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Corona Virus is On Top of Our Heads…..

March 6, 2020

(This is so dumb…) A virus which is spreading like crazy in the world… LOVE, Friendships and Relationships Nothing will be unscathed during the virus spreading era… If anyone coughs near you.. ..He does that… Stay away… No need for unnecessary handshakes… Have you bought masks for yourself..? If you haven’t yet, go and buy them and wear them… Shit’s going down… In Delhi, there have been reported cases that have turned positive… Doctors are scared too..So are the people around the world.. You washed your hands before watching this video..? NOPE… Wash them..With soap.. Thoroughly…When you know that there is a dangerous new virus that is spreading like wild fire.. And you nearby… And you aren’t using any means of safety… Nothing is more dumber than that… Hence, Be safe.. Masks..Buy them.. Keep washing your hands and stay away from people who keep on coughing… Anyways today we will be playing Plague.Inc Now this is a game where.. Where we can..Satisfy…Ourselves… Because we can wreck havoc into the world with the help of a small virus.. Let me show you… Wait..Where did the headphones go…? I am already wearing them….Oh right.. So basically our goal is to destroy humanity… No one should be happy in this game..All right..? Gotta kill each and everyone of them..Slowly and painfully.. Come on than..Let’s begin.. Gotta name our plague first..So.. Since the word coronavirus is trending, Let’s give it that, Which will be ironic… Right..? “You spelled it wrong”, Yes I know..Wait up.. (So dumb) That is our task..Destroy humanity… So we know where the coronavirus begin right..? All righty… Would have been better if the names were visible, My geography is bad… But its somewhere around here right..? Is it here right..? Let’s begin..? Masks on.. Maybe you might get infected to…And the disease has started to begun infecting… Now see..You will know it in reality… About everything that goes down…And how the virus spreads… All right travelling has now begun… People will start going from over here and there..And the infection will begin first… So I am playing this for the first time so I don’t really know much.. Oh how do you actually evolve the virus..And I am not a scientist either… I got it… That is what they were talking about right..? Only one guy infected about now… Four are infected now..Awesome.. So I have 9 DNA points now… So I can do anything I want, I mean… Okay so we improved it a little bit.. But I need some more DNA points… But if I start improving the symptoms won’t people notice that… ..That this is a virus… ….Discomfort and stuff…Exactly there would be more people that would know… Got it..Got it… Very good.. Very good, Very good..Keep it up.. Get those suckers… Kill everyone… Lest it spreads across..Awesome..Awesome..Awesome…It’s going good… Very good now…Travel more suckers… So all these planes running around…If you had paid attention while it was happening, it could have over.. But than how wold they know, All the guys infected must have been, This seems like routine stuff.. Exactly..Exactly where the bad stuff starts to happen… I won’t back down while evolving this..Give it a few symptoms… Yup…I need more pain for people… Do it..Screw them..I want everything… Just evolve it..To the point that one single virus… Get them..Get them..Get them.. ..That only one virus can kill one person, That’s the kind of virus I want… I am not showing mercy to anyone, 127..155..Awesome… The government is running empty…Isn’t it doing nothing..? They don’t care who lives and who dies..All they gotta do is run the office.. Evolve it more… What can we do..? SHOW ME PAIN.. No..No..No..No..I don’t wanna devolve it..I want pain..PAIN… People should suffer and die… The sooner I get DNA points, The more stronger I can make this virus..What can I do..? But the anti-biotics have not been yet made so let;s do the hot and cold climate thing… Keep at it..Keep at it… When the anti-biotics are in effect… That’s when we can evolve that… 4,000 people infected, We are on a rise…. Brilliant..Exactly what we need..Exactly what we need… I am getting a complete badass feeling…I feel so great…What can I tell you… So now your stomach will growl..And even the doctor won’t be able to figure whatsup with you…Right… And they stick you with an anti-biotic and just send you on their way… …So we have started going into other countries… Other countries are under attack now… Soon India’s turn now… Our lovely virus still has a long way to go…We have so much to achieve… Can I get a role to play out a bad guy in a film..? Just give me some DNA points in plenty… I will get such a dangerous..Such a dangerous virus that..Oh break that..Break that… Don’t leave anything..Just keep on popping that… We will not be leaving anyone else..Hasn’t anyone died yet..? How come they haven’t died yet..? Gotta make it more dangerous now… Gotta make our virus more dangerous… Oh yeah..A million…. Why are you dragging in science now..? Let the disease spread as it was… Going good..Going good… 5 million…6 million..It is leaping into million just like that… Check out the destruction… We are above TB now… …Very good..Very good..Keep at it..Now I am going to make it more dangerous… Awesome..Now it can spread across animals too.. Man…I have very less DNA points… Gotta wreck destruction… Yeah no..I know…. All righty..Awesome… Getting some killer DNA points…Fun begins here… This is just the world option…Why am I making the situation so intense… Why isn’t no one dying..? Check it out..Check out the bubbles….I am..I am increasing the bubbles… Exactly…Now it can evade climate changes… Oh yeah awesome… HIV can’t do it.. People can’t hump more than knowing that coronavirus is on the rise… We are getting it… So my destination has an obstacle huh… Time to take a look into Australia… Won’t let anything happen in Australia… What is that…? …It has been evolved..No…No..No..No…We have already evolved it… We don’t wanna devolve it..We wanna