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Coronavirus 2020, Adamus’ perspective

March 7, 2020

LINDA: Welcome. This is Geoff and Linda Hoppe
with the Crimson Circle. We’re here at the Villa Ahmyo
doing an event for the Koreans when, during this event, Adamus made a reference to the
coronavirus. GEOFF: As a matter of fact, it was during
the very first session. I know there was a lot of concern with
the Koreans who were here, because the outbreak in South Korea has been pretty significant.
So Adamus actually started the whole workshop with a
short discussion about coronavirus and we thought it would be
of interest to Shaumbra all around the world to get his perspective of that.
This was being translated so the pace is a little bit slower than normal, but we really
thought the information would be good for everyone. You’re free
to download this free of charge, and you’re free to distribute it as well.
So, with that, here’s Adamus, talking about the coronavirus. This was recorded on February
26, right here in Kona, Hawaii.
ADAMUS: So, let’s talk about this coronavirus. Ohh! Does it have you a little scared? (someone
says “Yes”) Yeah. A little worried?
Coronavirus. Where did it get its name? Anybody know what corona means?
SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): Sun. ADAMUS: Sun? Yes. It has to do with the sun.
Possibly. Corona is a Spanish word, most popular in use
about 300 years ago. Corona means, actually the original word was “la corona.” La
corona, the crown. The crown, and back in Spain it could only be
used by royals – that word “corona” – to refer to the crown, to the
king and the queen. Interesting. To experience the full energy of this session,
it is recommended that you listen to the audio recording while reading
the transcript or translation. Corona also now means circle – circle – and
it’s also used to refer to the sun, the gaseous hot spot of the sun.
But the original meaning, the crown, la corona. What does that have to do with a virus? Well,
let’s look at what a virus is.
Any virus is just about imbalance in human consciousness; every virus, whether it is
a physical or a mental virus. The sexual energy virus, that Tobias
talked about many years ago, is an imbalance in the masculine
and feminine energies. The virus doesn’t have an agenda. It’s just there because
there is an imbalance – an imbalance – and it’s there to clear that
imbalance, to try to bring things back into harmony.
So, you possibly know that I’ve said that energy is nothing other than a communication.
That’s all energy is – a song, a communication. When the energy
gets out of harmony, out of resonance, goes into imbalance,
it has to naturally come back to balance. All energy seeks resolution and balance. So,
if the song of energy is out of balance, something will happen to
bring it back into balance. That’s one of the things a virus does.
Sometimes a physical virus is just as simple as a way of clearing out energy imbalances
in your body. The common flu, everybody gets it. The flu,
the regular common flu, is actually okay. It releases toxins and
imbalances in your body. It serves a purpose. Generally, once a year, maybe once every two
years, you get a little flu or a cold. It’s designed to bring your
energy back into balance. It’s a good time to take two or three days, lay in
bed, sip tea, feel bad, cuddle up, watch something good on television, if there is anything good
on television. Do anything except go on Facebook. That’s terrible
when you’re having the flu. Just awful (some chuckles).
But we have this special crown virus, the coronavirus, right now. It’s doing a lot
of things. It’s getting a lot of worldwide attention. In your country (South
Korea), it’s considered an epidemic. Everybody’s worried
about it. Everybody’s afraid to go out, to touch, to go to a restaurant and eat food
or to have sex with other people. Maybe not sex, but they’re afraid
of everything else (laughter). So, feel into this coronavirus for a moment,
the crown on top of the head. Why would that virus be affecting
the planet right now? And it will affect for the next two, three, maybe six months. It
could go crazy, I mean, really crazy. And, of course, the media,
the news are feeding off of it. You say the word “airport” and
everybody gets afraid of going to the airport. So, what this is, it’s a very interesting
virus. It’s there because of an imbalance in the economy of the world.
It’s an economic virus, but it shows up as the flu. You see, there’s a lot of imbalances
on the planet right now with economy, finances. I mean, there
has been for a long time, but right now it’s really coming to the
surface. There are a few who have a lot and a lot who have very few.
With the modern technologies that this planet has, there shouldn’t be that – what is
called – the bottom billion, the ones in extreme poverty. There shouldn’t
be. Technology has the ability to provide an even playing field
for everyone. Whether you’re super rich or very poor, everybody has the ability to
have a mobile device, a phone, that has the ability to instantly connect
to anywhere in the world, to research anything you want, to
do just about anything you want. One of the beauties of technology is it has
the capability to democratize the planet. In other words, everyone
has the same access. What you do with that access is up to you, of course, but everybody
has the same capability. It’s not like just a small group
has all this information and data at their fingertip and many others
don’t. No, just about everyone on the planet has it.
As the technology sweeps across the planet, it should be eradicating a lot of the economic
imbalances. I’m not talking about socialism or communism.
Those are not economic ideologies or platforms. Those are something else. But I’m talking about the
fact that on this planet right now there shouldn’t be people who
are starving. There’s plenty of food on this planet and there’s plenty of capability
to grow more food. Every day more food goes wasted on this planet than
can possibly be eaten by everyone, including those who are
starving. Food is thrown away in the farm fields because they can’t get it to the
market. Food is thrown away at restaurants because people order too much
and don’t eat all of it. Food is thrown away because the season
is ending and there’s nothing to do with it. It’s the distribution of the food that
is causing the problem. There are dictators, governments in the world
that withhold food from their people. There are countries
in this world that are so filled with corruption that they can’t operate efficient distribution
– getting food from the farm to the end-user. All the capabilities
are there. All the capabilities are there, but yet there is a
corruption of human consciousness that keeps it from happening.
On the planet right now, in most places – not all, but most – there’s a tremendous amount
of jobs, work. If you don’t want to work for somebody else,
now with a computer and the internet at your desk, you can
create your own business – (snap!) – like that, easily, within days. Within days.
So, everything is there for the planet right now, for humanity to have access, to have
goods, to have food, to have medical supplies, but yet there’s
still this corruption that’s causing the imbalance. That’s what this
whole thing with the coronavirus is about. You know, the crown, like the royals, like
they have it and nobody else does. That’s why they call it the coronavirus.
I mean, they didn’t think of that, but that’s the energy
behind it. Interesting. So what is this virus going to do besides
be big in the news, kill some people, create a lot of fear on the
planet? Very few are really going to understand what the coronavirus really represents energetically,
kind of the overall concept behind it. What this virus
is really going to do in these couple of months ahead is create
a lot of economic disruption. Economic disruption. Watch the news and see as plants, factories,
all around the world close down, entire cities close
down, cruise ships with nobody on them, airplanes with hardly any
passengers. Everybody’s going to be sitting at home worried about this thing, and it’s
going to affect the economy. It’s going to affect the finances
of the planet, for a while. Then it’ll come back. It’ll be okay. But
with all the worrying I wanted to help you to understand what’s really going on with
this thing called the “la corona.” Ultimately, it’s about an economic
imbalance. So, what does that mean to you? Maybe nothing.
What does that mean to you? Well, if you’re afraid that you
might get it, you know that fear actually will attract it. But if you’re afraid you
might get it, feel into your own economic imbalance. Let’s call it your
abundance imbalance. Is there one? Are you abundant in your
life or are you just getting by? Are you struggling to pay the bills? Do you give yourself excuses
that you can’t make more money because you have a
bad family, a bad job, you’re not very smart, other people are
preventing you? Those are all energy imbalances. You could have all the abundance you want.
I mean, abundance is pretty easy. All you want. But if you’re
still holding on to some of these old issues about abundance, well, then things like the
coronavirus are going to scare you.
One of the big issues with Shaumbra over the years has been about abundance. No money.
A lot of it is because of the old spiritual belief that to
be spiritual you had to be poor, you couldn’t have a lot of money.
Where’d that come from? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. But so many of the
world’s religions promote that, while asking you for money for
themselves and having all these mansions and artwork and
Vaticans and everything else, asking the poor people for money. Let’s take a deep breath with that.
I felt it was appropriate to start with our coronavirus talk, because it has so much to
do right now with the planet and even with your journey – letting
energy serve you. So, watch for the next few months as this virus
becomes epidemic all around the world. Watch how it affects the economy of the planet.


