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Corona Virus: What You Need to Know

March 6, 2020

(upbeat music)
(audience cheering) So, we’re back. The Coronavirus is a mess. I don’t think you know what to think about it, ’cause I certainly don’t. And now it’s a worldwide thing. There’s cases every place. Nobody is safe. They’re threatening us to you know, stock up on stuff. My friend Dr. Raj has been doing this forever. She’s also a professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health. So, please welcome Dr. Raj. (audience cheering)
Doctor, thank you, Doctor. Okay. So they’re saying more than 94,000 people are infected? That’s right. Are we supposed to be worrying? (laughing) Okay, well I certainly don’t want people to panic ’cause that never helps anything, right? But, I think it’s important to be aware of the situation and to be updating because this is an evolving situation. This is a new virus. That’s why it’s called the novel coronavirus. We’re still learning day by day exactly how it behaves. We do know there are over 130 case in the US right now. Nine deaths. Even in New York we just heard of more cases today. So– And in Westchester they closed the private school for the day. That’s right, that’s right. So, we have to be careful, but I want you to remember that this, for most people who get it, will be a mild illness. So even though you hear the numbers, 80% of people really would get– Nobody wants a mild or illness Dr. Raj– I know, I know. What are you talking about? No, but it’s not like Ebola. It’s not like SARS. I mean it is a lot better in terms of those numbers. But, it is very contagious. We are going to see things get worse before they get better in terms of numbers. Why are people dying? Well, first of all, we’re testing a lot more people now. So, the numbers are gonna go up just because of that. Why are people dying? Well, there’s certain people that are at higher risk. If you’re elderly, which they call that over 65, which isn’t even that old. My parents will be here in two weeks. They’re in their 80s and they’re flying on the plane. So they have to be very careful. Oh. If you’re elderly, if you have medical conditions. Oh, what a perfect excuse to cancel that visit. (laughing) Bye. No, no. At any age, if you have heart disease, diabetes, asthma, medical conditions, you are at higher risk. Some good news, children actually seem to be less at risk than adults. Which is nice for those moms out there. Okay.
(audience claps) But no, if you are elderly, I probably would advise against exposing yourself in that way. So you have to be careful. So I can’t see my parents until this is all done? Well, you could maybe go see them. I’m elderly. I’m 55. Elderlyish.
(laughs) Not quite, not quite. Look, look, is the quarantine real? ‘Cause I would love to be quarantined to my apartment. (laughing) A lot of people have been telling me that. Okay, do I think there’s going to be a full blown quarantine where we can’t leave our houses? Probably not. Although I don’t have a crystal ball and this situation is changing day by day. But, do I see a situation where people may be asked to avoid large gatherings? Already people, you know, Facebook, Google, they’re canceling big conferences. They’re not going out for dinner. Right. And maybe you shouldn’t be going. Comic-Con pulled out of the Comic and the Con. Exactly. And we may see– Marvel I think it was. One of those. That’s right. People may be asked to work from home more. Mariah Carey and them canceled a whole concert. A lot of people are doing it. Well, that’s poor ticket sales I think. (laughing) Okay. Can’t comment on that. I don’t know. Any excuse is better than none, sorry. Right, right. But and you know, are schools gonna close? I doubt it, but there may be temporarily. We have to be prepared, but don’t panic. When you live in multi people dwelling. Yeah. Like if you live in an apartment. Yeah. Can you catch it through the air vents? No, what it seems to be is that it’s not something that it’s going to survive in the air for a long period of time, but it will survive on surfaces. So actually up to days. Yeah, so, what’s the best thing you can do in terms of prevention, we actually have a list. Don’t touch anything. Of tips. That’s one of them. So number one is the one I always tell people: wash your hands. And I know it sounds like a cliche. That’s where Gold Bond comes in! (laughs) You wanna wash– This is not a Gold Bond thing. No.
But you know I love my Gold Bond, you wash your hands. And this is just not just a little like this. Keep ’em moist.
