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Corona Update 3/3/2020:Lack of testing! Worse than the flu! What was done in China! How to stay safe

March 13, 2020

Hi welcome Type 2 where we normally talk about Type 2 Diabetes. I’m making a second video on Coronavirus Because I’m still receiving a lot of questions. It looks like a lot of you are concerned about this virus. And You should be! For this video I’ll talk about four things. 1.Where we are at the moment with this corona virus. 2 What things I’ve personally seen being implemented in China that is helping to control this virus. 3. Answer some of the most asked questions I’ve got. And give you some tips on how to get ready. If you are not in China now. The first one: We already have a name for the virus. It’s called SARS-Cov-2. And the name for the disease that it causes is COVID-19. I know, some of you might be like, why did they wait this long to give me the same name backwards? But… As of today, we have more than 90,000 confirm the cases of corona virus, in more than 50 countries. And I do believe that more countries have it, but they just don’t know yet. About 81 percent of cases are mild, and 14% are severe. And only about 5% are critical. But from those critical, forty-nine percent of them do end up dying. The case fatality rate is estimated to be around 2.3 %. However, this is a general estimation and almost useless for most people. What you need to do is know who you are and look at this table. And Compare it to yourself! For example: If you have cardiovascular disease, your chance of dying is about 10.5%. And if you have diabetes, it is 7.3%. And if you’re older than 80 years old your chance of dying is 14.8% But I think this is not just because of the corona. Like… your CFR of other things is also higher. But if you are young and healthy, you are more likely to die from watching this video then from the COVID-19. I’m just kidding. Don’t stop watching the video But your chances of dying are minimal. At the moment. I’m concerned about two types of countries: One is those that have zero cases or very few cases of this COVID-19. Because unlike the SARS, people without symptoms can still transmit this virus. So there’s a chance that it’s spreading and we don’t know yet. Some people can be walking around without any symptoms up to 14 days. If you’re not checking… people, by the time you wake up, half of the country might be infected and you know… I hope I’m wrong, but it looks scary. The second one is countries that are relaxed, because they have good health care systems. I’m concerned because the R0 of this virus is between two to three. That’s high. That means that everyone with this virus can give it to another two or three people? Now that’s not one plus one! That is exponential growth. Which means that even if you have the best ICUs in the world, if you don’t take care of the spread, the number of infected people will be so high that Your ICUs use will be almost useless. For example, let’s say you have 10,000 beds in the hospital. Now… you have 1 million people waiting for those beds. You get the point. What I have seen being implemented in China that is helping containing this virus: You can see that there are more recovered cases now than people that are getting infected. And the number of new cases are declining rapidly. So what did they do here? You might have seen hospitals being built in a matter of days. People are not allowed to enter anywhere without masks. And temperatures are being measured everywhere you go. There are apps that can help you know how safe you are, or how many infected people are near you, or call to hospitals 24/7 etc. All those things are good. However, I think the biggest contribution to this success is: The perfect implementation of isolation. The fact that they took the courage to lock down some Cities, to stop the schools and works. And to make sure that people can stay at home is impressive. I think other countries should really follow these examples, because this is the only way you can get the R0 of this virus to less than 1. Meaning that there will be less people getting infected than those that are recovering. And we will move towards the end of this outbreak. So now I’ll try to answer some of the questions that I get. Surprisingly, I’m still getting questions on how this virus is transmitted. And It’s generally by respiratory droplets. But this can be directly. For example: when someone coughs near you or sneezes, and things like that. Or when someone coughs or sneeze or… you know… on the surface of something, and then later you touch it. Even their hands or some other things that the virus can be on. And you touch it, then you put it in your nose on your mouth or your eyes. You might get it. Now. This virus has also been found in the stool of some patients. So there’s a slight chance that there’s fecal transmission. But I hope you don’t get it that way. Well, I hope you don’t get it at all. But you know… If the flu causes more death per year than this virus, Why are people going crazy about it now? Personally, I think it’s a mistake to compare them. I think comparing the flu with this COVID-19 is just like comparing a grown dog with a baby lion. Now… the dog might be more dangerous at the moment, but if you let that lion grow… Guess what? As I said, the biggest problem with this virus is that it spreads quickly! If they’re both left unchecked, to spread the way they want, this COVID-19 can easily destroy the influenza. Both in numbers and Case Fatality Rate. And the fact that people can be walking with this virus for many days makes it even worse. Not like the SARS, that you can just look at someone… they look sick and you avoid them. This one? You don’t know… Are surgical masks helpful? Well… Some people are saying no. But I would say yes, and I would not go anywhere without it. They’re just like shin guards. When you play football. They can’t guarantee that you will not get injured. But your chances are less I’ve seen people saying surgical masks are not helpful because things can still get in from the sides and things like that. But for me, that’s still much better than a bunch of them coming straight at you! So I’ll still use them. And there are other benefits of wearing a mask… You know… 1 is preventing you from touching your face all the time. And it can also help protect other people if you are sick. Now… What should we do if this comes to our country? Well, first of all, I think it’s already there. Okay. Sorry, that sounds scary, but don’t take it personally. But let me tell you what I would do. And by the way, you should follow advice from your country and the World Health Organization! Not mine! But I will tell you what I personally would do. The first one is that I would avoid public places at all cost, especially crowded places. I would not go to restaurants, cinemas… You know… shopping malls, public bathrooms, train stations, Airports, you know… places like that. I see a lot of people trying to avoid China or… Go to South Korea or, I don’t know..Japan or Italy? You know… places like that, but I think there are some countries that might be in the same situation or worse. They just don’t know yet! so at the moment if I were you I would just avoid traveling all together, unless I had to. Another thing I would do is taking my personal hygiene to the next level. I’d wash my hands frequently for at least 20 seconds every time, or use hand sanitizers… the ones with at least 60% alcohol. I would not touch places outside, unless I’m wearing gloves. Avoiding contact with people that appear ill or coughing is pretty obvious, right? But I would go further, to avoid any social gathering, you know… For me, this is not time for organizing parties or festivals, or this and that! I would also eat well, sleep well and exercise at home. And for those of you that normally watch this channel, which is about type 2 diabetes. Get your blood sugar under control. That would drastically reduce your CFR of 7.3. I still want you to not panic though! But you need to understand why you should not panic. You should not panic because you can avoid it. Because there are ways to protect yourself. But not because It’s like the flu! That’s just being careless! I know some of you might say: well I’m young and healthy, my chances of dying are minimal. But you can still give it to someone else. That might die! So you still need to be concerned! I would say don’t panic… If you’re doing the right things! And if you really want to know the importance of isolation, You can watch my first video about coronavirus. And don’t forget to pray for your nation and nations around the world. Have a blessed week. Bye


