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Corona Virus – Explanation Summary from Experts

March 1, 2020

Hello, friends. The following has been translated by me from an audio that was sent from a friend in Spain in a family with a background in medicine. Her voice message was directed to her family and friends, as asked by the doctors who gave a talk on the Corona virus issue at one of their hospitals. The talk was strictly informative for awareness, not a difficult one with a medical or scientific terms. It was a talk given by an infectologist and a preventivist if that’s their correct translation to English. So please, if you know anyone who can help translate the following into Mandarin to help send this information to our Asian friends, it would really help, especially to the ones who are suffering the most from this virus. In these confusing times, I am not a doctor, simply a messenger. So forgive me if some parts are not translated properly to summarize a little what they have told us first they explained to us that the Corona virus is an RNA Virus they are viruses that mutate very fast. They are found in wild animals, as they have a reservoir of it and they mutate very quickly and are able to adapt to a new host with ease For the last 30 to 40 years, there have been Corona viruses that affect the respiratory system. Mainly, most of the viruses have originated in China, as it is believed that some people eat different, wild animals in there. The big difference now is that they spread way faster because China in the last decade has opened its doors and there’s a lot of people traveling in and out of China. This is the actual reason why they are taking extraordinary measures Anyway it really does not matter where it comes from. At this point, the point of this message is to educate and spread truthful information and awareness to the people. This virus has similarities with other respiratory viruses such a SARS and TAS Corona viruses, however, has a much lesser mortality rate. It is only 2 to 3% if understood properly. Most people already know the regular flu figures, which are quite high, but for example, they have compared it with the measles Measles has a mortality rate of almost 30%. Let’s talk about the transmission we have been told that coronaviruses highly continues virus and that is simply not true and the explanation is the following coronaviruses can be transmitted through the droplets that we expel. The reasons behind is the reach of the drop. It’s from sneezing or coughing, since they are considered medium sized droplets, which means the infection range is about one to, 1.5 meters. They compared it with other viruses like tuberculosis. Everyone in the room with someone with tuberculosis is to be highly protected because the bacteria is capable of being in the smallest droplets, which are the most infective On the other hand, another virus like Ebola, for example, are transmitted through big droplets, which means that you would actually have to be very close to the person to be infected. Now. If we touched to surface with our hands, and for some reason we end up touching our face That’s how one would typically be infected from a corona virus. So the lesson of this message, basically, is to raise awareness that the most effective method to protect yourself from these bacteria is toe. Wash your hands many times not a mask. A mask will not protect you. The mask should be warned by the patients infected or suspected to as to not transmit the droplets only In fact, the mask can be counterproductive, they explain, because we put it on and take it off several times when we need to eat, etc. And if we actually touch something infectious and then we touched our face when we’re removing or putting on the mask, then that would have a higher risk, and it is pretty self explanatory. I think anyone can actually understand this simple concept. What matters now is the sanitary awareness for prevention. So again, loose the mask. And as you think you have a flu, corona or not and creative habit of washing your hands many times a day. For now, that is all when it comes to transmission of the virus moving on symptoms corona virus symptoms are the following fever, dry cough, some congestion, very little mucus. and muscle aching. Those are the most typical. They recommend that if you have these symptoms and a history of traveling that you should call your local emergency number and tell them of your symptoms, do NOT go to your local hospital but will happen in the case of Spain and ideally in most other countries is that an expert will come to your home and take samples, and they will analyze the virus in the lab. The clinic results can develop very fast. The incubation period is long 2 weeks, at least from 14 to 21 days. But once you start having a fever, the evolution is very fast. And if in the 1st 2 days the person is not seriously ill, then you will be fine and recover just as you would recover from regular flu. Now the following is quite interesting. Out of all the cases of Corona virus, there are ZERO children that have been affected by it. They don’t know if they probably suffer from it asymptomatically or the exact reason But there are no Children 18 and under affected, under observation or dead by this Corona virus. The last topic is who has the highest chances of being infected. The epidemiologist explained that currently, the statistics show that men about 45 years old and higher have the highest chances. Mortality rate so far of Corona virus is 0.3%. If I understood correctly. So if infected, who are the people that are likely to be in danger? These would be the elders, the older people between 65 and 70 years old, especially with previous cardiovascular diseases. Hard attacks. Heart disease, vascular and diabetic diseases. These are the ones that were likely evolve badly if they contract this virus. But other cases, for example, neurological patients or respiratory patients, Chronic, oncology. These are not in danger. Those are not consider the most important risk factors so far. There is no treatment or a cure. It is treated just like a regular flu with paracetamol, lots hydration and rest. I would assume So that was a brief summary of the talk given by experts. It is firsthand information, So if you consider this information of, help please share with others as much as you can. Please remember to wash your hands as often as you can and feel free to drop the mask. If you wish or not, that is your choice at the end of the day, help spread if you can, to your friends in Asia, especially as I think it would definitely help them to have a better understanding from what the experts say I know all the information and misinformation that it’s out there in the media of social media, etc that it’s sometimes difficult to know who to trust. Also, you know, of anyone that can help this translate into Mandarin. Then it would be really appreciated. Feel free to contact me, and I can help you set it up if you wish. Have a great day and once again, thank you for all the people that have helped spread the word. And remember, wash your hands often! have a nice day.

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