20 seconds exactly. I mean they’re pretty but they’re clean. Exactly, you also want to carry hand sanitizer ’cause you don’t always have a sink. No, I like the ones with the wipe I like the cloth. Right! You can do those as well. The wipes with the hand sanitizer. Now, this thing about shaking hands. I can’t believe people even on my social media, you know? Pick a finger.
(laughs) They’re like, “I can’t believe Wendy’s not shaking hands, “she’s bumpin’ elbows.” I don’t want what you have, and you don’t want what I have. You’re so right. (audience clapping) I’m a I’m a huge believer in the elbow, the wave, these days even without corona, cold and flu season. How close should you talk ’cause I have somebody here I was just complaining about earlier. Close talker? (laughs) He talks close. Yeah. He never understands when I say stop talking so long. Stop talking so close.
Yeah you want to be– And he was doing that before corona, he’s been here for a long time. Okay. He talks in my face like this, I’m like get outta here with that! No, it’s too close because those respiratory droplets with mucus. That’s what I said. Saliva, they can land on your face, on your eyes, your nose, your mouth. You know who it is. You wanna really be about six feet away honestly. If you think someone’s sick. Perfect!
(laughs) No, even if nobody’s sick, you don’t want. Yeah, you don’t want their germs, and they don’t want yours. Like I do a quick hug with you know the, you know when– Yeah. You guys when you win something, but a quick hug. Don’t linger, stop talking. Stay away from sick people, you also want to avoid touching your face. We do this. I do this all the time, yeah! Like… But we need to get out of that habit. You gotta teach your kids too. And if you are gonna you know, touch anything, you wash your hands before you touch your face. Brendon?
Yeah? (laughs) Get her some hand sanitizer! I feel, look, my skin is peeling off. And and one of the big things, right, dry skin is not good ’cause then you have cracks in your skin. Great! Perfect, perfect! Moisturize, moisturize! All right, so I’m– And please, if you are sick and I want everyone to do this, stay at home. What about the masks? People show up at work. Okay, the masks– No, no, people show up all the time– With fevers and colds, and you’re not doing anyone a favor, believe me, your boss, everyone would rather you stay at home, so do that. Okay the masks. This is a very kind of complicated issue. Because the truth is, the masks are probably better than nothing, on the other hand, we don’t have enough masks for everyone to go out and stockpile right now. Yes we do ’cause she ordered some off Amazon and she got the good ones. Right. but the point is–
Off eBay. Excuse me. A lot of these masks actually are made in China. So we are gonna run short if people go crazy. And we need them for the health care workers, for the people that are on the front lines. First of all, the paper masks, like in this picture, don’t do very much at all. Can’t you take an ugly skirt and make it a mask? (laughs) You know what I’m sayin’? Right. Well, you really want the proper mask that’s been fitted for your face specifically, and you want to really just avoid sick people. That’s better than a mask, and wash your hands, that’s gonna give you the best protection. Dr. Raj, when– (audience clapping) Do you think this will be over? So– That’s my last question. Yeah, I wish I could say it’s gonna be over this period of time. The truth is most experts in the field are saying this is probably gonna become a circulating virus like the flu, that we’re going to see every year. But by then, hopefully by next year we’ll have a vaccine, we’ll understand more about it and be able– This is why you need a steady lover, you don’t need to be like– (laughs) One of many reasons, yes. You know, us single people out here you know, we’re out here makin’ friends and finding lovers, it is not cute, honey. Get outta my cake and you can’t eat off my fork Dr. Raj in her Herve Leger dress. (audience clapping)
(laughing) Good eye, Wendy!
Thank you so much. Thank you. (upbeat music)


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    I live in Korea and honestly I am sick of these professionals trying to diffuse the situation by comparing this virus/outbreak to other viruses. She said it herself – this is a NEW VIRUS. No one on Earth knows how this virus develops, dies, or survives. It has similarities to other viruses but as people we ALL NEED to be knowledgeable. My own cousin in NYC keeps telling me that it’s “just like the common cold, don’t be too scared.” But meanwhile I’m here in Korea, and there are over 6000 cases and I’ve been out of work for two weeks on unpaid leave.

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