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Corona Virus Epidemic Update,Treatment Spiritually

February 12, 2020

hi viewers! you can say its an amazing video. This video is content based on those diseases which are non treatable even in medical field in 2020? now i am setting across such persons whom entire family and village are cures diseases spiritually every chronic diseases include Corona virus set dead by these people spiritually/whiff. they whiff and cure by Quranic verses treatments. my own causing was dengue victim he recovered completely by there spiritually treatment. this area is situated near Shagai police station shagai road trunk from Warsak road peshawar kp. beside shagai police station here is a small mohalla where these spiritual people are living called Meerano mohalla. chronic diseases which is curable spiritually such as Piles, Dengue,Corona, etc which spreads from virus. their claim is 100% accurate. cause my own causing who suffers from dengue and his platelets were decreased to 5000 thousands when they treat him and we get him to laboratory to examine his platelets the platelets was amazingly increased to 25000. let talk to them these people are basically Patans i will ask them question in pashto and will translate you to Urdu. i will add subtitles 1st of all tell me which kind which diseases are you treated spiritually. our elderly relative Dashatmir sb. cures spiritually diseases such as dengue,piles,corona snake /scorpions venom means every disease which been spread from viruses. he is inherited spiritual whiff man by forefathers. viewers he spoken great words that our spiritual men are inherited whiffs by forefathers to cure diseases. by birth they inherit all whiffs spiritually. everything they cures dengue corona each chronic diseases and they did 100% treatment of corona disease by whiffs. and i saw the patient to be treated such as dengue and flu allergy patient such patient are treated from of my eye sight. we cure spiritually eczema, psoriasis, piles,dengue infected and venomously infected patients. when people recovered from chronic diseases they spread good words among strangers thus we famous all over Pakistan. ok viewers he is agreed to share his contact number among viewers friends these people will not treat you like doctors for higher fee etc. they are righteous people they dont expect anything from you just for serenity now my brother is with me he had flu allergy and recovered 100% amazingly by this man whiff. trust me his nose has cleared with in 10 minutes if i show you the doctors receipts you will wondered to see that how can it recovers by whiffs. it is inherited thing thats why patients recovers quickly. you can see his number on screen where ever you live through out the glob you can contact him for cure. all mohallah/village 15/20 homes town cures of all diseases by whiff. you can cure by anyone here freely. it is a spiritual activity people certainly cures. Mr.Meer sb. is the elderly man of this spiritual village, most people come across the glob for treatment to him. all right viewers enough for today lets prepare for lunch i will soon appear with another such a unique video take care. shagai bazair peshawari chapli kabab is ordered and awaiting to take the taste of it now my lunch is ready, having it among the northern mountainous rocks of tribal area sweet calm place. 30 kilometers away from home town. these Goose are floating in open environment.

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