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Corona virus Japan/Current situation in Japan

February 28, 2020

Hello Nihao Hola Konnichiwa I want to talk about Corona virus about japan today and then, my English is not so good but please watch to end Ne today 26,February now, 172 people infected corona virus in Japan by the way, Korea people infected corona virus 1146 people. now Korea is seriouse than Japan just looks like… but in fact, Japan PCR test only 1126 times Korea done 40000 PCR test This mean, Japan number is fake Ne now, Japanese people cant check PCR test not enough if We go to hospital, Ok ok please you go to public hearth center. like this then if we go to public hearth center, ok ok, please go to hospital, hospital first then if go to hospital, ok, you go to public hearth center. like this many people like this then, we cant check PCR test , not enough anyway, the other day, Japanease goverment announced against coronavirus ok, I translation and in summary please dont go to outside if you get fever or feel catch cold off cause dont go crowd this time, Ok? you have to only stay home till coming big problem. OK? and then, off cause dont go to hospital this time you have to get well by yourself, OK? because we dont wanna increase number of infected people for Olympic game OK? I already give you advice its your responsibility if infected people grow up, Ok? like that ok, Lets compare about coronavirouse counterplan China and Japan at first Japan Marathon event were held at many place on February 16 people worry about virus but still many people go to city and play Majan also and super market also like this and then, some time festival also next is China disinfection virus places in a city nobody people keep distance fullpowere disinfection and then, there is disinfection machine also in a restaurant also keep distance some restaurant like this take a way also like this Japan and China too diffarent I worry about Japan. Japan really OK? like this, ne now, corona virus expanding to the world.please please take care by yourself wash your hand wash your mouth gargle and, take musk when you go to crowd this is very important I really wish will cover as soon as this problem love and peace please shanti shanti… Hari om… mata… Ne!

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    Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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