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Controlling yeast overgrowth with dietary supplements

September 5, 2019

So as most of you know intestinal candidiasis or a yeast infection in the gut represents a very sizeable problem in patients with various autoimmune diseases. And we were trying to find the best solution and so far we think that Candidacillin is one of the best remedies available on the market of nutraceuticals or food supplements. So where do we stand with candida? Well, candida is a part of normal gut, or intestinal microflora. Under appropriate conditions, candida starts to overgrow and occupies much more space in the gut compared to what it should be and as a consequence, people with intestinal candidiasis develop different problems varying from bloating fatigue, brain fog, headaches, as well as various inflammatory conditions. So why does yeast become so aggressive? There are two reasons. Reason number one, it occupies more space in the gut and is much more metabolized. Reason number two, that it becomes more pathogenic. So what does that mean? Yeast exists in two forms round forms and hyphae. Round forms are low pathogenic and don’t represent any harm for the human body. The budding forms, or hyphae, are much more pathogenic, they are invasive forms and they can produce various toxins affecting our body and overstimulating the immune system. So when we target candida, or yeast, we need to keep three things in mind. And target three different areas. Number one, we need to bring the yeast count under control. Number two, we need to prevent the hyphae formation and finally, we need to prevent biofilm formation. I didn’t talk much about biofilm but yeast forms biofilm and biofilm prevents various antibiotics from their antifungal activities. Candidacillin, which we designed recently, represents a combination of four ingredients. Number one is calcium salt of undecylenic acid which is an FDA approved remedy to treat candida this is an extract from castor oil and it has fungicidal activities so what it does, it kills the yeast cells. Number two, we have two ingredients from coconuts, or coconut oil more specifically, one is Monolaurin and second is Caprylic acid both ingredients reduce the candida count or yeast count in the gut and they kill the yeast as well. And finally we decided to add EDTA. EDTA is a chelating agent which binds calcium and various heavy metals and destroys the biofilms. So by combining these four ingredients together, we created a very efficient, natural remedy to handle candida. So what about the dosage of Candidacillin? We recommend a dose of two capsules of candidacillin before meals twice a day. So you can take it before breakfast and before lunch or before lunch and before dinner. Ideally you need to drink plenty of fluid and take it around 20-30 minutes before meals.

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