increase it…What is this..? Even doctors will be less productive… I won’t be leaving anyone…All the doctors will be infected too.. Get me bubbles..I need some DNA points… …Brilliant…My virus is so smart… Awesome..Well I gave birth to it..It should be brilliant… Everything is in chaos…Oh wow..Everything’s gone red… Dots all around..Oh let me..Let me… Unless and until they don’t die..These humans won’t know their worth..Let me show them.. ..Very good…So gotta make it more dangerous… Just look at it… Give me a look at some world data… How many are infected…Oh baby…Way too many… Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Millions…Oh wow…9.2 million people are infected now… Where are the bubbles…I need some DNA points… Let me evolve it more…Are the anti-biotics been made..? Not yet right..? Don’t need it.. Bring it….Bring it… …Bring it on… Closing it down now huh…Should have thought about it sooner… Big wounds should spread fear…FEAR.. The fear of the big wounds..That FEAR I wanna install it in people… When the infections rise too… FEARED…They should be scared… And they can show that, “My name is Mukesh….(Indian MEME)”.. And I contacted the coronavirus… Oh wow it has spread to India too..And I did not notice..Oh wow..22.. …31…Exactly what we need.. My virus is rocking… All right gotta increase the symptoms…What is that..? Yes make it fatal…Time..Time to start killing people… Time to start killing people…People are living a nicer life… I gotta start start upgrading the people… Yes very awesome….Get me more DNA points… Exactly what we need… It’s not the common cold that is causing the coronavirus…It has surpassed the common cold now… I am having fun….Oh yeah.. ..Oh yeah..The first death…We have started killing people now… …Oh yeah we are getting it on… This is not bad luck….Some old man must have been infected by it… ..More deaths to come… ..It will be becoming unstoppable..Why are you even worrying..? Watch how I increase the transmission…Now it can be transferred through birds too… Birds go everywhere and they cross the borders too.. Oh wow it’s just raining DNA points..Now just wait and watch how it’s gonna spread… Get me more..Get me more… ..Oh wow….My virus has started going off smart now… We are getting it… I will make the virus so strong… Let’s increase the cure resistance… Because it won’t be noticeable….Oh wow..Look at the speed its spreading… Oh wow…My virus is just killing it… Stomach will growl too..Pores will be developed… It will be cold too..Don’t know what else and now even paralysis… Dude is dead… If the guy contacts coronavirus…The dude is dead…How will he survive…? ..Very awesome..Brilliant.. We are so getting it…Increase the resistance by the way…? We won’t make the world a cure… …No..No..This is bad… We cannot let it cure it…We gotta increase this.. Symptoms…Give it more symptoms… Just keep on making it dangerous… …Some relief..Some relief… ..Forget normal life now.. In Canada too….Everything has started to spread….It has started to spread… Wherever there is life… Even..Even the tribes where they live in isolation.. We are not leaving anyone..We are going to kill everyone… Gotta give some more abilities to my virus… And some more transmission… Gotta make it spread faster… …..Wait…People have not died more… I gotta kill everyone..What is happening..? Should have kept the transmission through mosquito too… Everyone’s infected now…Just gotta worry about the deaths now… The world is in..Oh wow 64%… Wait up.. ….Which is nice…But can you give me that… So I screwed up here…I wanted to increase the cure more….Instead of this.. Death is not happening quickly…. All right awesome….Its mutating…Very good..Very good… No..It is about to be cured… Screw you..Don’t be cured… A billion dead…Awesome… Awesome..Hundreds, Thousands, Millions… Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands… Well we cannot do anything now….We are not getting any more DNA points… Oh no..The cure is complete…Trouble..Trouble.. The cure has started to spread…Oh no they are getting cured… Wait they are just getting cured now… Wrong..Wrong..Wrong..Wrong..And I cannot do anything else.. Can I not do anything now..? No man..Why are you getting cured..? I mean the cures are not here yet..How can you do this..? They are just getting cured..? Bad..How do I destroy..? I cannot.. I am getting DNA points but I cannot do anything else… Should have played attention to the cure thingy…EVERYONE’S CURED… Well..This is a positive feeling… That we don’t have to worry…Everyone shall be cured… Everyone’s cured..? Which is good… Yes..Yes..Yes..Yes…Make it happen… Don’t let them be cured…Kill them… So they just cured them all.. We could just kill a billion people… So our coronavirus wasn’t that strong I guess… Wait..What’s that..? ..But they are getting cured now right..? No one is infected right..? …And we could not defeat humanity… They just cured it pretty soon… So the coronavirus has been eradicated..This is a positive message for all the humans… So from coronavirus….There is a need to be scared actually.. So put your masks on…Keep washing your hands..Do not keep your hands dirty… And as I said…Stay away from people who cough… Get some treatment… And if anyone near you is coughing…Stay away from them… So now guys that was our game, Plague.INC…Now… I hope you guys had fun watching..This is definitely an interesting one… It was fun seeing humanity being destroyed…In the game… But it is also said that the losers are just..No wait.. What was that…What am I saying..? The losers may also win..Sometimes… Now we have gained some knowledge… Learned a hell lot… But when I bring the next virus… That will be even more deadly… Humanity will not be alive for so long… So if you want to see the avatar of my next virus… Comment and tell me… If this video gets two hundred thousand likes… Than I will bring another vid of the same name… ..And the rest…Subscribe with the notification bell so that you won’t miss out on any vids… ….And I am off…


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