was
a whole outbreak I mean hundreds of people were exposed to one man having
the SARS virus and where is this gonna happen and and that’s the next thing we
got to talk about is public restrooms public bathrooms there’s some good
evidence even that Chinese are agreeing that this is a
potential issue as to how this thing can be spread just the flushing of the
toilet itself that can also aerosolize things just by flushing so the question
is what do you do well I’ve got no studies can’t tell you for a fact that
this works but here’s some steps that I think you may want to consider number
one is avoid public bathrooms if possible
number two wash hands and what I would say here is use paper towels if possible
to touch anything in public bathrooms so walking into the bathroom usually it’s a
push you can use your foot obviously you want to have a barrier between you and
the toilet seat when you’re done if you can you probably want to close the
toilet cover so if you flush it doesn’t aerosolize of course that’s gonna be for
you not to spread it’s that someone else but of course you can’t prevent other
people from doing that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds okay some
people say sing happy birthday and you’re mine twice to get to 20 seconds I
would also carry hand sanitizer you would not believe how many times you
touch your face you scratch your nose you put your finger in your mouth these
are all entryways another big thing if you have children teach them all of
these things so the second thing I wanted to get to really quickly was this
Lancet article where they included now 99 which is the most to date people with
pneumonia with the Wuhan coronavirus and the average age here was 55 years old
67% men 50% chronic disease 83% had fever 82% had coughed
31% had shortness of breath interestingly only 2% had diarrhoea 17%
had a RDS and 11% died as opposed to the original paper which said 15% now we’re
getting a little bit more granular because we have more n now this brings
us to another interesting thing which was the prediction score for those that
were going to die followed something called an M u L B
Estie a score for viral pneumonia and I’ll include that in the description
below it’s a very nice article and what did it look for well there are a number
of things that you could look for in these patients to help tell you is this
one that’s going to die or is this someone that’s not going to die number
one was multi lowbar infiltrates number two was lymphocytes less than 0.8 number
three was bacterial co-infection number six was someone who had hypertension
which I’ll abbreviate HTN number seven was age greater than sixty years of age
so for multi lowbar infiltrates they got five points and you want to have the
least amount of points possible for low lymphocytes they got four points for
bacterial infection four points acute smoker three points if you were a quit
smoker two points hypertension was two points in age greater than sixty was two
points so I’ll give you some examples here if you had zero points your chances
of dying from viral pneumonia was 0.47% if you had six points it was two point
nine percent if you had twelve points it was fifteen percent and if it was twenty
two points and of course this can go up to as high as twenty two points but it
was basically greater than 69 percent and this was a very nice prediction
method to determine in a viral pneumonia if someone would die and it followed it
pretty closely even for other viruses so the one that I see a lot
comments is this coronavirus and HIV and this probably started out because of a
paper that was uploaded to bio rx IV not too long ago that found by
looking at the RNA that there were four regions in the novel coronavirus that
looked like they had come from HIV and this was a paper that was not
peer-reviewed it was uploaded to a particular part of the site where those
papers can go before they get reviewed by other scientists there was a
disclaimer in that area that specifically said that but the
conspiracy theories abounded and I have to admit I saw it as well and I was
concerned about it because of what the implications could mean these HIV
stretches were coding for gp120 which is involved potentially in the binding site
of cd4 cells so what they actually found out two of those areas are actually
found in bat coronavirus okay so it’s normally there and the other two one is
found in HIV but it’s only six amino acids long and I don’t think that based
on the number of matches that they have to go through the fact that you would
find something that matches six amino acids would be a wash statistically
speaking nevertheless this paper was removed Sunday by the author’s saying
that they could have relook at this but people will say well why are we using
HIV meds then in this current outbreak why are they trying it and why are
people getting better on the HIV meds well this is not a new theory back when
SARS broke out in 2002 they also used HIV medications well why well because
corona virus is an RNA virus and HIV is also an RNA virus and so so in the
machinery and getting RNA viruses into species that have DNA primarily they’re
going to be very similar and they may help it of course we already have it we
know that it’s relatively safe and so there’s these questions about people
being readmitted to the hospital people who have recovered yet they get sick
again only to have to end up on this well I haven’t
seen any cases out there of this particularly if you see any I would love
to hear from you please put actual case reports in there there was the the
gentleman in the Philippines who did die but you’ve got to realize that a lot of
these people who have viral infections will get secondary bacterial infections
and in fact I see this all the time personally in my practice is people will
come in to the hospital with severe bacterial pneumonia but if you check
their history they’ve had a viral infection prior to that that they’ve got
better from the virus moves in it de nudes the respiratory epithelium and
then the bacteria moves in as an opportunistic infection so these people
being readmitted to the hospital could be opportunistic infections of bacteria
well you say well what about the fact that a lot of these people have
decreased white blood cells I mean couldn’t this be the virus tearing up
cd4 cells T helper cells well if you look back at that article that I was
talking about with the viral pneumonia is you’ll see that part of the way they
differentiate is that many times regardless of the viral pneumonia
there’s going to be a lymphocyte count that’s low in fact that was one of the
criteria that we used in figuring out whether or not the patients actually
have a higher risk of dying that remember that was the MU L B sta score
and these people that are being discharged from the hospital as part of
their criteria at least in China is that their viral loads are undetectable they
cannot detect the virus on PCR so the point of this is be careful there’s a
lot of theories out there that may be based on less than scientific data and I
guess I’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the nice
comments I’m glad that this is helpful thanks for joining us and remember what
we said about hand-washing pray for this to turn around and we will see you next


