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August 29, 2019

my loves again me pink moony, welcome on my channel, you know that I love music
I advise you to listen to this new little twerk, as you could see in the title
you suspect what we are going to talk about today but before entering the
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moony kama-sutra in this new video my woah of what
What are we going to talk about? candy lollipop, d packing, I do not know each
called it as it wants but the fact is that we are going to talk about something that
you have been using for years, some people think they use it well
, in the right way and yet you who are adults, who have been using this since
years, still make mistakes it’s for that I come back on it, I’ll go
just talk about this, I will not tell you not what you have been saying for years
the top because I think you know it already, about this little feat
, which saves you many diseases, many torment, many problems, many infections,
pregnancy and many more, so as they say this is 97% reliable, but
why do not we say 100% and why not the fact that c is 97% reliable there is still
people who find a way to break it , to damage it, and to use it badly
put it on the candy, how is it possible , my loves we will go back on the basics
before using this there are some small checks you have to do yes the
expiry date always start with the, when you buy this it was kept
under what conditions? we our African countries it’s so hot and sometimes
when it is out of date we continue to sell what is the expiry date for example
this one is marked on 2023 the c is still good and of course if ever the date
is outdated if you do not use it not, so once you use it
, please, do not wash it for the re use a second time, it’s simply
for single use. . open it, we will already start with the
start, so once you’ve done the verifications of use check the
conditioning measures, the expiry date and always pass your finger like that for
make sure it’s not pierced yes my loves, because I’ve seen some who were
holes I assure you, now at the moment to go through the act open the only one at
point P at the moment you are sure to apply it because know that inside there is a
liquid that allows to lubricate it and that when you open it and put it aside
it is not good it will sink on the bed it will sink and ca and it may not
to be effective, so then I show you how to open it, we do not do it, no
, do not do this so already, you see it’s all about self-loosening
effortlessly, once it is do you take the hand like that you see
it’s all stupid you do not need to fight against it, it opens up alone, there
nothing to do and and when you take it out , my loves, as you see? know
that there are two sides, there is one side that is al place and one that is al upside down
sometimes we say often, oh I use it and it’s broken, no if you use it
in the wrong sense, it necessarily breaks so a little tip for you it’s from
blow in like that when it looks like has a hat and that the knot is there, then
it’s good you can just go down you see, it’s easy and easy
you have nothing else to do now my loves know that there are other people
who are very allergic to it and who usually discover during the first
use, but at home in Africa, we do not know that allergies exist, we
said it burns me it burns me, no it’s an allergy you’re making an allergy it’s
for that only when you go to pharmacy , ask in a latex-free, if you are
allergic to latex there are some that are sold latex free, now when you use
here are the mistakes you still make, n use as oil or even
vaseline ohhhh it is done to pierce the latex ca will transform the latex, it will become
simply a strainer, so do not use all this stuff aside because it comes
already with his gel on it now after the use therefore, and even during use
be very careful it’s not the boom boom boom the fight no go there sweet, it’s
for that sometimes in the middle of your match you find one end down, the other end
on the ground, go for it and once you have finished your business do not stay in
come out immediately because once that it is good, that the blood flow has fallen
If you are still in it, there is a risk to sink either to stay indoors then
that by coming out immediately you avoid accidents as stupid, when decanting
, what are you doing, my loves please do not shoot like barbarians there is a
way to do it, you pinch, you hold this end like that and you press on it
your craft and you go down smoothly do not shoot at the bottom and that’s it and it’s for
that there are accidents ok so voila my loves, of course the girls when you
suck your candy if you do not know the partner always put this on
because you tend to think that you risk nothing to do it nature, you
risk stuff, like herpes, he are many infections that are not cured
not, and stuff that’s just catching genital mouth contacts, so voila
please my loves be very careful, I you always go out protected tips
you who are 16 or 17 years old if you feel ready and want to do your business
so use this is easy it is accessible there are even associations that give
free, please pay attention, health it does not have price so here I thank you
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moony kama sutra byyyyeeeeee


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