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Corona Virus Stock Crash Week 3 – Screening For More Swing Trading Profits

March 2, 2020

OK guys it’s week three of corona virus
Sunday March 1st to 2020. The coronavirus crash has
just finished it’s second weekend. I did a video to show you where I got in
on the crash, I was swing trading was able to catch and exit some CALL
trades (some bullish trades) then switched course we went into PUT trades with
options and we saw some other profits from that. So what’s happening now is it’s the weekend… 1 week and a half in, the CRASH
may be getting old so there’s a chance it may be reversing
so we start with going into the news Yahoo Finance just to screen. And see you
can see … this was the last trade day with the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P are down. I got
out on a lot of the trades I still held onto some. Let’s see what’s happening
GOLD is down… OIL is down … Russell 2000 (the smaller companies) – they’re down … and
Silver’s down. So that was a pattern we saw last time. Now since it’s Sunday
here, it is already Monday over in Europe and Japan. You can see the FTSE here
(it’s the European stock market) – it’s down So that tells us maybe there’s
still some down trend for the US markets when it opens. But take a look at a Nikkei
(this is the Japanese market) – it went up So now there’s maybe a surprise in store
and actually I don’t … we don’t have the FUTURES here but I think FUTURES were
down initially and the FUTURES is gonna give us a hint of where the
opening is. So it’s going to be when the market opens
on Monday morning. So here’s “What to know in the week ahead” … “V-shaped recovery (I mean at the end of the bounce and it passes up quickly), we call it a V-shaped.
They’re saying it is unrealistic here… and you can read that to see why, but I’m
just gonna scroll through here coronavirus driven of something…
Dow Jones FUTURES jump in rapid reversal! So yeah even though there are new cases
in the US. two new two deaths so far in the US but the FUTURES are jumping. I see
another article “US FUTURES rise after initial drop” so there might be a
surprise opening that’s higher. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay high but we have to
be prepared for both sides of the market – of going up and going down so with that
in mind is going and go into StockCharts here. That’s where we’re gonna
look for our trade signals for this coming week. I’m gonna go into my crystal
ball list here there’s my CRYSTAL BALL and it’s my sectors. This, and we’re gonna
screen the SECTORS for options to play For this week and I’m gonna be looking
for up and down plays. Now we’d do some technical analysis and some pattern
analysis in this video, OK? What we’re gonna do is go over the plays
so far and i will show you what i have going into this week. Of course I had one
loss here this was GOLD MINERS. I thought GOLD would go up with a crash but it
actually went opposite so I lost on this one. I bought one call $1.15 but I
sorta got out of it with $0.30 cents only so big loss, but I reversed course later and bought a put on it. I still have that in play in case this fall continues it
might turn that into a profit. And now, let’s move on…
So no technical analysis on these trades. I talked about these already on another video. OK, GOLD MINERS hold on GOLD MINERS is gonna follow gold
and so yeah it crashed! I didn’t get in, didn’t play this one but this is a
momentum trade. Yes, because it’s not a swing trade. Volume went up, price dropped. I jumped in when I bought a put for a bearish play and so we’re in. I’m still in this
one. I’m coming into this week we’ll see FINANCIALS, XLS financials took a big hit I did jump in with a swing trade here, caught
one here, It went into a profitable trade, I’m still in on this one. On the third one
coming in again I’m not gonna go over those trades in details. I did in a
different video already. Hong Kong… Hong Kong took a big hit with China so I had
2 plays… here one, here and one here at the outputs three plays, so
three profitable trades here I’m still in on this, But you can see on the last day
it had a positive balance so if you look at here there’s a little bit positive
divergence I’m not sure this one is gonna end up with a profit here I’m
still waiting on it what we see and go on and these are the okay another trade
here and then I profit it last week I still have got in at 1.04 sold at 1.70 for
one in here at 0.84 I did another PUT and I got that because Mexico reported
its own first Corona virus case so it maybe some there may be some panic and made
to go down some more but you can see the last day it actually bounced up but
volumes are negative so there’s a chance that these PUTS will put in some more
profit I just go down here this is China of course China got hit by
Corona right here I should actually put that in the