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    1) Business could come to an abrupt temporary halt in trade with foreign countries. This impact could range from being short lived to extended long term (several months).
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    12) If the public access to the food supply 'dries up' or is limited, people will also panic which could possibly turn into riots, thievery, stealing of supplies from others who have them.
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    14) Hospitals and medical facilities may be overrun with patients seeking medical attention. This will be especially true of intensive care units. There are just not enough of these nationally in any hospital to take care of extra patients since these facilities are already full to capacity by patients with other medical problems that need treatment aside from the virus.
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    18) Jobs may vanish, especially those dealing with food and food services.
    19) Hotels, motels and lodges may go out of business or unable to guarantee the health safety of its occupants.
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    21) In general, whatever you use or depend upon around the business or home may not be available.
    22) The travel industry will be one of the hardest hit worldwide along with the airline industry suffering cancelled flights which is already happening now.
    23) Expect the borders of all countries to be blocked and quarantined.
    24) The attempt to bring home Americans living abroad may cease leaving American stranded and unable to return.
    25) Pandemics can cause significant, widespread increases in morbidity and mortality and have disproportionately higher mortality impacts. Funeral homes and crematories will be overloaded to capacity and unable to meet the demands of deaths.
    26) Educational institutions both public and private schools, colleges, training centers, etc. will severely feel the impacts of continued education. Teachers and professors may refuse to go to work. State government school districts will close schools.
    27) To survive the pandemic, people will be encouraged to remain quarantined in their homes for nobody knows how long.
    28) Mail letters and packages will be become a threat to the spread of the virus.
    29) Gasoline stations may feel the brunt of the pandemic. Gasoline and diesel fuel supplies may dwindle or temporarily be halted for delivery
    30) Medical supplies (surgeon mask, instruments, bandages, etc.) may become in short supply, and if so, may be reserved for doctors and nurses only.
    31) Nursing homes and senior citizen homes will drastically feel the impact of contamination and infection.
    32) Suicides may be on the increase by people unable to cope with living in a pandemic environment
    33) National parks may close and other tourist sites be limited to access.
    34) The U.S. military will not be exempt from the pandemic impacts, and be unable to fend off infections among its military personnel. This includes military ships and bases.
    35) Animals and livestock may also be victim to transmission from human to human going into other living creatures.
    36) This virus can easily muted into different forms of a variety of different mutations making it difficult, if not impossible, to develop a counteracting vaccine.
    37) If and when a pandemic hits, know that there is no current vaccine or medicine to counteract or save you from this highly infectious virus.
    38) Unknowing and the uninformed public is not being told all the truth about the virus and its attempts to control it. Furthermore, false information about the virus is hitting the news media and social web sites adding to the confusion and sometimes pacification of people to think that the current flue epidemic kills more people that the Corona virus which is absolutely a lie!

    So you see, there is much more at stake during a pandemic that the government and media do not say in their bulletins, radio and TV programming out of fear that they may cause panic throughout the country. Well, people are already beginning to panic . . . I hope you are not one of them by doing your preparations NOW before the onslaught of a pandemic and become a deceased statistic.

