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Corner Conversation- Flu Facts

February 7, 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to another
corner conversation I’m Craig Verley director of public relations for Mission
CISD and joining us in the corner today we have Mr. Eddie Olivarez who heads up
our Hidalgo County Health and Human Services departments and we’re here to
talk a little bit about the flu in case you’re not already sick of hearing about
the flu or sick from the flu you’re going to get a little bit more of it
today because it is that important to what’s been going on it’s been in the
news a lot the flu season started off early it started off nasty and we’re
still in the middle of it correct correct correct effect our flu season in
other parts of the country flu actually starts sooner partly around October or
November but for us really it really starts in December going into March and
the peak of ours flu season is in March unfortunate February so by the middle of
February is when we see the most cases that’s when we also see the most
hospitalizations due to the flu but you know what one of the things that we
could look at is that the flu can be prevented with something very simple
vaccine an inexpensive vaccine of that a lot of people don’t understand that in
the United States twenty-five to thirty thousand people a year die from
influenza or influenza of related illnesses along with another medical
complication mainly young children and the elderly we do see some cases where you
might get a healthy younger person involved mainly young children and
they’ll elementary school age and of course geriatric age but it could be
rented with a vaccine and that is the simplest and best preventative measure
that a person can take correct sure and it’s required every year because mother
nature is very powerful and the virus changes and mutates yearly and so it’s
important to get the most current version very good and of course one of
the wives tales that’s out there that I know I hear all the time when I talk
about the flu shots is they’re afraid that they’ll actually get
sick because of the shot so it’s an urban myth okay
the current vaccinations we use it is a null a virus or it’s a virus that’s dead
and the way it’s used it gets to help develop any bodies in your system and
strengthen your immune system to be able to combat the flu now it’s important to
understand the flu shot takes ten days for it to be active in your body so it’s
not right away you don’t think it’s Lou shot and then
you’re protected immediately no and then the other thing it’s effective for about
85 to 90 percent of the time so you still may get the flu but you will not
get a full-scale flu that you would get without the vaccine yeah so you won’t
get it as bad if you happen to get it so realistically though based upon how
things work with our normal flu season and again we’re in an abnormal one it’s
not too late to get the flu shot no in fact right now is a great time to
get the flu shot I would encourage to get it as early as September October but
it’s never too late in fact we give flu shots all the way into May so it is
never too late to get a flu shot it’s always important to get that into
protection and one of the things for us here that were very unique here in the
South Texas is the regular seasonal flu is called h3n2 well there’s another flu
called h1n1 about seven eight years ago here in the valley we had a really bad
outbreak of h1n1 and we actually had some fatalities well h1n1 is very
prevalent in Latin America and here along the border h1n1 is a very high
possibility and we actually have people who’ve been hospitalized with h1n1
recently but our current flu vaccination protects you from h1n1 so it’s very
important that you get your flu vaccine because the flu vaccine could actually
protect you up to four different types of flu so it’s important that you get it
now outside of getting the flu vaccine that’s
you need to do other things sure to help keep the chances of you coming down with
the flu down what other steps can we do some of the most simple steps wash your
hands with soap and water cover your mouth and you’re coughin sneeze
make sure that if you’re gonna blow your nose and you have a tissue or hankie and
dispose of it properly then wash your hands with soap and water again very
important also consider disinfecting some areas that give you have especially
with little children you get that first grader the kindergartner you know they
think they touch everything so get the little Clorox wipes oh those little
antibiotic wipes you can buy at the box store and just wipe things down where
they play and where they touch a lot because that virus get stick around for
a few hours afterwards and then the most important thing is go to your doctor go
to the doctor if you don’t feel well go to the doctor and then follow the
doctor’s instructions because it usually is gonna require some type of bed rest
or some type of isolation from the rest of the group you don’t want to be
involved because with your family members co-workers or students because
you could be infectious while you’re having your fever it’s when you’re the
most infectious in a transmits by droplet so when you cough sneeze or if
you cough on your hand and you go touch somebody that virus transfer survive
droplet so it’s important that you follow through all those things yeah and
and we do stress you know attendance is important within the schools but if
you’re truly sick and especially if you’re running a fever definitely you
know the child should stay home until their fever free for at least 24 hours
without the use of medications so if they’re on Tylenol or something like
that they need to be fever free without that tylenol for 24 hours before they
come back to school and another myth is that a lot of people will take
antibiotics where the flu or that self-medicate they will go to Mexico and
bio medication and things like that the flu is a virus
so there is no antibiotic and I’ll take care of it so what happens a lot of
times when you are self-medicating without a doctor’s consent without a
doctor’s consults you may actually be causing more harm because then you’re
making your child or your family over a drug resistant to that antibiotic that
later in life that resistance may actually be very dangerous because they
would need to have access to that antibiotic but their bodies build an
immunity to it so do not give any biotics unless they’re prescribed by a
doctor and if they are prescribed by a doctor and you take a complete the
entire treatment regimen very true and were in the situation
where we truly do need everyone’s help in being flu fighters throughout the flu
season actually throughout the year but especially this time of year it’s
especially important so the flu shot is the best thing to do we’ve had a number
of flu shot clinics here in the district with the county and we will be
continuing to schedule some more so be on the lookout for those announcements
through your campus and also through our district social media because we want
everyone to be as protected as possible so that you stay as healthy as possible
that’s it for this conversation mr. Olivarez thank you very much for joining
us thank you and we’ll see you next time in the corner.

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