chart right Corona right here at the end of the year in December they first
announced it and you can see crashed I got a profitable trade here
doubled my money almost and then I’m still in on this one and I put another
one here but also on the last day you can see it was positive positive volume
positive divergence China I think it’s unlikely that it’s gonna markets gonna
go up I think it’s gonna go down I think people are just positive that one day
because their new case reports are decreasing but the market the markets
took a big hit the businesses took a big hit I don’t think it’s gonna go up you
had a one day rise I think it’s gonna drop again but we’ll see if it rises
again if it was positive volume again for another day this positive divergence
continues I’m gonna get out of it but I had one profit already so there’s room for
some losses there. And next is DEVELOPED MARKETS as opposed to EMERGING MARKETS. It took a big dip but I had one good trade, two, three … three profit or trade I’m
still in it for the fourth one but the last day was a there’s a positive I’m
not sure it can turn around quickly or see okay and then OIL I got in on this
one on the last day but again it bumped up again on Friday so this is not a loss
but you can see the futures for OIL, I think was down so and this may come back and at least break even or go into profit and then US DOLLAR, I think you
guys know actually took over tonight it’s tanking right now because I was
look I was looking at the foreign exchanges US dollar was kind of crashing
so this crash might actually go down more but I’m not even in this trade so
now we’re gonna look for new trades so TECHNICAL ANALYSIS…so let’s go to over
this again we won’t use ATR I should really I shall remove that… we will use RSI and VOLUME to determine short-term entries
and exits. This is the price chart and we use it to look for patterns mainly
bullish patterns would be a “RISING W” now this is the RISING W so this was very
bullish so… down up down up. And then we look for a bearish signal which is a
FALLING M, so here’s an example of FALLING M – up down up down and you can
see the high here and a high here, the second highs lower then the first
high the low here is second low here is higher than the first of all to this it
was a down market so I would have caught in this trade here to come down to here.
STOCHASTICS, we will use as this.. it is the best way to see here I check the trend
so you always want to catch the bottom of the trend, here below the 20 line and
then you want to ride up to above the 80 so he would have caught this one to run
up to here that means you catch a trade here go up to here and if you play
reverse you can actually catch it here and run down here so you will caught it
here what I put come down here right and then here you can you could have caught
it here and run up here catch a here run up here it’s trickier to go to buy this
when I run up here that’s more of a momentum trail you need that the signals
are not as easy so a lot of times I don’t catch the second second win here I
just catch it from here to here but if you look at this so we want to start
putting in tops and bottoms so you can see top with the Green Line the last
bottom we saw was a red line so this to me is still a rising W
up down so if this goes up whether it would be a bullish play US dollar US
dollar unless this falls breaks through the floor here so for now in case it is
bullish tomorrow this is if we can buy calls where you keep an eye on this one
when the RS for i3 goes down to you these these are the entry entry point
zero for bullish play so I’ll put that there so when it’s here it’s loading up
it’s getting ready I put it down in front of it that moves it to the front
of the chart for me to screen through quickly for quick plays in the morning
okay move on this is emerging markets bonds so it’s
bonds is not in emerging markets again this is bullish with a pullback it
didn’t break through the last actually let me put in the tops and bottom so you
can see so I would use RSI three here for tops and bottoms the last top is the
top here the where is in the green the bottom will be where it’s red here so
with that we draw in the tops and the bottoms the last bottom was here the
last bottom is here so I use this at the bottom the last green is here but look
actually this now fell through the last bottom so this is not anymore a uptrend
this is now a downtrend I’m gonna mark it here to remind me so now this is the
leading edge of a downtrend I’m not gonna play I usually don’t play the
leading edge I call the leading edge the bleeding edge that’s where it reverses
on you quickly and you lose a lot of money so I would remove this this is no
longer a play in my books no more dot there so cuz it’s the leading edge I’m
gonna wait for this to fall down bounce back up to the next top and then I work
that one down okay so right now move on to page two of this crystal ball this is
