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Corona virus and cyber insurance. How do they relate to each other?

March 10, 2020

hey I’m John Darr with Darr Schackow insurance agency so the corona virus is in the news and on social media
everywhere how in the world does that have an effect on you and your insurance
well here’s just one example did you know that 91% of all ransomware attacks
begin with an intrusion through phishing no not that kind of phishing the social
engineering kind of phishing it’s an attack using human curiosity victims
have to want to see what’s in the hyperlink or file attachment in order
for a phishing attack to work a major event like the corona virus COVID-19 is
like Christmas to criminals an email that looks like it came from inside the
company usually the boss is sent with a link or an attachment and as soon as
your employee clicks on it the criminal is in then they lock everything down
until you send them 5,000 10,000 maybe even more it happens every day
luckily there’s insurance for this kind of thing it’s called cyber insurance we
have access to the best cyber insurance plans out there all we need is your
business name website address and gross revenue to get you a proposal my contact
info is in the description below I’d love to help you protect your business
the business that you’ve worked so hard to build I’m John Darr with Darr Schackow insurance insurance take care

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  • Reply TheComicalCanadian March 7, 2020 at 1:22 pm

    amazing video it was really entertaining

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