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Corona Virus | No Tension Baby | Tamil | Karaikudi Sa Balakumar

March 10, 2020

Corona virsus has been creating panic all around the world Do we have to fear this virus this much? Let’s take a look at 5 things in this video Firstly, what are the problems I faced during Swine flu times in 2009 … and how did I overcome them Secondly, How did I handle during the Ebola times in 2014? Third, How can we prevent corona virus Fourth, how can we prepare our body to fight against corona virus Fifth, two important things that we should do Let’s take a look at all these in this video Corona Is a Bitch – Emergency Video 100 Karaikudi Sa Balakumar In 2009, I left for London to work onsite That was my first time outside India I flew in January Swineflu started spreading rapidly around May 2009 It started spreading in the UK even before it did in India Within 3 weeks, 1.1 lakh people were infected by that virus I was shit scared I didn’t go to office for 2 weeks. I worked from home I had mild doubt that I had swine flu From that fear, I got tight chest, shallow breathing, and bloated stomach I got fever too It looked like I had symptoms of swine flu I called the swineflu helpline number I explained my symptoms to them I begged them to save me They told that my symptoms were not swine flu symptoms They said it could be anxiety They asked me to wait for a couple of days, drink plenty of water, and take rest They asked me to call them back if the symptoms still persisted I was annoyed because I just flew from India to England just to get into this trouble But I had no other choice I started learning about anxiety I understood a lot about it I also learnt how to overcome it And I did a lot of exercises …especially deep breathe exercises Once I started doing that, tight chest was there no more My breathe got normal And my belly was no more bloated Fever had gone away too I was almost normal in just 3 days Just by doing deep breathe exercises That’s when I realized that I didn’t have swine flu. I just had anxiety In 2014, Ebola outbreak happened I was in the Netherlands at that time Outbreak happened in October I planned to fly to India in November I booked my flight ticket in September itself Many people were thinking whether to fly or not But I had no fear at all Because I had quite some experience during swine flu times So I had confidence that nothing bad would happen So I flew Even I made a lot of jokes about Ebola during the flight This is one of the jokes They announced on board that if we had symptoms like diorroeah, vomiting, sore throat, it could be Ebola … and to report to the Ebola team at Chennai Airport What? Vomit and Diorreah? These are the same symptoms that one gets after eating in-flight meal That was my joke I handled Ebola in a humorous way At the end of 2019, Corona outbreak started Let’s compare Corona and Swineflu There were 1.1 lakh people affected by swineflu just in the UK But only 1 lakh people are affected by Corona all over the world in 3 months Corona mortality rate is 2% But swineflu mortality rate was up to 4% 2,75,000 people died from swineflu But so far, only 3500 people have died from Corona Then why do we fear Corona virus this much? The main reason is that almost every common man has a smart phone Smartphones have WhatsApp WhatsApp has so many groups And such groups have bullshit people who create panic That’s the reason If you yourself go and read something, that’s news If the same news reached you by itself, that too from many people? Then it’s panic That’s what is happening here Then don’t we have to fear Corona virus at all? We have to take precautions Follow these 4 ways First: Before you touch your face, wash your hands thoroughly Wash the front and back of your hands, in between your fingers, nails etc Then touch your face Second: Negative people would say that Corona virus is deadly So many people are dying from Corona Corona has been spreading fast They would share such negative things alone Don’t listen to them at all Tell them it’s nothing Only when you fear, your immunity system will be totally affected If you think positively, you will be more healthy Third: Don’t travel long distance Don’t shake hands with anyone Don’t go to crowdy places Fourth: Don’t wear face mask unnecessarily Only people who are in contact with patients have to wear a face mask By wearing face masks, others only create panic If you see a 100 people wearing face mask, you will naturally get fear that the virus has been spreading fast How to prepare our body to fight against corona virus? First: Drink 2 litres to 3 litres water per day Second: Eat food items that can boost your immunity Ginger, garlic, warm lemon water, my favorite broccoli, spinach etc Third: If you want to have a great immune system, think positively Don’t fear anything Lastly 2 important things Not only during pandemic flu outbreaks, you have to do these at all times You have to do these especially during panic situations First: Have some cash reserve Don’t spend unnecessarily In Italy, they are spending billions of euros to control corona virus It may even cause recession, experts say There’s a possibility that you may lose your job You have to have cash that should be enough to take care of your expense for 1 year Try to save money and reduce expenses Second: Have enough food items at home that can last long Rice, dal, pasta, atta etc In case, everyone panicks, and the whole system stops functioning for a while, you need some food stock Especially for families who have kids Our chap. He told me, “I’m trying to save food that’s enough for 2 months” I told him, “Great. How many kilos rice, dal, atta?” He looked at me strangely and said, “Why do I need all these?” He said, “I’m saving Swiggy credits, Zomato credits” I have one request to you Don’t spread panic Instead, spread this video


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