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Corona Virus

February 7, 2020

hello good afternoon and welcome to this
small place of reflection today I would like reflect on the coronavirus
I have to say that the last hour that I have known the run with the ship is
that the Chinese authorities have confirmed the death of 361 patient 361
persons there are already two important points about the
they run to virus the fact that they have built a hospital in 10 days and already
that hospital is built you start and the other reflection point
important is that it seems that sanitary this border have been discovered
the cure for coronavirus which are the AIDS medications
and so this has been the city of a guano in the
city ​​of chinese guanes it seems that there were a laboratory that there is a laboratory
scientist and I think probably this was reported in a magazine
scientific seems to me two or two years ago three years and I think probably
I have been out of there and I there seems to be a laboratory of
research on viruses and on the diseases then surely between
the most important countries as states united russia china and this is a danger
because they are playing with fire are studying researching biological weapons
that can escape you are doing combinations with virus mixtures of rats
snake of anything else that it’s not a normal flu mixes a flu
normal with a type of some kind of diseases that can have a
snake or can have a rat and this it’s a problem then it’s play with
fire is very dangerous it seems that we are not we realize the danger that this brings
research investigation for create biological weapons no and I know that in
that city has been said that there is a scientific laboratory where prevails
secrecy the logic of a country communist and seems to be escaping from
hands I think we should investigate
on those dangerous issues fortunately in thailand it seems to be
if it is confirmed that in 48 hours has been cured by
for a cost of medications that normally used when someone
have AIDS are powerful medications that they have gotten that patient to
recover and then be a mixture like of flu seems to be with some mixture
some kind of virus from the animal world and this is very dangerous and good and about
that point of reflection then to the pure true truth that if we recover
people with that medication cost which is normally used for the least
deficiency acquired for AIDS hopefully it was true but it’s also curious to see
how they develop a hospital so fast in in china in 10 days they already have it
they are phenomena not to classes communists but when using the
capitalism because it works very well and well then jara heals I have to look
a beautiful picture to put on the video cover to attract and
you look for it the video try to see that this one who spoke from icecrown
I already have one in mind to see if the placed and I hope you like it
this crown virus crown I hope you like the post you tried I’ll try
put in the video and well and about this even due on information
of this girl’s aliens gothic who talks about his connections with
the bar or the person is labeled I don’t know I just didn’t give it a head no
but he says that is a normal flu that he digs what he wants to spread fear
because there really are entities that the archons are secret
feed on our fear and call me the attention because even enjoy brad the
coronavirus and they have given that information that is a normal flu
I hope he doesn’t die I have to buy me medicines against those
AIDS I tell you against the flu and nothing I a little reflection of little
time five minutes take care put yourself the mask is to you the Japanese and
the little chinitos of people because they get masks are not put on masks for
don’t get infected from diseases it they put on masks when you are sick
not to not spread the seers are very different and
Spaniards we are more dogs flute plays tambourine
Asians put on masks not to infect people not to
not to get infected from the disease but to manifesting that is something very curious about the
oriental culture is very interesting true well take care try not
take a lot of vitamin c a lot of orange at Kiwi has a lot of vitamin C
if after the flu comes a coronavirus of this not the one who calls a
little older media europe up like me we are going palante ok ok I hope
like this moment of reflection that I have a little lemon tea
this removes the body and it’s good is well, lemon tea
and nothing thank you very much I hope you like my video thanks


  • Reply lord Celtic frost February 3, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Ese tal coronavirus es lo que en mi país llamamos " gripe quiebrahuesos " aquí se trata con acetaminofen y alergodex….

  • Reply Alfonso Bernal Jimenez February 3, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Tendría que haberme tomado un vaso Whisky.
    Para matar al bicho

  • Reply Alfonso Bernal Jimenez February 3, 2020 at 11:08 pm

    Última hora, los Extraterrestres dicen que no hay virus.

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