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    With so many people living most of their day online, with so many people living off of online businesses…….and with the progressive loss of belief in the markets, governments, he systems that'd take care of people….

    ….the focus, where people are putting their consciousness, is now completely different than 10 years ago. It feels like a natural de-centralization of power….which is why it feels like we are living in the wild wild west.

    But I see this as pretty positive, and quite frankly…as a bit of a relief. It's a gentle nudge and incentive to be more and more self-governing……..and the big lie, is that being so is more difficult or stressful than relying on the old systems. It's actually not. I don't think there is any teacher out there though that can accurately convey this to people. I myself, have had problems with businesses, financial self-suffeciency problems etc….because I was putting this undue difficulty and meanings around relying on myself to meet those needs….

    And now I'm going back to that old, old intuiton….of 20+ years ago…..that abundance and self-sufficiency is really just a reflection of one's emotional safety/comfort. Shaumbra specially need to know our needs are taken care of, so long as we feel emotionally safe and happy in our bodies. I don't know about you…..but the stress of feeling losing passion for a particular business and having to worry about constantly changing jobs/paths… pretty exhausting…….and I've noticed this 'MAGIC' first hand – when I focus instead on being comfortable in my body, stress free, relaxed and with a graceful attitude towards life….abundance is a natural byproduct.

    As a kid it never made sense I had to go out of my I AM, my now to pay attention to wordly details only to move on in my life's dream…….and now at 33….I'm remembering that knowingness. As ever….all our problems in life are solved by coming back to ourselves. Less world…..more I AM.

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