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Coronavirus Concerns and How to Stay Healthy

January 28, 2020

– Some of you will be
joining tens of thousands of people from all over the world in Miami for the Super Bowl. But if someone there is sick? Well they could spread
it to you and to others and then that’s your
souvenir to bring back home. – Well there you go.
– I’m so– – You get to go to Miami.
– Right. – Don’t catch anything.
– Exactly. – Matt Stewart spoke with the doctor from Research Medical
Center on what you can do to prevent getting sick. – Yeah isn’t that the biggest concern? You travel, you’re ready to have fun. Say you’re in Miami for the Super Bowl and the all of a sudden you
come down with something. Where’d you get it and
who gave it to you, right? People from all over the
world and especially now with that concern of that
virus coming out of China. We want to keep you safe, so I have infectious disease expert Dr. Joel McKinsey with
Research Medical Center. And first of all, people
traveling to Miami or anywhere else, what should they do to make sure they don’t get sick? – So there are a number
of respiratory viruses circulating in the population. The most important thing
is to try to avoid contact with people who are coughing or sneezing. You can also take measures
like frequently hand washing to try to prevent the
transmission of these viruses. – [Matt] You’ll see a lot
of people wearing masks, is that maybe a good idea? – [Joel] Well it sort of
depends on the situation. I think if you’re in a
setting where there are a lot of ill people, that
would potentially help. But it’s just hard to know
how much affect that has. – [Matt] It’s kind of hard though, right? I mean you think about the Super Bowl, you could have a lot of
football fans from China there. Maybe they were exposed to that virus, that coronavirus we’ve been talking to, and you don’t wanna get it. – [Joel] Well that’s
true, although the risk of the new coronavirus from
China is really limited to people traveling
from that area of China. Because we don’t know yet
how readily transmitted it’ll be from person to person. The bigger risk is influenza
and the other respiratory viruses that are already
circulating in this country. – [Matt] And that’s kind
of the big takeaway right? I mean people get concerned,
“Oh no, this new virus, “how’s it gonna affect me and my family?” But the fact is there
are viruses out there constantly circulating
throughout the population. – [Joel] That’s absolutely true. And we see a lot of
people this time of year with respiratory viruses
that can be relatively mild or it can be quite severe. – [Matt] And finally, I know
with this new coronavirus, should people be worried? – [Joel] Well I think
it’s really too early to be concerned. We don’t know yet how much
of a threat this will be to the American public. We know that there’s an
ongoing outbreak in China, there’s been one case in the United States in someone returning
from travel to that area. But whether or not this
will be highly transmissible and spread throughout the
world or in the country, we just don’t know yet. – All right, so as Dr. McKinsey says, take those precautions, wash those hands, stay clear of people who are coughing, and do your best to stay
healthy when you travel. Matt Stewart, Fox 4 News.

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