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Corona virus has reached the Middle East country

February 3, 2020

Corona virus from Wuhan, China has spread
in the Middle East. The Government of the United Arab Emirates
announced on Wednesday (29 / January / 2020) that there were four people in its territory
infected with the deadly virus. The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health
and Community Protection announced that the four people who are still related by family
came from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. “All members of the family are in stable condition
and the situation is under control, following preventive measures adopted globally,” according
to a statement from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health as reported by CNBC. The ministry further explained that the situation
did not cause concern and they had taken steps recommended by the world health agency, WHO. Unfortunately the United Arab Emirates did
not explain in detail in which cities the Corona virus patients were found and treated,
and how long they had been in the country. Last Wednesday, the Corona virus killed 132
people in China and more than 6000 cases of the Corona virus were recorded in several
countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the
United States, Germany, and France. As is known, the UAE is the main air transportation
center in the world. Dubai is ranked third as the busiest airport
in the world with Emirates as its mascot. However, it is unclear how many family members
were infected with the virus that killed 132 people in Wuhan. Health authorities are even still checking
whether the family has been infected since in Hubei or when it arrived in the UAE. The Ministry of Health and the Government
communication bureau are not yet ready to provide further comments. However, the Ministry of Health confirmed
that the patient’s condition was stable and was under medical supervision without confirming
the place where the patients were treated. “We will continue to work all the time to
immediately report new cases (corona virus),” the official statement of the UAE Health Ministry
said as reported by Reuters. As a result of these findings, Emirates airlines
are urged to reduce the frequency of flight schedules to China. However, Emirates insists it will continue
to operate normally

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