not a charter says this is an indicator for me a ratio between the spy SP and
bonds Treasury bonds tota Treasury bonds so I use this as a gauge to see what’s
stronger this is crashing so that tells me the
spy is weaker than the bonds so it stocks a weaker than bonds at this
moment because of this big crash but you can’t trade this this is just a ratio
spy to TLT I use that and it tells me where the money’s flowing there right
now money is actually flowing into bonds not stocks
so now we’ll keep that in mind as we go on so here’s the spy SNP dropping like
crazy this is now a downtrend of course it broke through the floors if
you want to practice putting in the tops and bottoms the last top is here which
is here just move that guy up yeah come on a little delay here and then the last
bottom is here which car is to here and as you can see the current trend broke
through the last floor the last bottom so now this is a downtrend
you broke the uptrend I was here so I put this in here to remind okay there’s
a downtrend so I that tells me don’t trade upwards okay this is down never go
against the trend the trend is your friend a friend the trend it down now so
for this stock I would you ETF I would only trade down I don’t go against the
trend I’d be friends with the trend you were rewarded okay
so there’s not a play for me this is a bleeding edge I’m not gonna catch it
unless it bounces back up into the ceiling here the resistance and it falls
back down I would catch now and I would make it a falling
right now is not a pattern it’s not a treatable pattern so move on and you’re
gonna see most of them most of chars gonna look like that so we can do it
real quick a few more so you can see again for practice this is the last top
right you put that up there there’s the last bottom put that there
again this crash through the bottom negative trend I would not trade it
going up at this point iw am same thing I don’t know we’re I
don’t waste your time doing that but this is the same but I did catch this
momentum trade here look at that nice trade got in at 101
I mean 104 got out with 296 double my money okay this is the Nasdaq again same
thing I don’t think but I caught this one going in so I don’t have a trade in
here at this point but same thing I’m not going to maybe I won’t
I won’t waste your time putting another thing but I just poured a yeah that’s to
remind me don’t trade up on this one next is semiconductors again broke
through broke through the bottom of the last bottom here so this is not negative
I actually wasn’t here this was on an uptrend so I got a call
going into this crash right here right when it crashed I saw these big volumes
of air I got out last 30 bucks or so but avoided me from losing a lot so again
I’ll just put this arrow here to tell me and I think you know how I got this
arrow already not that one yeah tell me not to trade a bullish
trade on that one this one again same thing they broke
through this floor I got up you know I got out of this one with a little lost
here I lost my soda eighty I lost 30 bucks I
got in a 110 so that eighty when I saw these things and put in a red box here
for he think you have that virgins boom got out but I caught it coming down
turned it right around into a profit trying to double my money got in 140 cut
out to 90 I’m not in this trade right now but I’m not gonna play right now
it’s bleeding edge so if I don’t have them in place because it might reverse
so I have no idea if it’s gonna reverse or not again this is gonna be the same
thing I don’t think we need to where I want to waste your time putting this you
know but no play okay it’s again broke through the bottom ah that’s it’s
bleeding edge here no play so I’m not gonna mark it this one again broke
through the bottom here broke through this bottom I caught I caught it going
down got out before a balance up on the last day here big volume going up so
this may actually rebound tomorrow technology and you know American
technology is hot there’s a chance it can if stocks open positive the Japanese
market ended up positive there’s a chance this may go up but it’s a falling
trend right now I’m not gonna buy a pool bullish play on this one and then it’s
gonna reverse on me I’ll lose money so no play okay there’s only one page guys
this is page two again I caught this one coming down but again it’s too negative
and I don’t think it’s gonna balance up right away and they may be too far fish
to play again so I’m no play again this one broke through this is a little
confusing let me just clean this one up okay
so we got the top the last top is here yeah that last bottom is here again you
broke through the bottom so this was already negative play here I’m just
gonna reconfirm that it’s a downtrend so don’t be don’t buy any bull which play
on that one and same thing here so I don’t think that I don’t think there’s
gonna be a lot of plays that’s a that’s easy tomorrow I’m gonna put this one up
