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March 12, 2020

Hello, I’m Şale Yılmaz. My channel has a special guest today. Professor Dr. Metin Yılmaz. We talked to him about our Corona virus questions. Hello. Welcome, Metin. A very confusing topic of recent days Corona virus issue. About this with you about I want to ask the questions I prepared. It really creates anxiety in people an annoying issue. First of all, I want to ask this. What is Corona Virus? Corona Virus, upper respiratory tract infection, gastroenteritis or pneumonia up to. seen in a wide range of mammals a virus. Human beings have been introduced to this virus since the 1960s. Already upper airway infections Corona viruses were making an important reason. In 2002 and 2006 in SARS and EBOLA actually a Corona virus family At that time, serious losses caused deaths. Why so many Corona viruses today popular or how did this become? Emerging in a city in China a fairly large number of people, depending on the large population the disease is on the agenda of the whole world. In the latest data I think there are about 70,000 patients. Loss rates It’s about 2%. It’s a very stressful situation. So how can we detect this? How can we detect if we have Corona virus? Actually easy to detect, sore throat of people with upper respiratory infection with an immunological test from swabs or nasal secretions with polymerase chain reaction test we can diagnose this disease, the Corona virus. Who we should suspect is actually more important. Upper airway problems we need to suspect this disease but this disease is slightly different from others fever much more in the foreground. People with high fever it is useful to suspect and conduct the necessary research. For example, how many are important? High fire, of course, we consider over 38 high fire. In other words, if there is a more than 38 flu infection table, Corona can suspect the virus. It is useful to suspect and test. Is the test positive immediately? Polymerase chain reaction test if we are exposed to disease, virus, you are positive if the test is positive, and negative if it is negative. Understood. Well Of course, how will we protect the most important issue for us? Because, right now, can it be transmitted with things? How many days is it transmitted? Can it be transmitted before symptoms appear There are question marks like. Of course, many things about the virus have not been clarified yet. But what can we say with the information we currently have. How can we be protected in this regard? We don’t really have clear information about this topic. but it can be said, when we look at the literature I can list the data I obtained as follows. A big virus is simply contamination can be prevented. This is a very good thing if we can block it with a mask. It has a large lipid capsule. Therefore, washing the hand with soap, or with alcoholic disinfectants hand washing, cleaning the environment it can remove the virus again. It can kill. Virus, can stay up to 24 hours in an environment. It has the feature of staying alive in an item, but, when the weather warms up above 16 degrees There are also problems with this virus It will be minimized. When the weather gets warmer, this virus will come out of our agenda. We hope it will be so. This is a pleasing thing for us. So, what should we be careful not to be sick, how should we take precautions? In order not to be sick, a little further from people with the disease you have to stay. Of course, if there is such a thing in our country, but not. The biggest risk in our country is Influenza, Taking precautions similar to those in influenza we can also be protected from this virus. So what do we do? Here is the disease, People with upper airway infections we will contact as little as possible. Handshaking, hugging We will stay away from activities such as kissing. We can use public transportation. But if we will use if after public transport, we touch our hands to the right and left, without washing our hands with soapy water or disinfecting we will not take it to our mouth, nose, eye. Patient visit, or are we working in the hospital Are we going into an infected environment? In this case not only the mask is enough. You need to wear gloves, we need to wear a mask, in glasses you have to use it. It is possible to protect against Corona virus with protection measures. When you have taken the necessary measures. The most important thing is the objects, the environment, the glass, the wall after touching the places like the handle of the bus we will not take our hands to our nose, mouth, eyes. So do you have symptoms other than fever? There are of course diarrhea. He can cough, he can have respiratory distress.

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