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    Yaaaaaas first on type 2 diabetes…… corona virus cant stop me !!!!!!!

  • Reply Mouseball160 T March 3, 2020 at 11:19 am

    My great dr carvahlo is in the middle of the belly of the beast …..please watch this video and share with your friends and family…..this is so crucial to protect the ones you love…. and subscribe/like /and share….. thank you dr carvalho

  • Reply Edis Kab March 3, 2020 at 11:24 am

    Rest of the world: I might die from corona
    Type 2 Doc: Nah, this video has a better chance of killing you

  • Reply Mouseball160 T March 3, 2020 at 11:25 am

    I think the communist governments have failed through censorship to alert people of the virus…… because of this infection rate has gone through the roof.
    Cases are in a pandemic state at this point.
    Luckily those who watch videos like these can prepare and do well to avoid the virus all together.
    Be smart and get informed!!!

  • Reply Pascale Devalet March 3, 2020 at 11:50 am

    Thank you. God bless

  • Reply Vladmir Cabral March 3, 2020 at 12:01 pm

    Nice video πŸ‘.
    Our main concern right now is, when is all this gonna be over? It is freaking everybody out. "AVOID PUBLIC PLACES by STAY AT HOME , WEAR MASKS , NO PARTY". We all want our normal life routine back, but let's all be patient. Better home safe than out risking our lives.

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    This was a great help ! Much appreciated. πŸ™πŸΌβ™₯οΈπŸ˜‡

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    How long does the virus stay on a surface?

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    Thanks Doc for the very useful information 🀝

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    That's a sigh of relief. Keep hands clean and away from your face; mucous membranes. Stay away from crowds as well. Thanks, Dr. Carvalho. πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Praying for everyone!

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    What do we do if we can't find any masks???

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    Only people who lives in China know these important facts. People in EU or US are just ignoring the great danger which is coming. Do hope you can let more people hear you.

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  • Reply Liberty Smith March 11, 2020 at 9:52 am

    Very good video. Something I heard discussed elsewhere is that we're practicing social distancing not just for our own health but also to break the chains of transmission for our communities as a whole. Even if we can't persuade the powers that shouldn't be to take appropriate organized action, by taking it ourselves we're slowing the spread. We must be empowered and heartened by that.

    Thank you for your work.

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