here the last bottom was here crashed through its trying to bounce back up but
no easy play guys I think this might be the end of this video because they’re
all gonna look like that yeah I’m gonna cut to coming down but no play
this is our bleeding edge bleeding edge the edge money flow precious metals oh
so it’s another index ratio I use gold versus pi so this is gold versus stocks
and if you can see gold but she stalks is shooting up like this that means
stocks is crashing and gold is a more valuable money is flowing into gold
precious metal versus stocks so we don’t trade it but so keep that in mind
stocks a weaker than gold at this time and then we go on and move here but we I
explained this one in the last video it was a gold rally but it’s got stuck I
actually got out of this one before it crashed so gold is actually now crashing
with stocks but stops it’s crashing more than gold the above crashing for stocks
is crashing it harder because this ratio is is higher the go to stocks ratio okay
keep that in mind but I don’t think it’s gonna be play well this is bull actually
I take that back this is a rising w and if this is down
if this low this is the low it’s actually higher news
as a rising w so this may actually be a bullish play so we’ll keep an eye out of
go tomorrow it’s ready in the zone to buy you know there’s a high volume going
in and price moves up we may actually buy a call on this one and then so I put
a dot here move it to the front of the list for me same thing
no not same thing silver is crashing out I got two losses are here already on
silver I’m and now as a bleeding edge it’s just crashing so I’m not gonna play
this one leave that alone there’s just just crashing out this is
Meadows mining so Meadows is you know silver and gold but it’s a mining
company and they’re very sensitive to the market so they’re high-risk
and it crashed so there’s no play here we got a bunch of trades in here but
we’re out we’re out of everything so I will play that this week intuiting
stabilized again staples also we’re out of the gold and silver
now staples are usually they’re safe buys when when the market starts getting
kind of skittish but you can see this crash along with wood equity stocks I
got a piece of it here a piece of the profit and it dropped some more but this
is now bleeding edge again I’m not going to play homebuilders same thing crashed
out cut a piece of the profit here but not a play this week health care got a
bunch of plate on its way down but this is now bleeding edge again it may try to
bounce back up I’m not sure how much it would bounce but I wouldn’t say it’s a
play for this week not an easy play this one is on pharmaceuticals
I haven’t traded this one because there’s a huge gap between the
ask in their sale price so I don’t think that’s a play also it’s like a falling
knife right now biotech this one was a triple top pattern that crash we we got
some profit that’s what’s in the other video but it may bounce back up but then
this is now clear downtrend with the uptrend volume it’s gonna be a little
confusing to play this I wouldn’t play I will wait until disco is back up so wait
for this to go back up and see where the next top is and the next top is lower
than this top here then that is a continuation of a negative trend and I
would buy a put as it comes back down but we’ll see not a play at this point
well this one was a utilities utilities are usually safe to that’s what people
go to when they get skittish but you can as you can see just like staples a
utility scratched with it I was playing uptrend here
got a couple thing I got out right before the crash
I saw the divergence changes here and you can see gosh using this system you
get pretty near the top and get out before it crashes and then I cut the
momentum coming down I’ve got a trade and got out of it but I don’t think
that’s a play this week it’s too too risky again this one risky because there
are the the fall is to extend it already I don’t want to get in and then it
reverses on me same thing here crashed through but got
a piece of it say anything here this is crashing through this is how do you jump
on switch which I mean we call it bonds but on observation it moves just like
stocks and so what stocks crashed just crashed with it but again same reason
it’s not playing stocks I’m not gonna play this because it’s a leading edge
falling no bonds take a look at bonds here this is the
the bond yield is not the bonds that you can buy it’s a yield of the bond which
is the opposite of the bond value goes down as cash flows into bonds okay so
it’s not going down as it is going up so so it was going up that means cash goes
down the yield goes down as cash goes into bonds so it’s going up so I so cash
is not going to bond see that was you know I’m kind of confused myself now but
I just look at the the other indicator so this is my other ratio I use a bonds