    To summarize:
    A pandemic will have a domino effect worldwide. It will create a unique set of conditions that impact society, governments, businesses and medical support systems. Current thinking about pandemic generally starts with the recognition of the illness and a projection on its societal impacts.
    • People are affected
    • Society is unprepared
    • Governments are unprepared
    • Private sector enterprises are unprepared
    • Medical institutions will be impacted
    • Economic sectors worldwide will be impacted
    • Medical support systems are impacted
    • Social behavior will reflect be susceptible to significant degradation (riots, killing, etc.)

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    dr john Campbell has amazing content as well

  • Reply Owlsystem efg February 4, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    asthma increase the risk to die?

  • Reply Janet B February 4, 2020 at 10:24 pm

    New confirmed case in British Columbia Canada

  • Reply Gerald someone February 4, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    Thank you for consistently sharing your time, information, and intellect without fluff. 👌

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    I clicked like a bat out of hell.

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    Good material. What about no reports from South America or Africa? Did they get lucky or is it more likely that their health care systems just have not noticed?

  • Reply Tom Bombadil February 4, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    Accurate and factual. IF you actually believe the numbers coming from the Chinese government. I don't.

  • Reply Twentyonepilotsfanboy3849 Channel February 4, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    What’s a conoravirus?

  • Reply outta here February 4, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    were all doomed.

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    You would make a great teacher. You have a certain way explaining each items so everyone can understand. Thank you

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    They own Pakistan now, of course they’re opening

  • Reply Quynh Anh Tran Nguyen February 4, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    is there any posibility at all for a quick hometest kit to be invented?

  • Reply D B February 4, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    OK but what does Gregory House think?🤔

  • Reply Caleb Franck February 4, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    I greatly appreciate the fact that you look at this from an analytical, calm perspective. Nowhere could I find any information readily available that was reasonable and simple to understand for a busy layman like me, so I appreciate the content greatly. You're doing the world a service, thank you.

  • Reply Silly Goose February 4, 2020 at 10:29 pm

    China is responsible for more deaths worldwide because of their spreading of viruses than any other country on Earth.

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    Dr. Roger Seheult = First Class Quality.

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    Thank you for the clear, and straight to the point information, you are really the only outlet I trust right now, the media lies too much. Nice of you to read the comments and take on board criticism aswell. See ya tomorrow!

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    Just recently I saw a series of videos on the 'poop problem' all over LA and San Fran. The Street people issue is out of control in some places. So there is excessive human feces in the streets and now add to this many many of the street people are in very poor health (so, low immune systems I'd guess?) many drug users and maybe worse of all – many are mentally ill and don't seem to really understand where they are, what's wrong, why something is 'bad' or not.
    IF this thing lands in that population.. God help us.

  • Reply codyjones109 February 4, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    FDA director Gottlieb this morning said, numbers more like 300,000 cases with many deaths not tested!

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    Thank you Dear Doctor
    Thank you for this work
    On Informing us per your professional training

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    Hey I have a qustion How whould the Coronavirus go in cold climents.
    Qustion from Iceland plz no one bring this to Iceland….

    Sorry I got off topic haha…
    but yeah The reason I ask is becuse The thought of the Coronavirus is not letting me sleep I watch all of your update videos and if you could make a video about how it whould be in colder climents.
    That whould really help me and alot of other pepole.

    Also If you where wondering Who I am well Let me tell you

    My name is Solvi And I am 15 year old and I am trying to find out how to kill this virus.

    thanks for reading 🙂

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    Thank you so much for calmly imparting factual information and addressing the non factual stories floating around.

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    So more and more people will start considering requesting for Prep. Corona appears very much like the first symptoms of contracted HIV.

  • Reply Don Berry February 4, 2020 at 10:34 pm

    If it gets into Californias homeless, they might go unreported and run away from California and share it along the way.

  • Reply Don't judge me by my name. February 4, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    Pakistani president officially tweeted to pakistani students in wuhan, that whatever is the case either life or death leave it on Allah, you will be considered martyred in muslim community. Basically telling them, that no one from pakistan is coming to save their arse.

  • Reply Dante February 4, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    I'm a custodian at a high school in California, I have the most bathrooms out of all the custodians at my site. I always have rubber gloves on when I clean them but there is no lid I can close before I flush.

  • Reply kim wiser February 4, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    Another good source is ADVCHINA videos. Both of the men have lived in China and have Chinese wives, one of the wives is a Dr. There last video has very good information about what is really happening in China.

  • Reply Doc Holliday February 4, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    Add, Keep in mind that China will not really give the right number. Im sure its much much higher.

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    Adam sandler

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    Ok, so this is comforting and reassurring. But i find it funny how the virus started in the year of the RAT

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