Treasury bonds versus just buy this S&P so this tells me is if bonds are strong
relative to stocks and you can’t trade it but it’s it’s to set my mind so I can
take a look at the bonds ETF next so you can see it’s skyrocketing so bonds are
not stronger than stocks at this point so keep that in mind go into next few so
here bonds just got rocking where I got two trades in the bonds Treasury bonds
TLT but right now this is also the leading edge it can drop anytime I’m not
gonna say it’s a play I’m gonna just wait and watch it okay municipal bonds
it has a large gap on the option so I haven’t haven’t been praying it but it
kind of shows you the same it moves along the same trend with the Treasury
bonds so but it’s not it’s not gonna play now just an interesting falls down
right if I was down you wait for this or I just fall down to here and if that low
is higher than this low then it’s it’s an entry point to go back up but
it’s not quite there yet I’m gonna wait a few more days where to attend it may
be it may be a buy but not now okay Canada okay big crash here I caught one
but it’s not it’s not a play for the same reason as before and euro Europe
big crash out with Corona I’ve got one two three trades in here but now it’s
not gonna be a play I’m just in a way to and see which way it goes next real
estate also be a crash out I didn’t even played at this point I try to buy I was
trying to buy a a bullish play here which would have done well but it never
bought so I just I never got back in emerging markets versus you guys dollar
as another ratio I have for emerging market versus the US dollar to see where
the money is well where’s better to invest in
emerging markets markets outside of the US and then yeah the strength of the
u.s. dollar you can see emerging market is crashing
relative to the United States US dollar so keep that in mind as we look at the
emerging markets here Oh another ratio emerging market which is US stocks Oh
actually because the US stocks are crashing so much maybe the actually
emerging market is stronger then the stocks the last during the last week so
keep that in mind and emerging markets here which include China so you can see
from the new years here coronavirus end of December here and it crashed and I
got three plays in there I did pretty well but it’s not a play now waiting for
it to swing up but it’s it may be still falling and
emerging markets bonds also crashing and crashed with his floor here so it’s not
a player but turn it around before the floor then it’s still bullish play but
I’ve already put this over here to say his negative trend and this yeah we
don’t need this one toss it it wasn’t too useful okay this
one has no option but it’s just telling me commodities or crashing no trade by
just you know oil was a commodity so our farming products but we able to catch
oil on its way down crashing this crash right here this was
what guess what is corresponding to this was when Soleimani was killed by the US
Army as you can see when he was there threatening the Straits of Hormuz boy
attacking Iran’s oil fields he was causing oil to get more and more
expensive once they got rid of him oh the price of
oil tanked so I think I was taking our Soleimani brought a lot more stability
to the price of oil and we’re reaping rewards over at the gas tank so here it
is it crashed again there coronavirus it looks like you know this the world this
looks like it was a big profit but you can see I got into 75 only close with
ten dollars the gap was just too large so that’s why I don’t like to trade on
the option that’s how large gaps sometimes I just put large gap and I
just put it there from the crystal ball to know that the Russians at the markets
but I don’t trade it so this one sometimes that was trading good and so
this one’s more worth training I think oil and f but no trade here just just
crashing I you know we need to swing I do swing trading so what is falling
straight like that is trade there’s no play I needed to swing
like this in it swing like this this is what I get in so again there’s oil it
may swing up but it’s it’s gonna is leading it feeding it I’m not gonna play
that and natural gas the same thing- trend and no no play it and then it says
oil services auto services related to oil
crashing no play no play canopy this is actually we’d also kind of crashing it
but broke through this floor here so now is negative Phil no plane here also
uranium got a couple good place here but also crashing so as you can see
everything’s crashing still not much much swing trade opportunity I think
what’s gonna happen Monday is we can stop here what’s gonna happen Monday is
will go on to wait it out and see which direction the markets gonna go by D and
of Monday we may have another opportunity for swing trading but I
don’t have that many opportunities coming in on Monday morning

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